The Science of Healing & Consciousness Masterclass 2023

Like illness, health and healing has an energy and a frequency. And while we are built to heal, we can sometimes lose our way, and the healing gets blocked.

You can prevent – and heal – chronic disease naturally. And frequency and consciousness are an important part of that journey. The pain and suffering that often accompanies aging is avoidable.

All of this is possible by embracing the process, re-discovering certain truths and removing the blockages. During the 2023 Science of Healing & Consciousness Masterclass, you'll be introduced to the world’s leading experts on the SCIENCE of healing, we hope this event can become your pathway to vibrant health, clarity and an overall sense of purpose.

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What You'll Learn During the “Science of Healing & Consciousness” 2023 Summit

What if you could harness the power of consciousness to elevate your physical health and emotional well-being?

During the Science of Healing & Consciousness Summit, you'll learn about the science and secrets of the mind-body connection and learn how to inspire your body’s innate capacity for healing!

At this empowering event, you’ll discover:

  • Where to start when you are facing health challenges
  • Why you ALWAYS have a choice, even if it feels like your world is collapsing
  • How to invoke the intelligence of self-healing & access resilience
  • What you can do to optimize sleep, increase energy, decrease stress & anxiety, resolve trauma & more
  • How to integrate these powerful skills & techniques into your life & practice
  • And more!

Despite so many medical advances, we are living in a time with more chronic conditions than ever before…

And we’re experiencing less joy, greater worry and more psychological burdens.

Because the health of your mind and body are inextricably linked, your thoughts and focused intentions can literally make you sick, or make you well. 

Modern-day science is now backing up what has been understood for thousands of years: You are built to heal. 

Healing doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

By introducing you to the world’s leading experts on the SCIENCE of healing and consciousness, this event is designed to share practices and protocols that inspire your body’s innate capacity for healing via a simple, yet profound and priceless, consciousness shift. 

Now is the time to reclaim the secrets (and science) of the mind-body connection!

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The Integrated Healing Power & Relationship of Mind and Body

Contrary to what many of us have been led to believe, the body and mind are not separate.

In fact, the body, the mind and your biofield (the field of energy that surrounds your physical body) are all connected. They are all one system – an energetic, electromagnetic system.

So, when we talk about “quantum healing,” we are essentially talking about healing the mind and the body, viewed together as one system, by becoming participants in ENERGY.

That is to say, true healing means changing your state of being; it involves a shift of energy in order to correct what is wrong with the body. And the science backs this up!

Of course, you are capable of affecting the biofield directly with different energy modalities like Reiki or sound healing, but another way is to start with the mind. By shifting your consciousness, you can effectively impact the whole interconnected system to inspire healing.

Both educational and experiential, this event will bring together dozens of unique experts (many of them will be new to you!) to reveal the BLOCKS to healing along with a diversity of modalities designed to address energetic disruption that you can start using right away!

Here are some of the transformational practices and strategies you’ll learn:

  • 7-day strategy to create a shift in consciousness
  • 21-day process for changing your relationship with time
  • 5-minute breathing exercise to promote healing
  • 10-minute intention healing
  • 16-minute guided qigong meditation for personal growth
  • 11-minute hypnotherapy session to heal trauma
  • 9-minute energy field tune-up
  • 3-minute healing music session
  • Humming for improved health
  • 5-minute dimension therapy session to stabilize your energy centers
  • And more!

You’ll discover and experience tools that work on an energetic level to help connect you with the power of nature, sound and light, along with simple practices to elevate your consciousness, shift your state of being and promote healing.

Learn the Difference Between Positive Energy and Electropollution

Electropollution. It goes under so many names: EMFs, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, 5G, cell phone radiation, smart meter radiation, Wi-Fi, dirty electricity…

Experts are saying these non-beneficial energies disrupt our health, causing symptoms of premature aging, memory loss, inflammation and even cancer.

But that’s only what’s happening on one side of the invisible energy coin!

On the other side, there are the many ways that energy, frequency and vibration can be used to bolster your health – energy medicine, PEMFs, sound therapy, herbal and earth medicine, the Schumann resonance, quantum energy, near infrared light protocols…the list goes on.

One fundamental truth is that everything in the universe has a vibration. In the form of electromagnetic frequencies, these energies influence all living things in subtle yet powerful ways – including your health and well-being.

