Somatic Movement Summit 2021 - For Healing & Stress Release

Somatic Movement Summit 2021 – For Healing & Stress Release

Discover how to de-stress, feel free in your body, and experience healing motion with the power of somatic movement.

When you move about during the day, do you feel discomfort or pain?

The ability to move freely and gracefully is the secret to youth and vitality.

As we age, our bodies tend to become less fluid and mobile — leading to tension, pain, and discomfort, which causes even greater rigidity. What’s even more alarming is that our minds tend to follow suit.

Our modern-day society encourages a lack of mobility. We are chronic sitters — at desks, in cars, on couches. We become set in our ways as we move through life.

As a result, we feel “stuck” inside ourselves. We lack the energy, freedom, and resilience we enjoyed as children, when we ran, jumped, and played for hours every day.

The good news is that we can recapture the fluid movement and resilience we experienced as children — an imperative for fostering lifelong health and wellbeing.

How often do you think about the way you move? Do you have a daily movement practice?

Are you familiar with somatic movement — movement coupled with awareness? It provides a pathway to healing through embodied motion.

During the Somatic Movement Summit…

You’ll not only receive abundant knowledge from world-renowned somatic movement experts…

You’ll also experience firsthand, instructive practices and demonstrations of a variety of disciplines.

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You’ll have the opportunity to slow down and embody the richness of what our accomplished speakers and practitioners have to offer.

This powerful gathering will feature more than 40 of today’s highly sought-after somatic movement experts and teachers…

Including Bernadette Pleasant, Paul Linden, Lavinia Plonka, Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Judith Aston, Raja Selvam, Yasmin Lambat, Elisa Cotroneo, and Emory M. Moore Jr.

They’ll be sharing simple somatic practices to move you from stress, anxiety, fatigue, or depletion…

And into easeful states infused with vitality and relaxed alertness.

This groundbreaking Somatic Movement Summit will reveal the medicinal art and power of embodied motion.

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What You’ll Discover During The Somatic Movement Summit

✅ Ways to nourish your nervous system through centering and connective movement

✅ How embodied movement can help dissipate stress, anxiety, fear, and trauma

✅ Somatic movement to reverse the effects of aging, and experience a sense of openness and spaciousness

✅ Ways you can apply conscious motion on a daily basis to provide ease around challenging and stressful situations

✅ Pathways to strengthen immunity, improve heart rate variability, and facilitate natural breathing

✅ The connection between movement and personal power

✅ How somatic education transcends old notions of the body as a machine — reframing liberating movement as a holistic discipline

✅ Embodied movement for grief

✅ Somatic strategies to address pain

✅ Somatic methods including Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais Method®, Rolfing, dance, Somatic Yoga, Body-Mind Centering, Somatic Psychology, pandiculation, and breathwork

✅ How somatic movement reactivates youthful energy, resilience, and freedom of movement for lifelong vitality

We do not have to resign ourselves to inertia, disease, or deterioration as we journey through life…

We are designed to stay in motion!

Join this unique gathering of expert teachers in the field of conscious motion, and start enjoying the rest of your divine, delicious, movement-filled life today!

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Cultivate Your Body’s Innate Intelligence for Increased Vitality, Healing & Fluidity

While modern society tends to focus primarily on cultivating cognitive intelligence… our physical bodies also hold innate intelligence for lifelong vitality and youthfulness.

Somatic movement offers support so you can come so fully into your body that you enter your potential for wholeness, aliveness, and connectedness to all of life — and yourself.

So what does “somatic” mean, exactly?

The word somatic comes from the Greek “soma,” which means “living body” — therefore, somatic refers to the lived experience of being a body.

Somatic movement means to move and sense from the inside out. This summit of expert speakers empowers you to understand this in an experiential, embodied way.

Deliciously subtle, deeply connective, inward-focused movements can completely change how you feel in the world… calming the nervous system, altering your experience of discomfort and distress, and helping to foster balance.

During this 5-day healing journey into somatic movement — with world-renowned speakers and experts — you’ll partake in the union of science with decades of experiential wisdom.

You’ll be guided through revitalizing somatic awareness practices such as micro-movements, grounding, centering, meditation, and breathing — all of which are simple ways to self-regulate your own system.

You’ll discover methods to increase longevity, sensory-based intuition and awareness, which enable you to live a more fully-embodied life.

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Embody All of Yourself Through the Medicine of Movement

“When we dance reflectively, we are in a process of becoming more fully conscious — returning what we have forgotten of our intrinsic perfection.” ~ Sondra Fraleigh

Somatic movement can be described as “being breathed by the body” — letting go of force, trying, and control — and, instead, falling so deeply into resonance with primordial intelligence and sensory awareness that profound wellbeing is the only possible result.

This entails coming home to your own body as a repository of safety, wisdom, and deep knowing.

We do not have to be resigned to inertia as we journey through life — we are designed to stay in motion!

Take yourself to the next level in your somatic awareness and ability and join this unique gathering of insightful expert teachers in the field of conscious motion…

And start enjoying your divine, deliciously aware, movement-filled life.

You’ll be in good hands with summit hosts Gayatri Schriefer and Brian Siddhartha Ingle, co-founders of Living Somatics.

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Here’s what you’ll experience in just a few of these deeply healing workshop sessions:

👉 Bodyworker Steve Haines shares how to heal pain, anxiety, and trauma using embodiment — so we can find safety inside our own bodies again after experiencing distress.

