Silent Killers Summit: Reversing The Root Cause Of Chronic Inflammatory Disease

Silent Killers Summit 2024

Discover how to safeguard your health at the Silent Killers Summit: Reversing The Root Cause Of Chronic Inflammatory Disease.

…Especially for those who suspect facing challenges such as parasites, microbes, and mold toxicity.

Why Attend the 2024 “Silent Killers Summit”

Silent Killers Summit 2024: Reversing The Root Cause Of Chronic Inflammatory DiseaseYou may not know that you have chronic inflammation – until it’s too late
Chronic inflammation is long-lasting, insidious, and dangerous. Are you too struggling with chronic health issues that seem unsolvable?

The thing is, hidden chronic inflammation is just that – hidden – masked beneath a previously managed, but currently deteriorating chronic condition. Because of this, you may not even know it’s there. And it’ll continue to be there unless we address the root cause of what’s driving chronic inflammation in your body.

Mold toxicity, parasites, pollution, and heavy metals aren’t just external threats. They are Silent Killers. And they are the primary root cause of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Scientists are still learning why chronic inflammation is so dangerous and how it contributes to disease development. But you can take action today to reduce your risk.

Know exactly how by attending the Silent Killers Summit: Reversing The Root Cause Of Chronic Inflammatory Disease. Here you’ll learn how to combat and prevent Silent Killers. At this summit, you’ll discover strategies, breakthrough solutions, and actionable steps to identify your root causes and reverse chronic inflammation in your body.

Because it’s not just about disease; it’s about you. It is about breaking free from your symptoms, feeling empowered, and reclaiming control of your health.

Chronic inflammatory diseases are the most significant cause of death in the world today.

Silent and unseen, these Silent Killers lead to chronic diseases. And with more than 50 percent of all deaths caused by inflammation-related diseases – they are a threat to each of us.

125 million people in the United States alone suffer from at least one chronic health condition. A significant 42% struggle with more than one. So, it’s more than just eating right. It’s more than just managing your symptoms.

It’s a quest to understand the root cause and underlying triggers behind your health challenges.

It’s a journey to truly heal and not just subside your pain or suppress your symptoms.

Join us at the Silent Killers Summit and learn the most effective strategies for discovering and reversing the root causes of chronic inflammatory diseases.

It’s time to guide your body back to radiant health.

Don’t wait to learn more about chronic inflammation – find out what you can do today.

What You'll Learn During the “Silent Killers” 2024 Summit

Have you noticed that it seems like everyone is sick these days?

It’s not just the occasional cold or flu, but chronic health conditions like dementia, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer that are affecting more and more people.

This is becoming an epidemic, and traditional medicine doesn’t seem to have all the answers. Instead of focusing on the root cause of these diseases, it often treats only the symptoms.

During the 2024 Silent Killers summit, you'll get the information and direction you need from experts who research and treat chronic illnesses every single day.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to ask questions or to look for answers. That's because by truly understanding the root cause, we can approach our health from a holistic lens and not a symptom-specific microscope.

It’s the only way to leave behind chronic conditions, brain fog, fatigue, irritating digestive symptoms, physical pain, and moodiness.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn:

  • Hidden Radioactive Dangers That Cause Inflammation And Disease: Dr. Jay Davidson explains the significant yet often overlooked exposure to radioactive elements like radium in our water supply, and how this silent threat can impact our health.
  • Parasites, Inflammation, And Health Solutions: Gain insights from Mark Su, MD, FAAFP, on how parasites and gut health intricately link to systemic inflammation.
  • Understanding the Protective Mechanism of Fungal Infections: Dr. Sharon Stills reveals the link between fungal infections, your immune system, and the possibility that trying to aggressively kill candida may not solve your problem.
  • Root Canals, Fillings, Tooth Implants and Cavitations. Discover the Link Between Oral Health and Chronic Disease: Join Dr. Sanda Moldovan to uncover the connection between oral health and systemic inflammation, and learn key oral health best practices.
  • Beyond Ticks: Unraveling The Mysteries Of Lyme Disease: Leading lyme and parasite expert Dr. Todd Watts helps you understand what goes wrong in many healing protocols, plus the mysteries of Lyme disease and how it contributes to chronic inflammation and the development of other chronic diseases.
  • Personalized Health Strategies Guided by Genetics: Learn with Kashif Khan, how to tailor your health plan based on your unique genetic makeup for optimum well-being.
  • Strategies For Preventing And Reversing Dementia And Alzheimer's: Join Dr. Heather Sandison to understand the connection between chronic inflammation and Alzheimer's disease, including potential triggers and early warning signs.

