Therapeutic Breathwork - To Heal Trauma, Overcome Fear, and Love Yourself Completely

Therapeutic Breathwork – To Heal Trauma, Overcome Fear, and Love Yourself Completely

Therapeutic Breathwork - Jim MorningstarWe’d all love to go through life with fulfilling and loving relationships, feeling safe and free as we flow through our days.

For many of us, however, our sense of safety was compromised in early childhood, and we’ve had to learn to cope with trauma that can be easily triggered in adulthood — preventing us from feeling loved, nurtured, and accepted.

As pioneering breathwork psychotherapist Jim Morningstar explains, your identity was either nurtured and supported or diminished and discouraged within the first six years of life.

What if gentle breathwork could open the door to healing?

During this free online spiritual healing workshop, Jim will take you through an experiential bioenergetic breathwork practice to call in your younger self, and be guided toward a real sense of safety.

Bioenergetic breathwork is a form of psychotherapy that combines rapid breathing techniques and gentle somatic movements to help you resolve emotional problems and realize your true potential.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Breathwork Class with Jim Morningstar

  • Be guided through an experiential breathwork practice to call in your younger self and uncover what your inner child needs to feel safe
  • Learn about the 6 major body themes so you can identify them in yourself and others
  • Explore ways to process your childhood fears without letting them deplete you physically or emotionally
  • Pinpoint the places within you that feel safe, so you can revisit them when you’re triggered by lifelong fears
  • Create a respectful and nurturing relationship with your child self, i.e., your emotional body, so you can extend those feelings of acceptance to others

As Jim will share, each stage of early human development is associated with a body theme — an enduring constellation of structural and characterological positions a person takes toward their life. The six main body themes we develop in the first six years are safety, abundance, control, freedom of expression, sexual identity, and intimacy.

Breathwork and bioenergetics are effective modalities for uncovering which of these themes may be triggering for you and holding you back from the life you long to live.

When you practice breathwork and biogenetics, you uncover the events or circumstances that overwhelmed you as a young child — so you can process that trauma and go back into your body feeling safe and alive, rather than triggered and afraid.

Breathwork Can Dissolve Unconscious Childhood Patterns To Help You Feel

  • Safe
  • Accepted
  • Loved

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About Your Breathwork Teacher – Jim Morningstar

Jim Morningstar HeadshotThe Director of Transformations Incorporated, Jim Morningstar is co-director of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, setting standards for training and ethics in professional breathwork.

He has held licensure as a clinical psychologist since 1973 and was certified by the American Board of Professional Psychologists in 1978. He was a clinical supervisor at the Medical College of Wisconsin and directed a community mental health center.

Jim’s diverse background includes being a Native American pipe holder, Enlightenment Intensive Master, a Tai Chi practitioner since 1970, and an avid tree hugger. He founded the School of Integrative Psychology in 1980 and the Transformations Breathworker Training Program in 1990.

He has pioneered the integration of psychotherapy with such mind-body techniques as Therapeutic BreathworkTM and bio-spiritual energetics, and has authored five books in the field of transformational psychology and breathwork.

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Apr 16 2022


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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  • Date: Apr 16 2022
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