Superhuman Energy Summit 2022

Superhuman Energy Summit 2022 | Free Ticket

Are you tired of waking up exhausted and reluctantly dragging yourself through each day?

You are not alone. There is an epidemic of chronic lack of energy that is affecting nearly half of us.

Energy is at the core of our happiness and success in life.

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What You'll Learn During the Superhuman Energy Summit 2022

During the free Superhuman Energy Summit, you'll learn how to:

  • Overcome fatigue
  • Cultivate your energy
  • Improve immunity
  • And elevate your zest for life

Superhuman Energy Summit 2022 Key Topics

  • Most common causes of fatigue
  • Biohacks for Superhuman energy
  • Hormone and immune system optimization
  • Mindset and nutritional strategies
  • Top 5 tips to boost brain health
  • Detox protocols and supplements to maximize energy
  • Power of spirituality, meditation and movement

How Energy, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia Relate

Smiling Older Healthy Woman Holding Several FruitsIt is estimated that 17-24 million suffer from full-blown chronic fatigue syndrome and another 3-6% suffer from fibromyalgia. But this is just scratching the surface of the problem, with the most severe cases..

Fatigue, burnout and chronic lack of energy affect nearly 1 in 2 people.

Half of us!

Energy is at the core of happiness and success in life, and yet it’s easy to normalize energy depletion… and then, to just push… and push harder while suffering with (and exacerbating!) symptoms like exhaustion, brain fog, impaired memory, trouble sleeping, mood problems, pain and other physical symptoms…

…thereby, causing further exhaustion and, possibly, chronic health issues!

During the Superhuman Energy Summit, you'll learn how to use the science of human energy enhancement and the following topics to help you overcome chronic fatigue:

  • Ways to optimize your immune system
  • How stress affects your health and energy
  • Key symptoms of brain fatigue
  • How modern-day living impacts your sleep
  • Toxins to eliminate from your home
  • Stealth infections that cause fatigue
  • How amino acids affect your mood and energy levels

Superhuman Energy Summit 2022 – Video Trailer

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Free Gifts for Superhuman Energy Summit 2022 Attendees

Free Gift #1: “Top Supplements for Energy Enhancement” eBook & Presentation

Top Science-Backed Supplements for Energy Enhancement - by Ari WhittenAre you trying to find a way to boost your energy without using stimulants?

Discover the top 25 non-stimulant supplements to increase your energy levels and optimize your mitochondria!

When most people think of pills to boost energy, they think of stimulants.

Indeed, there is an entire industry devoted to selling “energy pills” and “energy drinks” that are basically nothing more than a bunch of caffeine, sugar and/or other stimulants.

But here’s the deal with stimulants…

Stimulants have direct effects on energy levels; they are compounds that cause an immediate and temporary increase in mental and physical performance. They do this by increasing the activity of the hormones that stimulate the central nervous system and/or by altering the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain that impact energy.

While the short-lived effects of stimulants can be a powerful tool when used correctly and infrequently, they are not a real solution to energy enhancement — it’s possible to avoid them altogether and, instead, focus on building your body’s inherent capacity to produce energy.

In Aris’ exclusive presentation and his 68-page eBook, Top Science-Backed Supplements for Energy Enhancement, you’ll learn about the top 25 non-stimulant supplements for increasing your energy levels and optimizing your mitochondria, and discover a special, energy-increasing compound, plus 4 key compounds that enhance brain performance and mood… and more!

Free Gift #2: “Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy” eBook

The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy - By Ari WhittenLearn how to use red and near-infrared light therapy for anti-aging, fat loss, muscle gain, performance enhancement and brain optimization — at home!

Red and near-infrared light therapy is one of the biggest breakthrough healthcare discoveries of the last half-century.

Scientists have quietly accumulated over two thousand studies on the power of red and near-infrared light to enhance human health for the last several decades.

And yet, most people have never even heard of it.

