Somatic Movement Summit 2022 - For Healing & Stress Release

Somatic Movement Summit 2022 – For Healing & Stress Release

Discover how to de-stress, feel free in your body, and experience healing motion with the power of somatic movement.

When you move about during the day, do you feel discomfort or pain?

The ability to move freely and gracefully is the secret to youth and vitality.

As we age, our bodies tend to become less fluid and mobile — leading to tension, pain, and discomfort, which causes even greater rigidity. What’s even more alarming is that our minds tend to follow suit.

Our modern-day society encourages a lack of mobility. We are chronic sitters — at desks, in cars, on couches. We become set in our ways as we move through life.

As a result, we feel “stuck” inside ourselves. We lack the energy, freedom, and resilience we enjoyed as children, when we ran, jumped, and played for hours every day.

The good news is that we can recapture the fluid movement and resilience we experienced as children — an imperative for fostering lifelong health and wellbeing.

How often do you think about the way you move? Do you have a daily movement practice?

Are you familiar with somatic movement — movement coupled with awareness? It provides a pathway to healing through embodied motion.

During the Somatic Movement Summit…

You’ll not only receive abundant knowledge from world-renowned somatic movement experts…

You’ll also experience firsthand, instructive practices and demonstrations of a variety of disciplines.

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What You'll Learn During the Somatic Movement Summit 2022

You’ll have the opportunity to slow down and embody the richness of what our accomplished speakers and practitioners have to offer.

This powerful gathering will feature more than 40 of today’s highly sought-after somatic movement experts and teachers…

Including Lavinia Plonka, Dr. Ruby Gibson, Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Mia Segal, Dr. Martha Eddy, Suresha Hill, Banafsheh Sayyad, Paul Linden, Don Hanlon Johnson and Richard Sims.

They’ll be sharing simple somatic practices to move you from stress, anxiety, fatigue, or depletion…

And into easeful states infused with vitality and relaxed alertness.

This groundbreaking Somatic Movement Summit will reveal the medicinal art and power of embodied motion.

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What You'll Discover During The Somatic Movement Summit 2022

  • Explore fluid movements to release tension and pain, and begin resetting your body
  • Encounter “movement mantras” to clear overwhelming feelings, thoughts, and obligations
  • Experience soothing somatic movement practices that help unwind trauma and balance the nervous system
  • Learn scientifically proven ways to activate neuroplasticity and positive brain change
  • Explore a wide range of new and established somatic movement methods, including Hanna SomaticsTM, Feldenkrais®, Body-Mind Centering®, Biodynamic Osteopathy, Continuum Montage, DancemeditationTM, Dynamic EmbodimentTM, Alexander TechniqueTM, and more
  • Ignite your somatic intelligence to move from surviving to thriving
  • Nourish your nervous system through centering and connective movement
  • Cultivate inner peace through somatic self-regulation 
  • Understand how trauma is stored in the body, and discover effective and groundbreaking tools to resolve and integrate it 
  • Discover how embodied movement can help dissipate stress, anxiety, fear, and trauma
  • Explore pathways to strengthen immunity, improve heart rate variability, and facilitate natural breathing 
  • Discover how somatic movement reactivates your energy, resilience, and freedom of movement for all ages and stages of life 

We do not have to resign ourselves to inertia, disease, or deterioration as we journey through life.

Your body holds the keys to deep emotional healing, resilience, and balance. This life-enriching summit will help you awaken your somatic intelligence and discover new ways to release all that feels stuck inside you.

We are designed to stay in motion!

Join this unique gathering of expert teachers in the field of conscious motion, and start enjoying the rest of your divine, delicious, movement-filled life today!

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Cultivate Your Body’s Innate Intelligence for Increased Vitality, Healing & Fluidity

While modern society tends to focus primarily on cultivating cognitive intelligence… our physical bodies also hold innate intelligence for lifelong vitality and youthfulness.

