Tackling Type 2 Diabetes Masterclass

The Tackling Type 2 Masterclass uncovers the four biggest myths and ten recent scientific breakthroughs that are revolutionizing our understanding of prediabetes and diabetes.

Registered dietician and acclaimed diabetes expert Brenda Davis teaches her natural approach to treatment and prevention and reveals how we can use food as medicine to tackle type 2.

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What You'll Learn During The “Tackling Type 2” Masterclass

New research is telling us that Type 2 diabetes is not only preventable… in most cases, it’s reversible!

But ONLY if you know the right foods to eat and to avoid. The trouble is, most people have been dangerously misguided about which foods really cause blood sugar imbalances (believe it or not, it isn’t all about carbs!).

Some of the problem foods that are linked to Type 2 diabetes might be on your dinner menu tonight, which is why it’s SO important to get the facts…

And get them NOW, before you make your next meal.

If you want to prevent — or even reverse — Type 2 diabetes, and make sure you never have to deal with the crushing fatigue, pain, medications, constant doctor’s appointments, lab work, and complications like heart disease, kidney failure, or surgeries… be sure to attend the Tackling Type 2 Masterclass.”

You’ll learn:

  • Which so-called “health foods” can cause Type 2 diabetes (make sure you aren’t eating any of these now)
  • Powerful foods that can prevent and reverse Type 2 diabetes (newsflash: certain kinds of fruit are on the list!)
  • 10 big diabetes breakthroughs that are so new, many doctors don’t know about them yet
  • And much more.

Diabetes, Genetics, and Family History

If you have a loved one with Type 2 diabetes, or if you’ve lost someone to this disease, then you know how heartbreaking it can be.

You might even be worried that you’re at risk for this chronic disease yourself and heading for a lifetime of increasing pain, fatigue, medications, bloodwork, and constant doctor’s visits.

But there’s something you can do to prevent this disease from striking you. (And your loved ones.)

Even more exciting, the newest scientific studies show that most people can completely reverse Type 2 diabetes 100% naturally — even if they’ve already been diagnosed.

That means getting off every single one of those unpleasant diabetes medications — and an end to constant pricks and living in fear!

The Truth About Sugars and Type 2 Diabetes

Hundreds of millions of people don’t have full-blown diabetes, but they do have spikes in blood sugar after a meal — which can cause unwanted weight gain (especially around the middle!). This can sap your energy and even increase your risk of a heart attack.

Most people think that the cause of blood sugar spikes is sugar — and that carbs convert to sugar in the body. And they’re right that candy and donuts are part of the problem.

But it turns out there’s WAY more to the story.

For example — did you know that, because of the latest research, the American Diabetes Association now recommends fruit to people with diabetes? And fruit is sweet!

The truth is that certain common non-sweet foods are the primary drivers of the diabetes epidemic. They might not raise your blood sugar in the next hour. But slowly and surely, they can lay the groundwork for diabetes. Whether you’re concerned about Type 2 diabetes because it runs in the family, or if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes…

Or if you simply want to ensure you’re not eating everyday foods that cause blood sugar spikes and drain your energy, be sure to register for the Tackling Type 2 Diabetes Masterclass.

This packed masterclass is free, and you’ll get so much more than just blanket advice to cut out sugar, including:

  • Which type of protein can slash your risk of Type 2 diabetes… and while you’re at it, heart disease
  • The carbohydrates to watch out for — and which to eat with every meal
  • The type of fat that clogs cells and causes insulin resistance (the precursor to diabetes)

Foods and Risk for PreDiabetes

Because rates of prediabetes are skyrocketing, and many people aren’t aware of how dangerous it is.

96 million people in the US have prediabetes.

And most of them don’t even know they have it!

Prediabetes is a condition where blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes.

Many people think prediabetes isn’t a big deal…

But without taking action, most people with prediabetes could develop Type 2 diabetes sooner or later. And all by itself, prediabetes puts you at increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

The good news is that prediabetes is not only preventable, it’s reversible… The best part is you can take action to prevent prediabetes AND Type 2 diabetes 100% naturally when you eat the right foods and avoid the biggest culprits.

What’s more, these same foods are powerful enough to help reverse diabetes once it sets in!

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About Your Host – Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins HeadshotOcean Robbins was born in a log cabin built by his parents and grew up eating food they grew on the land together.

He is CEO of the 600,000+ member Food Revolution Network.

Ocean has spoken in person to more than 250,000 people in 65+ nations.

He is the author of the national bestseller, 31-Day Food Revolution, has served as a professor for Chapman University, and was selected by Time and Audubon as one of the heroes of the new millennium.

About Your Teacher – Brenda Davis

Brenda Davis - HeadshotBrenda Davis, registered dietitian, is a world leading plant-based pioneer and an internationally acclaimed speaker. Brenda has been a featured speaker at medical, nutrition, and dietetic conferences in 25 countries on 6 continents.

As a prolific nutrition writer, Brenda has authored/co-authored 12 books with nearly a million copies in print in 15 languages. She has just completed a 13th book which is due out in 2022. Her most recent works include Nourish: The Definitive Plant-based Nutrition Guide for Families (Shah and Davis, 2020), Kick Diabetes Essentials (Davis, 2019), The Kick Diabetes Cookbook (Davis and Melina, 2018), Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition (Davis and Melina, 2014) and Becoming Vegan: Express Edition (Davis and Melina, 2013). Nourish won gold in the 2020 Nautilus Book Awards and was also a Canada Book Award winner. Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition won a 2014 REAL Best of 2014 Book Award and Becoming Vegan: Express Edition won the Canada Book Award and was a finalist and received honorable mention in the Foreward Book of the Year Award. Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive and Express Editions have also received a star rating by the American Library Association as the “go-to books” on plant-based nutrition. Brenda has also authored and co-authored numerous professional and lay articles and is a past chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.

As the lead dietitian in a diabetes intervention research project in the Marshall Islands, Brenda spent many months on the islands. On her last trip (November 2017), she developed a nutrition education curriculum for kindergarten through grade 6 and trained teachers in all public schools.

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