Nor do they know that this technology can be utilized at home, saving thousands of dollars that would be spent in an anti-aging or medical clinic!

Discover how this non-invasive therapy can help you reach your anti-aging, fat loss, muscle gain, performance enhancement and brain optimization goals!

Free Gift #3: “20 Ways to Beat Fatigue” eBook

20 Ways to Beat Fatigue eBookIf you’ve ever been fatigued, you know the signs… feeling tired, sluggish, run-down… No energy…. Lack of motivation…

Feeling tired because of a long night is one thing. But, it’s not normal to feel tired all of the time!

This eBook will teach you 20 simple things you can do to get your energy back.

Many factors contributing to fatigue and lack of energy are related to lifestyle habits, so establishing a few new healthy habits to support the mind and body can go a long way toward lessening your fatigue and increasing your energy and motivation.

Here are a few healthy habits that can help lower fatigue:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Eating for energy
  • Practicing good sleep hygiene
  • Spending time in nature
  • Cutting out caffeine

Take a moment to learn about these and other scientifically proven, actionable strategies to combat tiredness and exhaustion when you download this 20-page eBook.

And discover how you can start incorporating a few of them into your life today!

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Superhuman Energy Summit 2022 – Speaker List & Topics

Kiran Krishnan: Mitochondria-Gut Microbiome Axis

  • How the mitochondria impact health and energy
  • Connection between mitochondrial dysfunction and disease
  • Boost your mitochondria by improving your gut health

Michael Murray: 7 Natural Keys to Wellness

  • Top vitamins and minerals for optimal immune function
  • Underlying factors that decrease immune function
  • 4 cornerstones of good health

Magdalena Wszelaki: Estrogen Reset for Superhuman Energy

  • Top 9 foods for hormone balance
  • How estrogen dominance affects your health
  • Nutritional pyramid for hormone optimization

Joan Rosenberg: Master Your Emotions for Superhuman Energy!

  • 8 emotions that create soulful depression
  • Overcome unpleasant emotional states in 90 seconds
  • How negative self-talk affects your health

Eric Zielinski: Essential Oils to Boost Energy

  • Understanding different oil properties
  • Best EOs for energy, mood and brain function
  • Safe and effective usage

Susan Peirce Thompson: Automating Healthy Eating Habits for Superhuman Energy

  • Developing new weight loss habits that stick
  • WHAT, WHEN and HOW to eat for maximized fat loss and energy levels
  • 3 principles for automating healthy eating habits

Tom O'Bryan: Top Nutrition for Immune and Brain Health

  • How wheat and gluten affect immune health
  • Impact of toxins on your health
  • Foods and supplements for brain health

Stephanie Estima: Balance Your Hormones for Optimal Energy

  • Impact of stress
  • Understanding your monthly cycle
  • How to balance exercise, sleep and nutrition

Warren Phillips: Why Detox is Key for Energy

  • Dangers of mercury toxicity
  • How true cellular detox can change your life
  • Link between autoimmune disease and environmental toxins

Steve Wright: 3 Causes of Low Energy in Your Gut

  • Link between gut health and malabsorption
  • 3 steps for overcoming gut dysfunction and boosting energy
  • Best products for optimizing gut health

Evan H. Hirsch: 5 Stealth Infections that Cause Fatigue

  • Most common causes of fatigue
  • What is a stealth infection?
  • Symptoms and solutions

Daniel Pompa: Diet Variation For Health and Hormone Optimization

  • 4 problems with fasting no one is talking about
  • #1 fasting biohack for boosting energy levels
  • Importance of adaptation for optimal body function

James Maskell: Critical Role of Community in Health and Energy

  • How socioeconomic factors impact health
  • Functional medicine is the future of healthcare
  • First steps to build community

Nick Polizzi: 3 Ancient Energy Hacks

  • 3 pillars of better health and energy
  • Power of tackling trauma
  • Why having a purpose is critical for energy and happiness