So the question is:

How do we co-create – and heal – with energy, frequency, and vibration?

You have more power to do this than you realize!

At The Science of Healing and Consciousness Summit, you’ll learn about:

  • The disconnect between the internal & external you
  • Using light frequencies to stimulate your immune response
  • 3 steps for creating a spiritual Faraday cage
  • How humming can help improve your health
  • How music can tune your biofield & offset EMFs
  • How to harness the healing forces of nature to promote healing
  • Can light restructure the water inside your body? YES!
  • Using low EMF infrared sauna & crystal healing
  • Unlocking the ability to see other people’s energy fields

During the Science of Healing and Consciousness Summit, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from potentially harmful energies and, at the same time, USE energy, frequency and vibration to optimize your health and live your very best life.

Your host, Lloyd Burrell, has brought together dozens of unique experts (many of them will be new to you!) to reveal the blocks to healing and a diversity of guided techniques designed to remove them.

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Free Gifts for Summit Attendees

Gift #1: Shungite: A Natural Way to Protect Your Home & Body from EMFs eGuide

With a growing level of EMF exposure almost impossible to avoid – affecting our consciousness on every level – protective measures must be part of the conversation!

Shungite, a naturally protective stone found in only ONE location on our Earth, has been shown to protect against the EMFs of cell phones, laptops, computers and geopathogenic zones.

Perhaps most intriguingly, shungite demonstrated it could protect honey bee hives and accelerate colony expansion during 3 seasons (2017-2020).

If shungite can reverse the declining bee population, what can it do for you?

Lloyd Burrell, our event host for The Science of Healing and Consciousness Masterclass, has researched and vetted many of the so-called EMF tools out there – and he personally uses shungite almost daily.

This eGuide deep dives into the composition of shungite to educate you on exactly what it is and how it has the potential to protect you from EMFs and enhance your health. Learn tips for incorporating it into your daily life!

Gift #2: The Power of Herbal Healing eGuide

Is it possible that there are specific herbs that elevate consciousness?

Herbs that are protective when it comes to EMFs and other environmental toxins?

Plants that can provide adaptogenic support (providing more – or less – of what your body needs to thrive)?

There are many plants and herbs that are surprisingly and incredibly effective against toxins – and many are readily available. (In fact, some might be in your kitchen right now!)

Your host of The Science of Healing and Consciousness Masterclass, Lloyd Burrell, wanted to share some of the most powerful information he’s learned about the protective power of plants, so he created this eGuide loaded with takeaways from an interview he conducted with world-class expert Dr. Maya Shetreat.

In this eGuide, you’ll discover:

  • Plants with radioprotective properties
  • Aromatic & tonifying herbs & their levels of action
  • How to prepare & use herbs: teas, tinctures & more
  • How to test for allergic reactions to herbs
  • And more!

Gift #3: 20 Ways to Connect to Wisdom of Your Body

The human body is truly a marvel, an incredibly complex design performing an amazing array of functions every day. When we connect with that wisdom, we find healing and wholeness and can live an empowered life.

In our culture, when the body shows signs of disease, we have not learned to tune in to the wisdom of our body as a first step. We have not been taught the skills or tools which could help us tap into the body’s messages, learn what they mean and apply them for healing and empowered living.

Tapping into the wisdom of the body doesn’t have to be complicated or require a lot of time or money. This eBook provides 20 simple strategies to help you become better connected with the wisdom of your body.

Gift #4: Meditation for Higher Healing Mini-Course

Meditation and mindfulness are not just theories.

They can be total game-changers in terms of your health.

Although they are poorly understood and often thought to be woo-woo, there is solid science behind these practices rooted in wisdom thousands of years old.

Learn more about the myths, the research and the science-backed benefits of meditation!

Inside this mini course, you’ll find:

  • DEBUNKING the Myths of Meditation video
  • 6-minute, easy-to-follow guided self-love meditation
  • QIGONG – Cultivating the Chi: A Guide to Inner Peace & Wellness
  • 1-page checklist to prepare your body & mind for meditation

Gift #5: The Power of Intention: Heal Yourself, Heal the World

What if there was a hidden power you were holding inside you?

What if you could use this hidden power to heal every part of your life?

What if you could not only heal and transform every part of your life, you could also heal others?