Somatic movement offers support so you can come so fully into your body that you enter your potential for wholeness, aliveness, and connectedness to all of life — and yourself.

So what does “somatic” mean, exactly?

The word somatic comes from the Greek “soma,” which means “living body” — therefore, somatic refers to the lived experience of being a body.

Somatic movement means to move and sense from the inside out. This summit of expert speakers empowers you to understand this in an experiential, embodied way.

Deliciously subtle, deeply connective, inward-focused movements can completely change how you feel in the world… calming the nervous system, altering your experience of discomfort and distress, and helping to foster balance.

During this 5-day healing journey into somatic movement — with world-renowned speakers and experts — you’ll partake in the union of science with decades of experiential wisdom.

You’ll be guided through revitalizing somatic awareness practices such as micro-movements, grounding, centering, meditation, and breathing — all of which are simple ways to self-regulate your own system.

You’ll discover methods to increase longevity, sensory-based intuition and awareness, which enable you to live a more fully-embodied life.

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Embody All of Yourself Through the Medicine of Somatic Movement

“When we dance reflectively, we are in a process of becoming more fully conscious — returning what we have forgotten of our intrinsic perfection.” ~ Sondra Fraleigh

Somatic movement can be described as “being breathed by the body” — letting go of force, trying, and control — and, instead, falling so deeply into resonance with primordial intelligence and sensory awareness that profound wellbeing is the only possible result.

This entails coming home to your own body as a repository of safety, wisdom, and deep knowing.

We do not have to be resigned to inertia as we journey through life — we are designed to stay in motion!

Take yourself to the next level in your somatic awareness and ability and join this unique gathering of insightful expert teachers in the field of conscious motion…

And start enjoying your divine, deliciously aware, movement-filled life.

You’ll be in good hands with summit co-hosts Gayatri Schriefer and Brian Siddhartha Ingle, co-founders of Living Somatics.

In this illuminating series, you’ll be guided into the beautiful world of conscious, embodied motion to discover lifelong practices for vitality, fluidity, and healing.

Our diverse array of seasoned teachers and practitioners will provide insights on the plentiful benefits of somatic movement as well as simple ways to self-regulate your own health systems, including micro-movements, grounding, centering, meditation, and breathing.

The beauty of increasing your body awareness through somatic movement is that it’s so immediate and easy. Mastering somatic movement doesn’t require you to be flexible, have years of formal training or advanced yoga abilities, or visit an enlightened master on a mountaintop in order to get started.

Thank you for joining us for this groundbreaking and experiential series — may it be nourishing and deliciously enlivening for you.

How the Somatic Movement Summit 2022 Can Help You

Would you like to move with more freedom in your body, release “stuck” trauma, and liberate yourself from emotional distress?

If the body holds tension and anxiety about the past or future, it can block the flow of wisdom coming in the moment. By tuning in to your body’s innate sensations, you can open up space for healing and growth to emerge.

Deep healing requires us to release trauma and PTSD, and hold space for transformation and unity. Somatic movement is a rich, body-based, self-healing tradition that empowers you to become more aware of your body’s subtle guidance and inspiration. 

The Somatic Movement Summit invites you to strengthen your connection to your body’s innate intelligence as a pathway to greater resilience, flexibility, and vitality. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to conscious movement, you’ll discover a wide range of somatic modalities to expand your awareness and inspire your healing journey. 

You can practice powerful rejuvenation techniques during this highly experiential, one-of-a-kind event. Most sessions include 10 to 20 minutes of guided practice to help you connect to your body’s wisdom. Plus, each day will conclude with a 75-minute session featuring a full 30 to 45 minutes of experiential somatic movement practices.

If you’ve been operating in survival mode lately, applying somatic movement techniques can help you shift out of the fight-or-flight response, and foster deeper relaxation and vibrancy. 

