Sound Healing Summit 2022 - For Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

Sound Healing Summit 2023 – For Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

Sound Healing Global Summit 2022 - Free TicketAre you ready to drop out of a cluttered mental state and into a deeply resonant, harmonic bliss-state?

Are you looking for new and profound ways to experience and share healing?

As a uniquely vibrational being, you can attune to your highest level of being through the beauty of sound healing.

Vibrational medicine works on an intuitive level that bypasses thought and guides you into a gratified state of tranquility for an instantaneous way to quiet your overactive mind.

Join the Sound Healing Summit, where you’ll experience myriad vibrational methodologies — including harmonics, tuning forks, sound baths, and voice — and even the application of sound in Feng Shui.

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Why Attend the Sound Healing Summit 2023

Did you know that sound healing is one of the most rapidly growing fields in transformational learning, and has been proclaimed by many as the future of healing?

Leading-edge research on the science and theory of sound and vibration has demonstrated its impact on your physical, mental, and emotional bodies…

… by identifying and measuring bio-markers such as increased lymphatic circulation, increased production of melatonin and endorphins, creation of new neural pathways in the brain, and increased release of nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter fundamental to your health.

During the online Sound Healing Summit, you’ll encounter myriad vibrational techniques — including harmonics, tuning forks, sound baths, and voice — that can help you achieve heightened states of relaxation and rejuvenation.

During this high-production-value event, you can immerse yourself in vibrational therapy sessions that include engaging conversations, daily sound baths, and powerful emerging sonic practices. You’ll gain wisdom and inspiration from our extensive lineup of musicians, scientists, researchers, and masters in the sound-healing arts.

You’ll discover the latest in sound-healing tools and practices — backed by science as well as ancient traditions — that you can use now for self-stabilization, personal growth, and spiritual medicine.

It’s been shown that sound-healing tools such as drums, flutes, crystal bowls, gongs, biofield tuning, and even self-created sounds such as humming, tapping, chanting, and singing…

… can actually affect your molecular structure, helping reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and decrease blood pressure while shifting your energetic vibrational frequency.

Science is beginning to reveal that ancient sound-healing techniques are actually the medicine of the future, encouraging you to optimize wellbeing, retain youthful vigor, heighten consciousness, and even enhance longevity!

How Sound Healing Can Help You

  1. Bring your body into resonance
  2. Relieve stress
  3. Lower your heart rate
  4. Stimulate immune response
  5. And activate blood cell vitality.

Sound healing enables you to surrender anxious thoughts, begin to heal trauma and treat addiction, and so much more. These ancient sound healing methods are fast becoming the medicine of the future.

This revelatory event that brings together leading masters, scientists, practitioners, trainers, and performers to aid in collective repair and harmonization.

They offer the latest in tools — backed by science as well as ancient traditions — you can use now for self-stabilization, personal growth, and preventive medicine.

Relaxed Woman Receiving A Tuning Fork Sound HealingSound healing is an ever-evolving form of alternative medicine that empowers you to optimize your energy and wellbeing. By practicing sound-therapy techniques, you can calm your nervous system, stimulate brain activity, and access higher forms of consciousness.

By integrating sacred rhythms and chants into your daily routine, you can practice releasing tension and anxiety, regulate body processes, and expand your cognitive abilities.

The Sound Healing Global Summit delivers modern and ancient wisdom from global healing experts, musicians, shamans, scientists, and sound-meditation pioneers, including acoustics scientist and CymaScope inventor,John Stuart Reid… sound-healing pioneer Eileen McKusick… award-winning musical artist Haji Basim… and gong bath sound healer Richard Rudis.

During this high-production-value event, you can immerse yourself in vibrational therapy with healing meditations, harmonizing exercises, musical performances, and celebrity Shift Talks and panels.

Explore the physics, biology, and spirit of music medicine in Shift Talks with sound-healing pioneer Eileen McKusick… producer and composer Barry Goldstein… transformational voice leaders the Brothers Koren, and many more.

Experience deeper relaxation and clarity with contemporary and traditional instrument audio-only performances from musicians Bodhi Setchko, Kyle Lam, and Krista Holland.

You can return to these deeply healing and rejuvenating practices again and again when you own the Sound Healing Wisdom Collection 2023. In addition to immersive sessions, you can access Eileen McKusick’s biofield tuning masterclass, Laura Inserra’s MetaHang intro seminar, and David Hulse’s tuning fork audiobook, and more.

Encounter the healing power of sound in unprecedented ways to reduce stress, boost your immune system, and expand creativity.

Sound Healing and Stress Reduction

Relaxed Woman Receiving Sound Healing Treatment With Singing BowlsThe healing power of sound is making waves throughout the wellness world. From yogis to Reiki practitioners to massage therapists to acupuncturists, healers from a variety of modalities are beginning to integrate vibrational therapy into their healing practices.

According to a study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine, an hour-long sound meditation can help reduce tension, anger, fatigue, anxiety, and depression — while increasing a sense of spiritual wellbeing.

