How Simple Regenerative Movements can Reconnect Your Essence With The Earth - Lamara Heartwell

Reconnect With Your Essence – For Grounding, Stress Release, and Healing

How Simple Regenerative Movements can Reconnect Your Essence With The Earth - Lamara HeartwellWhen we push our bodies hard without compassion…

Using, abusing, exploiting, or unconsciously depleting our inner resources…

We are mirroring a larger pattern of dysfunctional relationship with Mother Earth.

This destructive pattern has become so commonplace in Western culture that we think of it as normal.

We degrade our bodies in the name of accomplishment, productivity, money, or success — to prove our worthiness.

This toxic approach can put you in a degenerative cycle of high stress, tension, and bodily pain…

That keeps you feeling out of balance and unable to stay present with people you love…

And blocks your ability to authentically express yourself.

All it takes to step out of this unhealthy rhythm is a conscious decision to gently and lovingly regenerate your body — by reconnecting it with its own intuitive ways of moving (like a baby moves) and the naturally restorative rhythms of nature.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Somatic Movement Class

During this free spiritual healing workshop, you can begin to create a stimulating and nourishing schedule by embracing a variety of body intelligence practices, somatic awareness, movement, meditation, breathwork, and body-centered psychology with body intelligence expert Lamara Heartwell.

During this free spiritual healing workshop, you’ll:

  • Explore the language of the body to access a healthier, balanced, more joyful life by engaging in nonlinear movements that help you regenerate at a cellular level
  • Discover how to deepen your proprioception — and feel present in every muscle movement you make
  • Learn to connect with the earth as a source of support for more grounded energy, emotional regulation, and nervous system downregulation
  • Discover how learning to be aware of and connected to your body is key to healing the disconnection you feel from yourself and Mother Earth
  • Experience the Essence Process, a guided meditation designed to help you reflect on how you’re feeling emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually

Benefits of Learning To Ground Your Body With The Earth Daily

  • Regulate your emotions and nervous system
  • And give you a solid foundation to experience greater peace, stability, and mental clarity
  • Access your inner landscape
  • Deepen your connection to yourself and the earth
  • Experience less stress, greater joy, and true serenity.

You won’t want to miss discovering how exquisite it feels when joy and peace seep into your cells as you learn to fully inhabit your body and engage it with curiosity, compassion, and care — so you can finally come home to yourself.

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About Your Teacher – Lamara Heartwell

Lamara Heartwell - HeadshotBody intelligence expert Lamara Heartwell inspires people to claim their bodies as an essential source of intelligence, power, and pleasure. She holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, a coaching certification through the Hendricks Institute, two years of counseling training at the Interchange Institute, and extensive yoga training since age 16.

Lamara founded Santa Barbara Dance Tribe in 2009, a thriving twice-weekly ecstatic dance event with a strong community presence since its inception. She has produced dozens of performance art events in California over the past 12 years.

As the great-granddaughter of one of the founders of Exxon, her passion and advocacy for environmental sustainability has been influenced by her family lineage in the oil industry. Lamara is as invested in the health of the planet as she is in the health of our bodies, and sees a direct relationship between the two. She is dedicated to the cultural shift of a more embodied humanity.

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