Shamanic Journeying to Awaken Your Ancestral Lineage

Shamanic Journeying to Awaken Your Ancestral Lineage

Receive healing and guidance from Ancestral Wisdom Keepers from both the past and the future during a powerful guided shamanic journey carried by Roel and his ancestral healing songs.

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What You'll Learn During “Shamanic Journeying to Awaken Your Ancestral Lineage”

As these times of great challenge continue, spiritual seekers are determined to embrace this era as a time of profound innovation and transformation…

We’re feeling called to embrace something bigger than ourselves, and to step into our position as part of the great lineage of ancestors.

According to shamanic practitioner and teacher Roel Crabbé, you came to this world with profound gifts and blessings to bring to these times. Within you right this moment, you have the power and resources to tap into new layers of your soul — and bring deep healing to your life, your health, and your soul’s path.

How can you ignite these gifts that reside in your soul, ultimately using them to transform your life — and your relationships with yourself, your family, the collective, and our beloved Earth?

The Ancestral Wisdom Keepers — compassionate healers from both the past and the future — hold the answers, and this pivotal moment in our world is the perfect time to connect with them.

Join us for a new 60-minute event and connect with these Ancestral Wisdom Keepers as Roel guides you through a shamanic healing journey carried by ancestral songs, so you can receive guidance for your life that you can apply right away.

He’ll share how you can step into your new way of being by receiving profound guidance, empowerment, and healing from the ancestral field, creating deep connections with the loving and compassionate Ancestral Wisdom Keepers of the past and future.

Roel sings each ancestral healing song only once as he receives it directly from his connection to the spirit world.

A shamanic practitioner and teacher for more than 25 years, Roel is known for his authentic, deeply practical, and compassionate approach to shamanism.

Class Topics for “Shamanic Journeying to Awaken Your Ancestral Lineage”

Join us and learn how these intense times can be a catalyst for bringing profound healing to your life with guidance and wisdom from the Ancestors and future generations.

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • An invocation to call in the light of the Ancestral Wisdom Keepers from the past and the future
  • A powerful guided shamanic journey to receive healing and guidance from your Ancestral Wisdom Keepers from both the past and the future
  • The power of Roel’s ancestral songs, which can touch your soul and guide you toward a deep place of healing
  • How these times of personal and planetary transformation are connected to your soul’s path — and their invitation for you to step into a new way of being
  • How shamans discovered that we can receive wisdom, guidance, and healing from the ancestral field in a way that connects us to the Wisdom Keepers of both the past and the future

Roel began his shamanic training in 1995 when he was just 17 years old, and has been practicing under the guidance of traditional and Western teachers ever since.

In 2004, Roel started his training with revered shamanism teacher Sandra Ingerman, who personally authorized him to teach about shamanic journeys, soul retrieval, death and dying, medicine for the Earth, and healing with spiritual light.

Through ancestral healing songs, Roel will call in these powerful helpers for you to work with — this is where you step into the healing lineage and open new doorways of healing, not only for yourself and your ancestors, but for the collective and for future generations.

Join us for this illuminating hour-long event and learn how shamanic ceremony and practices can connect you to the ancestral field — so you can ignite the deep gifts that reside in your soul.

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About Your Shamanic Teacher – Roel Crabbé

Roel Crabbe - HeadshotRoel Crabbé is a shamanic practitioner and teacher of shamanism and healing. He began his shamanic training in 1995 when he was 17 and struggling with suicidal depression and addiction. The profound healing he received led him tp continuing on this path, and he has been practicing under the guidance of shamanic teachers ever since. He has trained thousands in practical shamanism and healing since 2003.

Roel’s style of teaching is heart-centered and focused on compassion, healing, and service to Mother Earth. Characterized by simplicity and a focus on direct contact with the spirits, his training is innovative and filled with ceremonies and healing modalities given to him through his connection with the spirit world.

He has been recognized by several shamans for his ability to tap into ancient songlines from the spirit world and create spaces of healing and spiritual connection. Over the years, his work with ancestral healing songs, which are only sung once, has become an intrinsic part of his teaching and work.

Roel is the founder of the Anam Cara spiritual center in Belgium. Apart from teaching, he is active as a sculptor, writer, and painter.

“We are not only the children of our Ancestors, we are the Ancestors for future generations, regardless of whether we have children. We are part of the Ancestral River, and we’re being called to bring forward the gifts that are in our soul and help uplift humanity.” — Roel Crabbé

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