You can use sound as a form of alternative medicine to support expediting and optimizing your healing journey. By learning and applying neuro-acoustics and vibro-acoustics techniques, you can practice calming your nervous system, enhancing cognitive abilities, and amplifying creativity.

Join us for the Sound Healing Summit to receive powerful inspiration from world-renowned sound-work experts, musicians, shamans, scientists, and meditation pioneers, including acoustics scientist and CymaScope inventor,John Stuart Reid… sound-healing pioneer Eileen McKusick… award-winning musical artist Haji Basim… and gong bath sound healer Richard Rudis.

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Who Is Sound Healing For?

Sound healing can be helpful if you want to:

  • Discover the ideal daily sound-healing practice for you
  • Tap into the acoustical energies of the biofield
  • Or learn how the alchemy of crystal singing bowls can shift your consciousness
  • Deepen your knowledge of healing practices that address your wellbeing in a truly holistic way, impacting each part of your life.
  • Discover the right approaches and techniques in vibrational medicine for YOU — and increase your vibrancy, balance, and restoration in the process.

Come join the loving panel of presenters to experience sonic alchemy through these soothing, balancing, and energizing healing modalities. They will show you how you can elevate your journey to the next level where true wholeness, alignment, and self-empowerment begin.

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What You'll Learn During The Sound Healing Global Summit 2023

  • Vibrating at 432Hz — a harmonic-tuning frequency key code — can give you heightened sensitivity to sound vibration, and a deepened experience of presence
  • Your voice, when expressed with intention and awareness, dispels the amnesia that settles in your physical form as congestion
  • How sound therapy can help with trauma, mental health, and addiction issues
  • The frame drum is a mythic instrument with a polycultural history of ritual healing, invoking the sacred, revitalizing the spirit, and recalibrating the mind
  • How a gong bath can immerse you in polytonal vibrational healing
  • The cells of your body recognize the vibration of balance, beauty, and harmony — so when music carries that particular vibration, healing is your body's natural response
  • How it’s possible to clear physical and energy trigger points by using tuning forks
  • And much more…

What could you create with ancient and contemporary sound tools that release stress and activate inspiration?

Sound healing is a form of therapy that can help you shift your spiritual, mental, and emotional states. You may have noticed a growing collective desire to explore the transformative capabilities of mystical and medicinal sound-healing tools.

Scientific research is revealing that ancient traditions, such as humming and chanting, have measurable frequency effects on the mind. Countless seekers have found that sound tools like tuning forks and sacred drumming help them access altered states of consciousness, the creative flow state, and even spiritual awakening.

Integrating brain wave stimulation techniques such as binaural beats and cymatics imagery into your daily routine may also help you experience profound shifts in self-awareness, spiritual guidance, and emotional regulation.

Sound therapy can have profound effects on your physical body as well. In this revelatory summit, you’ll explore emerging technologies such as biofield tuning, Tesla scalar technology, and self-induced laughter to stimulate immune response, blood flow, and hormone balance.

The Sound Healing Summit invites you to explore the mystical and medicinal power of sound. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to sound therapy, these empowering immersive experiences promise to help you reduce stress, connect more deeply with inner guidance, and expand your creativity.

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Select Speaker Topics At the Sound Healing 2023 Summit

The free Sound Healing Summit 2023 is an interactive spiritual healing event that pairs contemporary science with ancient healing modalities…

So that you can discover how to raise your frequency and open to the next step in your awakening… and find yourself again.

You can begin to heal yourself, realign your energies, and re-emerge into a life full of new possibilities.

Here’s some of what our esteemed teachers and practitioners will be sharing with you during the Sound Healing Summit 2023:

  • Wah! Devi will reveal how sound healing, with its lack of melody, harmonic tones, and peaceful pace, can help restore our humanity.
  • Laura Inserra will show you how she blends sound healing, vibrational work, ancient wisdom, and shamanic techniques to harmonize the body and facilitate wellbeing.
  • Amanda Domnitz-Baird will discuss the importance of continuing further education to enhance the effectiveness of your sound-healing practice.
  • Christine Stevens will talk about how sonic vibration, sound work, and sound activism are all interrelated, and can create a sense of balance in one’s culture and community.
  • Barry Goldstein will share transformative ways to use music as a powerful relaxation protocol for addressing nightly sleep challenges.
  • David Gibson will reveal ways to create a stable, consistent vibration so you can be at peace no matter what.
  • Dayvin Hallmon will talk about providing sound healing to communities that have experienced racial violence.
  • Dr. John Beaulieu will teach you how to meditate using tuning forks to clear physical and energy trigger points.
  • Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman will discuss the power of sound to heal and transform, and how this knowledge and awareness can be applied to enhance your life.
  • Michele Averard will explore the mindful application of sound therapy through energy work, intention, and powerful visualizations used in conjunction with the voice.
  • Yuval Ron will demonstrate how he weaves together ancient wisdom traditions and recent scientific discoveries to create healing sound therapies for dementia, Alzheimer’s, and chronic pain.
  • Tony Redhouse will use the ancient sounds of the voice, drum, and flute to guide you in a Native American healing meditation — allowing your heart’s “beat” to soar with freedom and joy.
  • Steven Halpern, PhD, will demonstrate using brainwave entrainment soundtracks to balance your brainwaves, biofield, and chakras.

