Stage to Scale Intensive - with Pete Vargas

Stage Blueprint Intensive 2023

With just 4 simple steps, you can spread the word about your business, how you serve your people, and bring in the inspired heart-centered clients needed to scale your business.

…all by by focusing on stages.

Not just physical stages either. All kinds of stages!

Think online summits, podcasts, live stages, and more, where you can establish yourself as the expert in your field and have a following waiting to work with you.

Mastering stages can dramatically shorten your path to success, and the system you're going to learn about during this free intensive will:

  1. Get you booked on the best stages for your market
  2. Ensure that your Signature Talk inspires your audience to become clients
  3. Learn how to share the same message in 3 minutes, 15 minutes, or even a 30-minute talk, so customers take action.
  4. Help you create a product suite that will help you scale past the stage and continue reaping the benefits

Why Attend the Stage to Scale Intensive

How great would it be to go from struggling to make ends meet to booked solid with ideal clients itching to work with you?

One of the biggest fears is not being able to get and continue getting new clients to work with. Those fears disappear when you implement the framework that you'll be learning.

Everything changes when you know with absolute clarity who you are called to serve, what problem you can solve for them, the best message you can use to connect with them, and how to get on stage in front of them.

If you want to book yourself solid without throwing money down the drain with paid ads…

If you want to create a pipeline of leads coming to you without sacrificing all your time making social media content like the major influencers…

And, if you want to generate the kind of income that builds the life you've always imagined yourself living – with a time-proven method that is both recession and inflation-proof, then this free 1-day training is perfect for you.

You'll learn how to get people to nod when they hear you talk (and it's a secret method for knowing they're ready to work with you before you even ask them).

You'll also have clarity around the message you need to share, how to share it effectively, and how to motivate any audience to take action after hearing it!

Plus, you'll understand where and how to get on stages (online and in-person) filled with your ideal customers.

The Stage to Scale Intensive is perfect if you are ready to:

  • Ignite your businesses growth by acquiring customers consistently and easily…
  • Predictably generate leads with consistency…
  • Use our step-by-step guide to find & book stages packed with ideal clients…
  • Stop leaving money on the table and finally get paid what you’re worth…
  • Ethically copy the exact steps Pete's students used to generate $1,142,625,103 in revenue…

Who Should Attend the Stage to Scale Intensive

This 1-Day Intensive is not for people looking for a ‘get rich quick’ seminar. This is for dedicated, committed, and motivated change-agents who are willing to do whatever it takes to impact other, grow their brand or business…

AND stay completely true to their most authentic selves.

What You'll Learn During the “Stage to Scale” Intensive

When you show up LIVE to the Intensive, you’ll walk away with the exact blueprint of the entire process that has been used to book over 750,000 of the world’s most desirable stages and generated over $1 billion in sales.

Pete and Pat are going to show you how to:

  • Go after and get booked on the BEST stages for YOUR business
  • Craft a compelling presentation: How to create a Signature Talk that reliably converts between 50% – 90% of your audience into qualified leads
  • Deliver a flawless signature talk: Know EXACTLY how to pace your delivery so the audience stays on the edge of their seats for the entire time that you’re on stage (our simple process makes this easy-peasy)
  • Sell from stage without being sleazy
  • Multiply the monetary value of every single stage you’re on (Pete’s clients have been known to 10X the value of their stages consistently)
  • Effectively use online stages just as powerfully as speaking live in-person – learn to harness the power of stages without leaving your house!

This exact framework helps people go from being unknown to a recognized industry influencer.

It didn’t matter if they focused on B2B, B2C, B2B2C, SAAS, non-profit, or anything in between.

They simply had to use the 4-part framework Pete teaches, execute the steps with commitment and conviction, and then trust the process.

For many, it was a matter of days before they went from broke (or close to it) to booked solid!

According to Pete, all you have to do is follow and apply these four steps over the next six to twelve months:

  1. Clarify the problem you solve and the people you should be serving.
  2. All about your message: How to share it, so people take action.
  3. Designing a simple, crave-able product that generates massive income before you’ve even finished creating it.
  4. Helping you get your message on the dream stages your ideal audience is already gathering in front of.

If any or all of these sound like something you want to know more about, then you'll love how Pete walks you through all four parts.

Free Gift for Attendees

When you sign up and attend this free live training, you'll get the “Recession Proof Your Business” PDF.

Income Disclosure: No results are guaranteed. It's entirely possible you'll make absolutely no money from what you learn. Especially if you don't do anything with your training, which is unfortunately what some people do. Always do your own due diligence. And if you want to make the most of this possibility, take action, and we're confident that you'll make an even bigger difference in your future clients' lives. Who knows? You might just make a dollar… or many many more.

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