Discover the exciting new science around using intention for healing in this free eBook. Despite the enormous body of scientific knowledge about how thoughts are things that affect other things, skepticism continues to surround how intentional healing could work.

Your host of The Science of Healing and Consciousness Masterclass, Lloyd Burrell, wanted to share some of the most powerful information he’s learned about the power of intention, so he created this eGuide loaded with takeaways from an interview he conducted with award-winning journalist and bestselling author Lynne McTaggart.

In this riveting exploration of timeless, limitless, synchronistic healing opportunities, Lynne shares some of the facts and science behind the experiments she and her team conducted, and she shares her intention protocol.

In this eGuide, you’ll discover:

  • How every single thing originates out of consciousness
  • The difference between prayer & intention
  • What it means to live intentionally & the health benefits
  • The astonishing science-backed benefits of working with intention
  • How to set intentions & why you need a specific mindset
  • The Power of Eight – what the science says & the protocol

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Daily Schedule for the Science of Healing and Consciousness Masterclass

Day 1: Science of Consciousness 

Mastery Session: Elevating Consciousness for Higher Healing

Day 2: Meditation: Connecting to Source 

Mastery Session: Higher Healing with Meditation and Mindfulness

Day 3: Overcoming Toxicity 

Mastery Session: The Science of EMFs as a Toxin & How to Protect Yourself

Day 4. Decoding Trauma 

Mastery Session: Healing the Energy of Trauma

Day 5: Exploring the Heart-Mind Connection 

Mastery Session: Higher Healing with Breath

Day 6: Our Inner (& Outer) Terrain 

Mastery Session: Forest Bathing for Health

Day 7: Exploring the Tools 

Mastery Session: Earthing (WHY Is This Your #1 Tool?)

Speaker Topics During the 2023 “Science of Healing & Consciousness Masterclass”

“The Alchemy of Breath to Tune Your Body” with Jane Hogan

  • How your consciousness is linked to the nature of illness
  • 5-minute exercise for promoting healing
  • Unite the mind and body with your breath

“Retraining Your Mind-Body Connection” with Ryan Wohlfert

  • Dr. Ryan's 4-step protocol
  • Decipher your body’s hidden messages in just 5 minutes a day
  • Start counting your wins and change your physiology!

“3 Steps to Detox and Expanding Your Consciousness” with Wendy Myers

  • Tune into your intuition and expand your consciousness
  • Understanding ascension and how to move into higher health
  • Why detox is a pathway to elevating consciousness

“Using Breath to Reduce Stress and Elevate Energy” with Ari Whitten, PhD

  • Low energy? Here's what you should know
  • Optimize your sleep/wake cycles
  • 2 breathing exercises for resilience to stress and anxiety

“How Energy Transfers and Impacts Your Health” with Jack Wolfson

  • How your emotions impact your heart-brain interactions
  • Research on the healthy heart, healthy mind connection
  • 5 (surprising) tips for a healthy heart

“11-Minute Hypnotherapy Session to Heal Trauma” with Jamie Holliman

  • What you need to know about hypnotherapy
  • Using hypnotherapy to uncover your soul's journey
  • The subconscious – a gateway to the spirit

“Why Your Body Needs to Be “Challenged” to Be Healthy” with Greg Eckel

  • How the unknown universe impacts your human experience
  • The path of brain regeneration and longevity
  • Learn the gift of choice – and make life magical

“How to Use Self-Inquiry to Attain Self-Awareness” with Keesha Ewers

  • A powerful tool for expanding your consciousness
  • Unlock the quest for knowledge that originates in your genes
  • Why it's your sacred responsibility to engage in self-inquiry

“Immunity: Fundamental to Raising Consciousness” with Jonathan Landsman

  • Are you destroying your immune system?
  • What most critically ill people are grossly deficient in
  • Why raising your consciousness is vital for a healthy immune system

“The Quantum: Connecting to Your Intuitive Gifts” with Karen Kan

  • Light medicine – how to use frequency and vibration to heal
  • 3 steps for creating a spiritual Faraday cage
  • Can you create in the quantum realm? (Yes!)