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Full Schedule – Sound Healing Global Summit 2023

Monday, Jul 10
  • 9am: “We Are All Sound Healers” with Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman
  • 10am: “Healing Vibration of the Voice” with Puma Fredy Quispe Singona
  • 11am: “Sound Healing in an AI World” with Wah! Devi
  • 12pm: “How to Supercharge Your Immune System and Optimize Your Vagal Tone: Latest Exciting Research Findings” with John Stuart Reid
  • 1pm: “Sound Healing With Tuning Forks: The Art and Science of Human Tuning” with Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.
  • 2pm: “MetaMusic Healing” with Laura Inserra
  • 3pm: “AI, Music and Sound Health” with Joshua Leeds
  • 4pm: “Bodhi Starwater, Soundscape Oasis, 5 Elements of Sound Healing Experience” with Bodhi Starwater
Tuesday, Jul 11
  • 9am: “Sonic Soulutions for Harmonious Sleep” with Barry Goldstein
  • 10am: “The Voice Revolution: Harnessing the Transformative Power of Sound” with Simone Niles
  • 11am: “Latest Healing Music for Brain Health and Well-Being” with Yuval Ron
  • 12pm: “Becoming a Vessel of Sacred Sound: The Path of a Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing Master” with eralyn Glass
  • 1pm: “Returning to the Healing Heartbeat” with Tony Redhouse
  • 2pm: “Mythic Drumming Ritual and Healing” with Krista Holland
  • 3pm: “Soundwork: Through the Lens of Vibroacoustics” with Mandara Cromwell
  • 4pm: “Soothing Sounds for Relaxation” with Alison Iati
Wednesday, Jul 12
  • 9am: “How to Take Sound Healing Effectively Into Your Community” with Amanda Domnitz-Baird
  • 10am: “Quantum Aspects of Voice, Music, and Healing – An Inspiring Discussion with Guided Toning Experience, and Live Music” with Anders Holte & Cacina Meádu
  • 11am: “Vibrate in Tune With Your Inner Being” with Jaime Tanna, M.Sc
  • 12pm: “How Sound Awakens the Audible Body” with Vickie Dodd
  • 1pm: “Healing Music, High Coherence, and Higher Consciousness: Sound Secrets for Optimal Well-being” with Steven Halpern, Ph.D.
  • 2pm: “How can Integral Sound Healing Help You” with Tony Nec
  • 3pm: “Future of Soundwork: Peace Through Cultural Rhythms” with Christine Stevens
  • 4pm: “The Art of Gong Healing” with Richard Rudis
Thursday, Jul 13
  • 9am: “Sound for Challenges and Conflicts” with David Gibson
  • 10am: “Soulsong Revival: Remembering With Your Soul's Frequency” with Lindsey Wise
  • 11am: “THE MAGNETIC VOICE” with Stewart Pearce
  • 12pm: “Creating a Sustainable Sound Healing Business” with Danielle Hall
  • 1pm: “The Power of Tapping Into the Channel of Creativity During Live Performance” with RutiCelli
  • 2pm: “From Drug Addict To Sound Healer: A Journey of Transformation Through Sound” with Kelvin Young
  • 3pm: “Future of Soundwork: Sonic Activism” with Dayvin Hallmon
  • 4pm: “Soundbath” with Maria del Carmen Rodriguez, MBA
Friday, Jul 14
  • 9am: “Mindful Sound Therapy: The Importance Conscious Sound, Energy Work, Intention, and Protocols” with Michele Averard & Nestor Kornblum
  • 10am: “Discover the Self-Transforming Power of Your Musical Mind with Your Naked Voice and Sound” with Chloë Goodchild
  • 11am: “Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing: What You Need to Know” with Diáne Mandle
  • 12pm: “How to Be a Sound Healer” with Eileen McKusick
  • 1pm: “Finding Your Unique Sonic Style” with Christina Grozik
  • 2pm: “Dialogue” with The Brothers Koren
  • 3pm: “Future of Soundwork: The Culture is the Patient” with Christina Tourin
  • 4pm: “Sound Medicine Journey Experience” with Rich Goodhart

About Your 2023 Sound Healing Summit Host – Alec Sims

Alec Sims has been involved with music and sound-related pursuits his whole life. Alec was a professional musician for many years before discovering the world of sound healing. He has worked with Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds since 1998, was a core faculty member at the annual International Healing Sounds Intensive for 19 years, and has been the director of the Healing Sounds Correspondence Course since 2002. During that time, Alec has done personal consultation sessions with hundreds of students worldwide, offering instruction in vocal toning and harmonic overtone chant.

Alec is the author (with Joshua Goldman) of the acclaimed book Sound Healing for Beginners (from Llewellyn Worldwide). His harmonic overtone chanting is featured on many of Jonathan Goldman’s most popular CDs such as Ultimate Om, The Lost Chord, and The Divine Name: Sounds of the God Code. Alec lives in Boulder, Colorado where he continues to pursue music performance, vocal toning, and sound healing teachings.

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