👉 Join Lavinia Plonka as she reveals how to invite pleasure and power through movement — by exploring the intersection between movement, emotions, and the mind.

👉 Orit Sen-Gupta will share her wisdom on a somatic approach to meditation — and guide you to enhance your practice by becoming aware of each of the five sense organs.

👉 Discover pandiculation with Yasmin Lambat, RSME — more than just stretching, pandiculation is nature’s way of nourishing, shape-changing, lubricating, hydrating, and revitalizing fascia, the connective tissue which serves as our fabric of embodiment.

👉 Learn Somatic Groundwork™ with Kaila June, RSME/MS — a floor-based movement practice that soothes the nervous system, restores tissue integrity, and deepens sensory awareness as a pathway to healing and self-knowledge.

👉 Bernadette Pleasant reminds us that “grief is love with nowhere to go.” Receive her tools for navigating grief and reawakening your innate capacity for JOY and aliveness through movement.

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Full Speaker Schedule for the Somatic Movement Summit 2021

Monday, Apr 19

  • Somatic Movement Summit Opening Session – Brian Siddhartha Ingle, ND, DO, RSME, Gayatri Schriefer RSME
  • Body Consciousness to Soul Consciousness: Awakening to the Soul’s Journey Through Somatic Movement – Elisa Cotroneo
  • Movement is the Language of the Brain – supercharging your life through NeuroMovement®. – Anat Baniel
  • The 5 Stages of Self-Healing – Debbie Rosas
  • Yoga Panel: Looking at yoga asana, mediation, and pranayama from a somatic embodied first person viewpoint – Eleanor Criswell Hanna, EdD, Orit Sen-Gupta & more…
  • The Ancient Somatic Practice of Qigong – Daisy Lee
  • Living the Embodied Life – Linda Evans Delman, Russell Delman
  • Calming the Nervous System-small steps to release stress and help in trauma recovery – Dr. Martha Eddy

Tuesday, Apr 20 – Somatic Movement Summit

  • Somatic Movement for our New World – Eleanor Criswell Hanna, EdD
  • Somatic Empowerment: Healing sexual abuse, assault and trauma. – Richard E. Sims, RSME/T, CTP
  • Breath, Silence, Inhibition: Somatic Lessons of the Shelter-In – Don Hanlon Johnson
  • Pandiculation. Nature’s Way of Nourishing and Nurturing Our Fabric of Embodiment – Yasmin Lambat, RSME
  • Somatics Principles Panel – How Somatic Practices Enhance Our Life – Emory M. Moore Jr, RSME/T, Kaila June, RSME/MS & more…
  • Aston® Kinetics: accessing your body’s magic to reset – Judith Aston
  • Finding a Wedge Between Stimulus and Response: Breathwork, Cold Exposure, Evolution and the Keys to Human Resilience – Scott Carney
  • An Introduction to Continuum Movement: Working with the Fluid Systems of the Body Through Sound, Breath and Movement – Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, PhD

Wednesday, Apr 21 – Somatic Movement Summit

  • Body Awareness as Spirituality – Paul Linden, PhD
  • An Osteopaths approach to deep Listening in his patients and Life – Hugh Milne
  • How to Grieve In This New Normal – Bernadette Pleasant
  • Inviting Pleasure and Power Through Movement – Lavinia Plonka
  • Embodied Manifestation Power – Jahanavi Schriefer, Marisa Morin
  • Returning Home with Somatic Groundwork™ – Kaila June, RSME/MS
  • The practice of embodying emotions: A method for improving cognitive, emotional, and behavioral outcomes in life and therapy – Raja Selvam, PhD
  • 5-Dimensional Flow – Simon Borg-Olivier

Thursday, Apr 22 – Somatic Movement Summit

  • Precision Moving Forward on Solid Ground – Mia Segal
  • A talk on the Alexander technique, its application to body image and how the somatic project has changed over the last 50 years. – David Hall
  • A Journey from Structural Bodywork to Functional Somatic Education – Brian Siddhartha Ingle, ND, DO, RSME
  • Forefoot Walking – The Natural Way to Move – Conny Andersson
  • Somatics and Social Justice: Transforming Our Bodies, Movements, and Societies. – Adaku Utah, T. Aisha Edwards, LMHC & more…
  • Trauma and the Body – Steve Haines
  • EM LifeWork the Wisdom Inside and Outside – Emory M. Moore Jr, RSME/T

Friday, Apr 23 – Somatic Movement Summit

  • The Path of the Heart – Jaya Ashmore
  • Somatic Mark Making – Unlearning patterns of unnecessary tension and urgency through painting. – Lisa Suchanek
  • Healing from Sexual Trauma: A somatic approach in reclaiming power. – Atira Tan
  • Rolling Reaching & Moving – Ciara Ni Dhiomasaigh
  • Creativity and the Wholeness of Life Through the Experience in Eutony – Débora Oliveira
  • Kalaripayattu – The Martial and Healing Arts of India – Lakshmanan Gurukkal
  • Enhancing Our Meditation and Breathing Through Becoming Aware of the Five Sense Organs – Orit Sen-Gupta
  • The Art of Correcting Scrambled Movement Reflexes (Why We Keep Feeling Stiffness and Pain) – Edward Barrera, HSE, Servaas Mes
  • Choosing how we feel in the body via the Trager Approach – Avi Bahat

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