Wendy Myers: Heavy Metals That Cause Fatigue

  • 7 toxic metals that affect your mitochondria
  • How to detox heavy metals
  • Sources of toxin exposures

Stephanie Gray: 3 Secrets for Optimizing Your Hormones

  • Strategies for balancing your hormones
  • Best testing methods
  • Hormone replacement therapy safety

Tracy Gapin: Optimizing Men’s Health for Superhuman Energy

  • 3 factors for achieving optimal health
  • 6 foundational strategies
  • Tracking your biometrics

Michael Ruscio: Starter Guide for Probiotics

  • 3 for Balance Probiotic Protocol
  • 8 health benefits
  • Critical factors when choosing a brand of probiotics

Jason Prall: Psychospiritual Aspect of Longevity

  • Impact of childhood trauma
  • Change your physiology today
  • Critical role of connection in happiness and longevity

Brian Vaszily: Hidden Toxins in Your “Food”

  • Worst “foods” for your system
  • 9 chemical ingredients in body care products
  • Choosing the safest products

Beth Greer: 3 Toxins to Eliminate from Your Home

  • How processed foods affect your health and mood
  • Eliminating the most common toxins in your home
  • Impact of EMFs on your energy levels

Pedram Shojai: The Right Time to Change Your Health is NOW

  • Power of meditation, tai chi and QiGong
  • Importance of listening to your body
  • Meditation exercise to calm your system

Keesha Ewers: How Trauma Affects Your Genes, Gut Health and Energy

  • Can childhood trauma affect your gut microbiome?
  • Link between adverse childhood events (ACEs) and disease
  • ABCs of energy optimization

Jodi Cohen: 5 Essential Steps for Superhuman Energy

  • Role of the vagus nerve in health and energy
  • Why getting 7-9 hours of sleep is a top priority
  • How stress levels interfere with energy levels

David Friedman: Combating Life’s Energy Destroyers

  • 6 influences that drain energy
  • 2 coffee alternatives that support energy levels
  • 6 foods that elevate your vitality

Tim Jackson: 7 Ways to Optimize Your Immune System

  • Negative effects of mold and mycotoxins
  • How toxins impact your microbiome
  • Best type of exercise for optimal energy levels

Misty Williams: Are Low Hormones Making You Tired?

  • How stress affects your health and energy
  • 7 hormone myths
  • 6 tips to lower stress, balance hormones and get superhuman energy

Neil Paulvin: Peptides and Biohacks for Superhuman Energy

  • Top 5 peptides for boosting energy
  • Combination strategies for maximum results
  • Using peptides safely

Kirk Gair: Photobiomodulation for Superhuman Energy

  • Amazing effects on injuries (new and old)
  • Using lasers for thyroid disease and inflammation
  • Impact of laser therapy on brain trauma and function

Jacob Teitelbaum: Double Your Energy with SHINE!

  • How modern-day living impacts your sleep
  • Critical role of hormones
  • Amazing benefits of D-ribose on your energy levels

Todd Watts: Link Between Oxygen and Mitochondria

  • 3 primary functions of mitochondria
  • Impact of toxins
  • Critical role of oxygen in energy production

Rajka Milanovic Galbraith: Optimizing Nutrigenetics

  • Impact of lifestyle on gene expression
  • Actionable steps to eliminate inflammation
  • How hormone metabolism can affect your health

Catherine Clinton: Link Between Stress, Gut Microbiome and Energy

  • Impacts of frustration and appreciation on your heart rate
  • 5 things to avoid for optimal energy
  • 3 actions to lower stress levels

Robyn Benson: 5 Therapies for Superhuman Energy

  • 6 major effects of ozone on the human body
  • How prolozone helps heal tissues, ligaments and tendons
  • Using PEMF therapy for improved energy levels

Daniel Kalish: Optimizing Cellular Repair

  • Impact of toxicity
  • 4 strategies for creating energy and burning fat
  • Why mitochondrial health is critical for superhuman energy