A holistic approach to your health can involve something as simple as a single action or as complex as lifestyle management.

Getting actionable insights from a veritable trusted source with decades of experience and the wisdom to lead you on a successful path is the most important choice you can make for your health.

Free Gifts for Summit Attendees

When you register for “Silent Killers Summit: Reversing The Root Cause Of Chronic Inflammatory Disease,” you'll get immediate access to several free gifts, including:

Gift #1: “The Pre-Tox Protocol: How To Prepare Your Body For Detoxification”

We are facing a toxins epidemic.

These invisible culprits lurk just beneath the surface of our modern lives at all times.

But you don’t have to be scared. Instead, get ready to feel empowered because we have the perfect solution to end this toxic load.

Imagine vibrant, glowing skin, boundless energy propelling you through the day, and a newfound sense of vitality. It’s all possible, thanks to the incredible power of detox.

The frustration is real – trying to detox often leaves you feeling sicker. Quick cleanses and detox diets, despite good intentions, can make you feel worse before you feel better!

Why? Because your body’s detoxification pathways need preparation for the significant flush of heavy metals, cellular waste, and toxic chemicals.

Here’s the game-changer: The Pre-Tox Protocol: How To Prepare Your Body For Detoxification by Nafysa Parpia, ND. This guide is your passport to a world of rejuvenation, packed with powerful insights and simple steps.

This invaluable resource provides simple guidance and essential tools to make your detox journey a resounding success. No more confusion or setbacks – just a clear path to wellness.

  • Identify hidden sources of toxins
  • Understand the toxic stressors affecting your body
  • Discover why some handle toxins better than others

Are you ready to embark on a detox journey that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized?

Gift #2: “Silent Killers: Mold-Free Home Checklist”

Silent killers are everywhere…

Lurking without obvious symptoms and progressing to an advanced stage before discovery. Sometimes, it’s too late. But this doesn’t need to be your case.

Today, more than ever, knowledge is power. Especially when it comes to the most serious threat – mycotoxns, toxins expelled by seemingly harmless mold.

Worried about the silent threat of mycotoxins in your home?

Discover the key to a healthier living space with our fr-ee guide: Silent Killers: Mold-Free Home Checklist by Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC.

Laura Frontiero, your guide and host, takes you on a comprehensive journey through every room, uncovering potential mold hazards in every nook and cranny.

This guide is your ultimate resource, offering over 80 practical strategies to ensure your home is a sanctuary, free from the dangers of mold.

But Laura doesn’t stop at your living space. In these pages, discover her top 20 tips to safeguard your food from mold contamination, empowering you to take control of your environment and your well-being.

Ready to create your mold-free haven?

Gift #3: “5 Science-Backed Secrets for Better Sleep”

Tired of restless nights and waking up feeling drained?

Imagine a world where you can easily fall into a deep, refreshing sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to start your day. Well, your dreams are about to come true.

5 Science-Backed Secrets for Better Sleep by Austin Perlmutter, MD is your key to unlocking the secrets of peaceful slumber and transforming your sleep routine forever.

Inside, you’ll dive into the fascinating world of sleep science. Renowned doctor and New York Times bestselling author, Austin Perlmutter, MD, will guide you through simple techniques and captivating facts, scientifically proven to reshape your sleep habits forever.