“Witness the Miracle: A 10-Minute Intention Healing” with Lynne McTaggart

  • We are all connected at the quantum level
  • How intention affects EVERYTHING from single-celled organisms to humans
  • The key to getting what you want by design

“The Sacred Sound” with Jonathan Goldman

  • The 4 pillars of sound healing – a conscious tool for empowerment
  • Science-backed benefits of humming
  • Demo: How to hum for improved health

“Tuning Up Your Body's Energy Fields” with Debora Wayne

  • How to access and shift your energies
  • One of the biggest contributors to pain and disease
  • A powerful 9-minute healing practice with Debora

“The Mind Body Connection: How Trauma Affects Your Consciousness” with Kelly K. McCann

  • Why mold can plague your health for decades
  • 4 Hs: a powerful way to deal with environmental toxin exposures
  • How issues from past exposure can manifest over time

“Cosmic Consciousness: An Ancient Pyramid Meditation” with Marcus Bird

  • Why cosmic consciousness is important and how to raise it
  • How to manifest and attract what you want in your life
  • Stabilize your energy centers with a 5-minute dimension therapy session

“Our Real Work is the Inner Work: Revealing Hidden Truths” with Sean Stone

  • Expanding our energetic connection
  • Are we the creator of our world, or are we co-creating this experience?
  • What trusting “oneness” means, and how it elevates consciousness

“Herbs and Psychedelics: Our Planet's Inherent Medicine” with Maya Shetreat

  • How terrain medicine can expand your consciousness
  • Wary of using psychedelics? What you need to know
  • Connecting with your reverence and the great Consciousness

“Bioenergetics: Energy Mastery for Higher Health” with Harry Massey

  • Motion creates energy: how to use it to repair and heal
  • Change your consciousness to change your reality
  • Using a wearable solution to master your energetic control system

“Time-Light Therapy: A Scientific Deep Dive” with Bryan Hubbard

  • How your past can keep creating problems, and how you can fix it
  • The timeline and the spiritual quest of a human being
  • 21-day process for changing your relationship with time

“Transcending Vibrational Barriers with Sound” with Mark Romero

  • How music can tune your biofield and offset EMFs
  • How Mark's music and energy restores harmony
  • 3 minutes of magic: a healing music session

“Exploring Quantum Energy Medicine and Your Largest Organ” with Cathy Goldstein

  • Ride the energy highway and rejuvenate your body
  • The disconnect between the internal and external you
  • Discover a 5-piece skincare system imprinted with frequency

“Unlocking Your Infinite Consciousness” with Philipp Von Holtzendorff-Fehling

  • Unlock your ability to see other people's energy fields
  • How to control what you “call in”
  • Create a shift in consciousness with this 7-day strategy

“Using Frequency and Resonance to Heal” with Rob Besner

  • How to harness the healing forces of nature to promote healing
  • Can light restructure the water inside your body? YES!
  • Using low EMF infrared sauna and crystal healing

“Elevating Your Mindset: How to Become the Eye of the Storm” with Jason Prall

  • Are you out of alignment? How your body is telling you
  • Why your biggest challenge is an opportunity for healing ‘
  • Undo childhood energy conditioning

“Normalizing the Supernatural” with Jason Shurka

  • Stop giving your power away!
  • Why true technology is the conscious movement of energy
  • 4 tips to become the creator of your world

“Your Brain: Opening the Gateway to Consciousness” with Tom O'Bryan

  • Frequency: unlock meaningful, relevant change
  • 5 steps for improving your microbiome
  • Parasympathetic vs. sympathetic dominance

“How EMFs Impact Consciousness and How to Protect Your Body” with Marco Ruggiero

  • Can EMFs adversely impact your consciousness?
  • Is your body on the same frequency as 5G?
  • 3 tips for harnessing the incredible potential of your consciousness

“Vibrational Healing to Elevate Consciousness for Self-Healing” with Ameet Aggarwal

  • Create a self-healing response by freeing your natural healing spirit
  • Heal ancestral and family trauma with family constellation therapy
  • 4 steps for healing with consciousness

“Reconnecting Your Physical Universe and Consciousness” with Keith Scott-Mumby

  • Harness consciousness as a fundamental tool of power
  • Why embracing the spiritual aspect of your being is so important
  • 3 ways to heal with consciousness — simple and powerful exercises to reconnect

“Qigong: 16-Minute Guided Meditation for Personal Growth” with Master Mingtong Gu

  • Qi – a spiritual exploration of energy and consciousness
  • The “Illusion of Separateness Principle”: how to use it to heal
  • