Soul Summit Live: Love & Prosperity

Soul Summit – Love & Prosperity

During the free Soul Summit Love & Prosperity 1-day event, you'll learn how to erase limiting beliefs, renew your relationships, and program yourself for a lifetime of prosperity.

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Why Attend Soul Summit: Love & Prosperity

Did you know Valentine's Day is more than a time for romantic relationships?

It's a time to manifest abundance and prosperity for all of 2023.

The astrological signs align to create a powerful energetic powerhouse that will help you manifest your best self.

This is the perfect time to start thinking about what kind of person you want to become and how you can use this momentous occasion as an opportunity for growth.

Healers, Numerologists, astrologers, spiritual teachers, science authors, and psychotherapists agree…

The next few days will be filled with love, romance, and powerful energy (if you use it properly.) And we want to make sure you're ready for it.

“Soul Summit – Love & Prosperity” is designed specifically to help people improve their relationships with themselves, others, and finances–all at once!

Thousands of like-minded souls will join us for one day of life transformation and personal change…

…which will open up the opportunity for REAL change while multiplying the impact by creating an energetic powerhouse together.

This event provides an opportunity for a powerful energetic field, to help you dissolve your fears and stress over money and love, and this field can only be used during this time.

This is your way to create a pathway to greater ease and prosperity.

And remember: that “little voice” inside you is right: monumental blessings are just around the corner.

Overcoming Recent Pain, Challenge, Conflict, Inflation

The difficulty and pressure we have faced financially and emotionally over the past year are truly eye-opening:

  • Rising inflation
  • Division
  • Conflict
  • Trauma
  • Separation

We’ve all experienced it.

It doesn't need to affect you as it does and that you can use those experiences to attract abundance both financially and emotionally.

During “Soul Summit: Love & Prosperity,” thousands of other like-minded people together will multiply the effects of your intentions compared to doing these practices alone.

This is an opportunity to multiply the intensity of your abundance.

Healers, Numerologists, astrologers, spiritual teachers, science authors, and psychotherapists are coming together to help make that happen for you.

Who Should Attend “Soul Summit: Love & Prosperity”

Soul Summit Love & Prosperity is for you, if you:

  • Have spent the last two years (or 20 years) struggling with your finances or relationships
  • Are holding onto mindsets and mentalities that no longer serve you but can’t quite figure out how to eliminate them
  • Have been waiting for an opportunity for change

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What You'll Learn During “Soul Summit – Love & Prosperity

During the Soul Summit: Love & Prosperity, 10+ manifestation and healing experts will help you:

  • Unlock advanced “new human” powers of the mind
  • Identify your own path to prosperity, coded in your aura
  • Uncover hidden opportunities for love and wealth with astrology
  • And MORE.

“Soul Summit: Love & Prosperity” is designed to help you harness this powerful energy field to create a pathway to greater ease, wealth, and prosperity.

When you align your intentions and come into the event with an open mind, with a group of 22,000+ like-minded people and and 10 transformational speakers, we can:

  • All wash away unhelpful mindsets and mentalities for good.
  • Uncover hidden opportunities for love and wealth…
  • Attract opportunities that align with your life purpose…
  • Release stress and anxiety so you can unlock your full potential.

Speaker List: Soul Summit – Love & Prosperity

  • Kelli Fox: World Famous Astrologer
  • Trey Stinnette: Speaker, Author, and Musician
  • Dawson Church: Award Winning Science Author
  • Pamala Oslie: Founder of Aura Colors
  • Jennifer McLean: Healer, Author, Speaker
  • Paul Hoffman: The Personal Discovery Architect
  • Steven Kuhn: Army Veteran, Speaker, Author
  • Kristen Howe: The Go Big Coach
  • Jackie Woodside: Best-Selling Autho & TedX Speaker

Session Topics at “Soul Summit Live: Love & Prosperity”

  • Awaken Your Dormant Potential With “Wholeness Attunements”
  • Uncover Hidden Opportunities For Love And Wealth With Astrology
  • Discover How To Shape Your Life Into A Masterpiece You Love
  • Identify Your Own Path To Prosperity, Coded In Your Aura
  • Live Life On Your Terms With “Day Sculpting”
  • Unlock Advanced “New Human” Powers Of The Mind
  • Become A Clear Communicator
  • Rewire Your Brain For Wealth With Millionaire Mind Hacks
  • Achieve Inner Peace Almost Anytime You Need To
  • Dissolve Fears And Stress Over Money And Love
  • Embrace The Natural Prosperity Of Your Personality Type

This one day will help you rewire your brain for wealth and identify your path to prosperity.

It will give you simple techniques and practical strategies for maximum results in minimal time to improve your relationships, finances, and life.

It is your opportunity to wash away mindsets and mentalities that no longer serve you and create the life you really want.

The more like-minded people participate in this energetic convergence, the greater the power, which is why you should forward this message to your like-minded friends.

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