Think and Plan Different - With Meredith Canaan

Think and Plan Different – 4 Steps to Help Neurodiverse Entrepreneurs Succeed

Ready to get you focused and excited without limiting your creativity?

It’s time to take your creative genius and create a plan to monetize the ideas to grow your business.

If you’re thinking:

  • But I have so many brilliant ideas …
  • What should I prioritize next?
  • How do I know what to focus on?
  • What do I do next in my business?

It's a lot for a quirky neurodiverse brain to figure out!

During “Think & Plan Differently” you'll learn 4 simple steps so that you can design a simple plan to improve your focus, creativity, and results… based on your uniquely wired neurodiverse brain.

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What You'll Learn During “Think & Plan Differently”

Your host, Meredith Canaan is a neurodiverse entrepreneur like you. In fact, she is neurodiverse in many different ways: dyslexic, dysgraphic and has ADHD. She's also gifted which helps to balance out her quirkiness.

And as an Neurodiverse business coach, she has walked the path and its challenges. In an effort to help those that have some form of neurodiversities (or just think differently) Meredith decided it was time to share everything she knows about how our brains work, and how to use it to work for us in our businesses.

During “Think & Plan Differently,” you’ll learn to plan in alignment with your uniquely wired brain to help you focus in on and narrow down your creative ideas to get things done in your business your way.

Here's just a bit of what you'll learn:

  • Harness the power of your Executive Function so you can work easily and efficiently
  • Discover the 5 key motivators that get your neurodiverse brain moving
  • Uncover the #1 unused tool that works with your uniquely wired brain to increase productivity

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Who The “Think and Plan Differently” Workshop Is For

It's designed for conscious heart-centered entrepreneurs who:

  • Are not sure where to focus because you have so many brilliant ideas
  • Are filled with so many ideas for your business, and you know focusing down to a few of them can really create momentum, and are ready to know how to choose the ones that will create the biggest impact.
  • Are tired of those days of feeling busy but not getting anything done
  • Want to feel productive and know you accomplished something that will actually move your business forward.
  • Are ready to get more done in less time with a plan that is step by step.
    Are overwhelmed with so many decisions but what works for others doesn't work for you
  • Are ready to embrace your unique strengths
  • Want to outsource your weaknesses
  • Are willing to create the support and environment that you need to work in alignment with your genius

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About Your Host – Meredith Canaan

Meredith CanaanMeredith is a professional relationship, business and leadership coach with over 15 years of experience with clients from all over the globe. Her journey started with a Leadership program based on love and communication, and teaching through gamification. When she discovered that she had a gift in this area, her path changed from that of an entertainer to that of a leader. Meredith is a seminar junkie, and knowledge seeker.

She has been studying love, relationships, business, spirituality and magic most of her life. She incorporates all this into her program, Love then Lead.

As a child, Meredith started her acting career on stage in front of 1800 people everyday. She has performed on stages all over the world, from the intimate to the auditorium. She has had great performances, and nerves that had her leg shaking so loud it sounded like a tap dance.

Meredith has developed all of the skills to be a great leader, facilitator, and speaker. She will help us tap into the essence of what will make you the great leader you dream of being. She has love, acceptance, forgiveness, and fun as foundations that she brings with her. She will not let us get away with playing small and staying hidden, as she stands for you in your power and brilliance. She wants to see you shine!

A Personal Message from Meredith

If you give me your time, I’ll make sure that you’re getting actionable items.  That you’ll walk away with insights that will move your business forward on your path of growing a heart-centered business.

I value fun, and I want your learning experience to also be entertaining!

In this masterclass, you’ll learn to plan in alignment with your uniquely wired brain, to help you focus in and narrow down your creative ideas, to get things done in your business your way.

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Nov 07 2022


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