Just picture yourself waking up each morning feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to face the day. With 5 Science-Backed Secrets for Better Sleep, you’ll discover strategies that will help you achieve the sleep you’ve always dreamed of.

Gift #4: “Secrets of Anti-Aging: 15 Proven Ways To Reverse Aging At the Cellular Level”

The secret to anti-aging lies in optimizing cellular function. It’s as simple as this: when your cells work at their best, you age better.

So… Are your cells operating at 100%?

In this cutting-edge report crafted by Jason Prall, the visionary behind The Human Longevity Project, you’ll unravel the most advanced and effective solutions embraced by leading anti-aging doctors and regenerative medicine clinics worldwide.

From top exercises to mindfulness techniques, invaluable tips, practices, favorite products, to top-notch supplements – this resource has it all. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of anti-aging?

Gift #5: “15 Supplements & Tools for Dealing with Parasites”

Parasites are more common than you think.

They are not only found in underdeveloped countries that may not have access to clean water or hygienic products… but they are also extremely common in developed countries such as the United States.

They are everywhere.

Parasites are stealthy organisms stealing your vitality, feeding off your essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Their subtle presence often goes unnoticed, leading to symptoms that we might not immediately connect to parasitic infections.

Don’t be a victim of these hidden threats anymore!

15 Supplements & Tools for Dealing with Parasites is your key to understanding what supplements and detox tools can help in your parasite-cleansing journey.

Gift #6: “Silent Killers Unveiled: The Crucial Role Of Oral Health In Chronic Disease Prevention”

Oral health is not important. It’s crucial for your overall well-being!

It’s time to shift the focus onto this often-overlooked aspect of your health. I’m thrilled to share with you a game-changing resource: Silent Killers Unveiled: The Crucial Role Of Oral Health In Chronic Disease Prevention by Sanda Moldovan, DDS, MS, CNS.

This isn’t your average dental guide—it’s a revelation that explores the profound connections between oral health and your overall vitality.

What’s inside?

  • Uncover the impact of oral health on your longevity and well-being.
  • Dive into the transformative realm of biological dentistry, merging ancient wisdom with modern practices.
  • Discover effective alternatives to mundane “drill and fill” techniques.

Your oral health isn’t just about your teeth—it’s a mirror reflecting your systemic well-being. From early indicators like bleeding gums signaling vitamin C deficiency to uncovering severe conditions like leukemia, this guide empowers you to decode your body’s signals.

Did you know your oral health sends powerful signals about your overall well-being? Bleeding gums may hint at vitamin C deficiency, while other signs could uncover even more.

Decode these crucial signals with the insights in our guide. Your journey to total-body vitality starts with understanding the messages your body is sending.

Gift #7: “Mastering Your Environment: The Non-Toxic Guide to Resolving Inflammation”

Ever find yourself wondering if the foods and products you buy are truly enhancing your health or silently working against it?

Ready for a healthier, more vibrant life? Look no further!

What’s inside?

  • Discover the secrets to naturally resolving inflammation.
  • Uncover the hidden toxins in your everyday life.
  • Explore a comprehensive roadmap to a non-toxic lifestyle.

Whether you’re battling chronic inflammation or aiming for prevention, this guide is your compass to creating an environment that supports your best self.

From glyphosate-containing foods to your clothing, furniture, and personal products, Dr. Wendie Trubow’s Dirty Girl Reference Guide leaves no stone unturned.

Gift #8: “Keto Diet Guide”

Do you find yourself forgetting things more often…?

Missing appointments or social events…?

Having trouble following a conversation…?

Noticing that you are experiencing cognitive decline is so overwhelming.

But what if there’s a simple and effective way to regain control and unlock your brain’s potential?