Heather Aardema: “Less is More” Mindset for Superhuman Energy

  • 5 tips for a clutter-free life
  • How clutter impacts your stress level and life choices
  • Uncover the different types of clutter

Madiha Saeed: Lower Inflammation for Superhuman Energy

  • How inflammation affects your health and energy
  • Powerful exercise for better health
  • 7 factors of inflammation

Carol Garner-Houston: Rewire Your Brain Out of Chronic Fatigue

  • Symptoms of a disorganized brain
  • Polyvagal theory and how it affects your energy levels
  • 4 simple steps to turn on your energy

Ryan Wohlfert: Upgrade Your Brain for Superhuman Energy

  • 6-pack for brain health
  • Lifestyle factors that block energy and longevity
  • Truth about neurological disease

Jay Davidson: How Radioactive Elements Affect Energy

  • Impact of naturally occurring radioactive elements
  • Little known facts about water filters
  • How to remove toxins and radioactive elements from your body

Gabrielle Lyon: Optimizing Body Composition for Superhuman Energy

  • Metabolic advantage of protein
  • How muscle impacts overall health
  • Best sources of protein

Maya Shetreat: Indigenous Medicine for Energy

  • History of herbal medicine
  • Power of spirituality
  • Connecting with your surroundings to boost energy

Ben Lynch: How “Dirty Genes” Cause Fatigue

  • Most important genes for energy
  • How to support your “dirty genes”
  • Dangers of gene testing

Trudy Scott: Improve Anxiety with Nutrition

  • How amino acids affect your mood and energy levels
  • Critical role of GABA and serotonin
  • Power of melatonin for superhuman energy

Datis Kharrazian: Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Brain

  • Key symptoms of brain fatigue
  • Practicing new skills to strengthen your brain
  • How to self-assess your brain activity levels from home

Joseph Mercola: Oxygen, Insulin Resistance, Fasting and More

  • Importance of fasting for optimal health and energy
  • Critical role of oxygen for healthy mitochondria
  • How to utilize ketones to increase your stamina

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About Your Superhuman Energy 2022 Summit Host – Ari Whitten

Ari Whitten was voted the #1 health influencer of 2020 by the Mindshare natural health community.

He is an energy and fatigue specialist who focuses on taking an evidence-based approach to energy enhancement, a nutrition, exercise and natural health expert, and #1 best-selling author. He has been studying nutrition and holistic health for over 2 decades. He has a Bachelor’s of Science from San Diego State University in Kinesiology (with specialization in fitness, nutrition and health).

He also has a background in exercise physiology and fitness, and holds two advanced certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. In addition, he recently completed the 3 years of coursework for his PhD in Clinical Psychology, an education which rounds out all aspects – nutrition, fitness, and psychology – of his approach to optimal health.

Ari is a tireless researcher who has obsessively devoted the last 20 years of his life to being on the cutting‑edge of the science on health and energy enhancement.

For the last 7 years, he’s been working with many of the top scientists and physicians on the planet to develop the most cutting-edge system in the world on the science of overcoming fatigue and increasing energy.

Ari Whitten's Story – Why He Focuses On Improving Energy

By the time he was 15, Ari was already diving into books on nutrition and exercise, and he’s never stopped learning!

But while his driving interests as a young man were fitness, fat loss, muscle gain…

In his mid-20s, he got mononucleosis (from Epstein Barr virus) and his world was rocked. He had always been a fit and healthy athlete, and then his illness had triggered severe, chronic fatigue that lasted nearly a year.

This experience made him realize how important this thing called “energy” (that so often gets taken for granted) really was. He learned that without it, everything in life — relationships, career, mood, the ability to enjoy life — can go down the drain.

This inspired him to shift focus from the world of fitness to the science of energy, and to dedicate his life to helping people suffering from chronic fatigue by teaching the science of human energy enhancement.

He’s here to help you by sharing what he learned.

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