5-Minute Sonic Tuneups: Sound Healing for Improved Productivity, Lower Stress, and Better Sleep - Barry Goldstein

5-Minute Sonic Tuneups: Sound Healing for Improved Productivity, Lower Stress, and Better Sleep

Discover how 5-minute “Sonic Tuneups” can help you:

  • Balance your emotions
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Help you be more productive
  • Lower stress
  • Sleep better

Why Attend “5-Minute Sonic Tuneups”

5-Minute Sonic Tuneups: Sound Healing for Improved Productivity, Lower Stress, and Better SleepOur bodies are like exquisite musical instruments.

When properly tuned, they work effortlessly, and we who inhabit them have the energy to attend to our greatest aspirations — whatever stirs our passions and drives us to share our gifts with the world.

But when they’re not properly tuned…

According to Barry Goldstein, multi-award-winning producer, composer, author, and musitarian, we have a system within us — our energy (or chakra) system — that helps us metabolize difficult emotions and delegate our energy…

… when we’re confronted with challenges that destabilize us and throw us out of tune. Through music, sound, and vibration, you can quickly bring yourself back into harmony and budget your energy more efficiently.

During this free online sound healing event, Barry will demonstrate the power of sound and how it provides a roadmap for balancing your energy — enhancing your mental clarity, reducing stress and anxiety, and allowing more emotional stability…

… while also amplifying your spiritual connection, increasing your creativity and intuition, and grounding you into a life of higher meaning and purpose.

Class Topics for “5-Minute Sonic Tuneups”

Barry will guide you through three practical 5-minute sound protocols you can apply immediately throughout your day to enable your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to restore and repair…

… freeing up more energy to focus on your dreams and passions.

These practices will help you enter a state of high performance and healthy state of coherence — so the very best of you can shine through.

In this free online event of music and sound nourishment, you’ll:

  • Explore using sound to tune your energy centers, like the strings on a guitar, to create more balance and enhance the way you function — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Experience a 5-minute practice you can do every morning to start your day in gratitude — grounding and connecting to your heartbeat and breath — so you can remain in state of wellbeing all day
  • Learn a 5-minute practice you can do in the middle of each day — a musical vacation — to clear your mind, replenish and restore your energy, and help you shift your environment
  • Discover a 5-minute sleep protocol you can do every night with music that can improve your sleep quality, mask ambient noises, help regulate your emotions, and quiet your mind
  • Come to understand how moving into heart coherence can reduce stress, regulate emotions, improve sleep, and enhance mental clarity and creativity
  • Be invited to create a musical gratitude playlist to enhance mindfulness, bolster your motivation, and boost your emotional resilience

You’ll explore how cultivating a daily musical routine can transform you out of depletion and stress and into vitalness and grounded empowerment.

Barry has over 30 years of expertise as a composer and producer of alchemistic vibrational experiences. His healing music is often used in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, and medical practices.

About Your Teacher – Barry Goldstein

Barry Goldstein’s musical experience spans many styles and genres, from co-producing the Grammy Award-winning track “69 Freedom Special” with Les Paul for Best Rock Instrumental in 2005, to providing ambient music for Shirley MacLaine. Barry has composed and produced for television, film, major record labels, and top 10 recording artists. He also received the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Music of the Year in 2017 and 2018, and his music is used in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, and medical practices.

Barry, who has worked with Dave Asprey, the “father of biohacking,” reached the Billboard Top 10 in New Age albums with New York Times bestselling authors Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Daniel Amen, Neale Donald Walsch, and Anita Moorjani. His innovative product development and musical branding have been featured in film, TV, and PBS specials.

As a speaker, Barry’s presentations have been audience favorites, from medical grand rounds to national conferences. He breaks through even the toughest of skeptics by providing research, humor, and experiential processes that demonstrate the healing and transformational aspects of music, and by sharing how these “musical prescriptions” can be used in modern-day medicine. His music, which has been embraced by the medical community, provides a low-cost, non-invasive, non-pharmacological adjunct to treatments for insomnia, stress, depression, and pain.

Barry’s bestselling book, The Secret Language of the Heart, has become a go-to manual for how to use music beyond art and entertainment. It provides more than 50 groundbreaking studies that assist the reader in using music to improve their health and quality of life. It has been endorsed by medical pioneers Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Stephan Sinatra, Dr. James Oschman, and Dr. Daniel Amen.

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