Inside this guide, you’ll uncover the ultimate strategy to adapt your body to the keto diet. This proven approach has shown remarkable results in supporting memory, cognition, and optimal brain function.

Dr. Heather Sandison, a renowned expert in the field, shares her knowledge, scientific insights, and practical advice to empower you on your journey toward a healthier, sharper mind.

What awaits you:

  • Comprehensive, expert guidance for beginners and seasoned keto enthusiasts
  • Mysteries of ketosis for enhanced cognitive function
  • A roadmap to metabolic flexibility and sustainable health
  • Dr. Sandison’s proven strategies for a vibrant and energized life

Ready to embark on the journey to unleash your full cognitive potential?

Gift #9: “The Missing Puzzle Piece”

Tired of feeling stuck in the hamster wheel of health? Ready to unlock your body’s innate potential for healing and vibrant life?

The truth is, we’re built for survival.

It’s not just a desire; it’s an intrinsic need to overcome disease and heal.

But there’s a missing puzzle piece to total-body health, and it’s not another diet or workout.

It’s understanding our own survival drive, the very force that can sometimes get in the way of healing.

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, has cracked the code. Based on extensive research and clinical experience, he reveals how our primal survival instincts can ironically obstruct our journey to optimal health.

But there’s good news! Dr. Eliaz’s captivating book, The Survival Paradox, holds the key to overcoming this obstacle and unleashing your body’s natural healing powers.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The surprising hidden obstacle to true health & vitality
  • Powerful meditation and mindset practices to tame your survival drive
  • Simple steps to activate your body’s innate healing potential
  • Chapter excerpts from Dr. Eliaz’s groundbreaking book

About Your Host – Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC

Laura Frontiero is the founder and CEO of BioRadiant Health, creator of six online functional medicine health summits, and over the last 25 years as a Nurse Practitioner, has served thousands of patients in the clinic and online virtual setting. Laura’s work in the health industry marries both traditional and functional medicine, and she’s known by her community as the go-to person to reverse Middle Age Deficiency Syndrome (MADS).

Laura’s online and virtual wellness programs help her high-performing clients resolve the hallmark symptoms of MADS: low energy, moodiness, decreased brain function, and the cluster of irritating digestive symptoms like bloat, constipation and food intolerances. In a word, she helps people thrive again.

Her belief is that to create optimal wellness, first we need to identify and clear the four main root causes of our health problems: toxins, chronic hidden infections, nutrient deficiencies, and traumas/stress. Through her 3-step full body healing system, she helps her clients restore their gut, brain, and cellular health.

Her signature system helps reclaim what she calls “The Energy Edge”. For each person it’s a unique journey back to their highest mental, physical and biological performance. When your body is bio-optimized, and you’re operating at your peak level, you are unstoppable, productive, happy, and fulfilled.

In addition to functional medicine, Laura is passionate about educating her clients; she’s also a Master Leadership Trainer who has mentored hundreds of students on shifting mindset and being responsible for their own health. Her mission is to help them navigate the myths in modern medicine, eliminate negative self-limiting beliefs, remove toxins from the body, and restore health for peak performance.

Laura’s message is clear: take back your health to live a full life. With the right knowledge, tools, and resources, you can take control of your health and live a full, vibrant life. At the Silent Killers Summit: Reversing The Root Cause Of Chronic Inflammatory Disease, you will learn how to defeat Silent Killers plus understand how to identify and address the root causes of your health challenges.

So, why should you join the Silent Killers Summit to learn from Laura? Because she’s helped thousands of people in her programs, and she’s also been in your shoes.

She’s felt the weight of chronic health problems and emerged victorious. She’s not just a nurse practitioner with countless testimonials from her clients; she’s also a living testament to the fact that you can regain control of your health.

Don’t normalize your health problems.

Laura Frontiero is the guide you need on this journey, and this summit is where your path to wellness begins.

Even if you can't attend as scheduled, register now because you'll be able to listen to sessions for brief time after they air.

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