Through a variety of somatics modalities including Hanna SomaticsTM, Feldenkrais®, Body-Mind Centering®, Biodynamic Osteopathy, Continuum Montage, DancemeditationTM, Dynamic EmbodimentTM, Alexander TechniqueTM, and somatic psychology, you can practice alchemizing sensory overload, and embody a more grounded, balanced, way of living.

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Somatic Movement Summit 2022 – Select Speaker Topics

  • Lavinia Plonka will guide you through a delicious movement process from the KINESATM lexicon that relaxes your spine, while connecting to your emotional center.
  • Donn Brennan, Lisa Fisher, and Paul Linden, PhD, will host a panel on how to embody peacemaking to raise world consciousness. 
  • Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Brian Siddhartha Ingle, and Donn Brennan will look at how balancing the autonomic nervous system is key for embodying health.
  • Dr. Ruby Gibson will teach the 5 Steps of Somatic Archaeology to consciously manifest your destiny.
  • Mia Segal and Leora Gaster will share how to use self-monitoring to integrate thought and action, increasing more presence in your internal processes.
  • Dr. Martha Eddy will discuss how tracking somatic sensation using the Dynamic Embodiment model reduces anxiety, numbness, and exhaustion.
  • Suresha Hill will lead a practice on how to reset your body by using movement to release tension, pain, and strain.
  • Banafsheh Sayyad will dive deep into exploring physicality as awareness to merge into the greater field of consciousness.
  • Nikki Myers will walk you through a somatic experience to address addiction recovery.
  • Don Hanlon Johnson, PhD, will show how to express your inner experiences to retain a connection to non-verbal insights
  • Anat Baniel will present scientifically proven ways to activate neuroplasticity and positive brain change.

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Full Speaker Schedule for the Somatic Movement Summit 2022

Monday, Jun 6 2022

  • 9am: Opening Session with Brian Siddhartha Ingle, Don Hanlon Johnson & more…
  • 10am: Belonging In the River of Life with Susan Harper
  • 11am: Body Mind Medicine – How Somatic Practices Help with Longevity & Disease Prevention with Donn Brennan and Eleanor Criswell Hanna
  • 12pm: From Silence to Thinking and Verbalizing with Don Hanlon Johnson
  • 1pm: Somatic Psychology: Strategies for transformation through the body with Derek P Scott, Eleanor Criswell Hanna & more…
  • 2pm: Wuji Hundun Qigong – Learning To Be at Ease with Chaos with Daisy Lee
  • 3pm: Dynamic Embodiment Approach to Stress and Trauma Recovery with Dr. Martha Eddy
  • 4pm: Connecting Movement and Emotion for Increased Flexibility, Vitality & Poise with Lavinia Plonka

Tuesday, Jun 7 2022

  • 9am: Trauma, Movement, and Music with Betsy Polatin
  • 10am: Accessing Peace Through Embodiment with Paul Linden
  • 11am: The Art of Somatic Sensing and Deep Listening with Marialuisa Diaz de Leon Z., Rebecca Amis Lawson & more…
  • 12pm: The Issues Live in Our Tissues with Nikki Myers
  • 1pm: SomAqua – The Use of Water in a Therapeutic ‘Bodywork' Session with Brian Siddhartha Ingle
  • 2pm: Dancing with Trees – Roots as Creative Resources with Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell
  • 3pm: Possessing Awareness of Self in Spirit and Action with Leora Gaster & Mia Segal
  • 4pm: The Alexander Technique as a Road to Peace – with Jamee Culbertson

Wednesday, Jun 8 2022

  • 9am: Using NeuroMovement® to Activate Your Brilliant Brain for Lifelong Vitality & Wellbeing with Anat Baniel
  • 10am: Moving Beyond Trauma with Manuela Mischke-Reeds
  • 11am: Embodied Peacemaking – From the individual, Family and Society to Raise World Consciousness, Donn Brennan, Lisa Fisher & more…
  • 12pm: Internal Family Systems: Welcoming Parts Using the Body to Get Our Attention with Derek P Scott
  • 1pm: Somatic Archaeology© to heal Transgenerational Trauma with Dr. Ruby Gibson
  • 2pm: Somatic Embryology – Exploring Movements that Access Primal Connections with Suresha Hill
  • 3pm: Sacred Dancing for Peace with Elisa Cotroneo & Rick Cotroneo
  • 4pm: Becoming Peace – The Healing Power of Embodied Awareness with Linda Evans Delman & Russell Delman

Thursday, Jun 9 2022

  • 9am: Equine Hanna Somatics – What We Can Learn from Horses with Eleanor Criswell Hanna
  • 10am: Somatic Movement, Mythology & the Quest for Meaning in Life with Marialuisa Diaz de Leon Z.
  • 11am: Beginning Inquiry Into Coloniality in Somatic Movement Education and Practice with Dr. Martha Eddy,
  • Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell & more…
  • 12pm: Building the Connection with Yourself to Engage with the World with Richard E. Sims
  • 1pm: You are the Entire Ocean in a Drop with Banafsheh Sayyad
  • 2pm: Resolving Sexual Trauma with Heike Hudson & Jonathan Hudson
  • 3pm: Body and Land – A Practice in Listening with Brooke Smiley

Friday, Jun 10 2022

  • 9am: Resourcing Health During and After Covid Challenges with Hugh Milne
  • 10am: ISMETA – 35 Years of Moving the Profession of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Forward
  • with Elisa Cotroneo, Marialuisa Diaz de Leon Z. & more…
  • 11am: Somatic Resourcing for Resilience with Lisa Cary
  • 12pm: Exploring the Internal Martial Arts with Daisy Lee, Jamee Culbertson & more…
  • 1pm: The Subtle Power of Repetition and Evolution with Movement Mantra with Dunya Dianne McPherson
  • 2pm: Loving Your Whole Self with Gayatri Schriefer & Kevin Selig
  • 3pm: A Continuum Inquiry: Fluid Movement for Connecting to the Source of Life with Rebecca Amis Lawson

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About Your Somatic Movement Summit 2022 Co-Hosts: Gayatri Schriefer and Brian Siddhartha Ingle

About Brian Ingle

Brian Siddhartha IngleBrian Siddhartha Ingle is a licensed Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and a naturopath. He is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator, a Somatic Yoga teacher, a practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method®, and an aqua bodyworker. He is a co-founder of Living Somatics, and the founder and program director of the Ingle Institute for Somatic Education.

Brian is a graduate of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training. For more than 30 years, Brian has been inquiring into authentic systems of self-healing, movement, and personal development. He has a background in Ayurvedic Medicine and Vedic Astrology, and has been based in India since 1995.

Brian’s work takes him traveling extensively, sharing his passion for somatic movement as a vehicle to greater freedom. He teaches workshops and professional trainings all over the world, including India, Europe, and Russian-speaking countries with his team.

About Gayatri Schriefer

Gayatri SchrieferGayatri Schriefer is a co-founder of Living Somatics, offering training programs worldwide in the clinical hands-on work and movement lessons of Living Somatics. Gayatri holds a bachelor’s degree in Education, with the focus on health promotion and education. She is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator from the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training in California. Gayatri counsels clients and gives trainings and workshops internationally.

From an early age, Gayatri inquired into the field of conscious movement. For the last 20 years she has been studying and practicing embodied movement, including Hanna Somatics, Equine Somatics, the Feldenkrais Method®, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Body-Mind Centering, Qigong, and several styles of yoga.

Gayatri guides her clients and students into greater embodied freedom, self-love, and natural self-expression. She has spent her adult life inquiring into systems that bring about transformation, wellbeing, and spiritual awakening. She is a firm believer that each person is self-responsible, self-regulating, and self-healing. She teaches the principle of awareness with slow, mindful movement, creating a field to reconnect with oneself and discover how the light of one’s own awareness enhances integration, authenticity, and freedom.

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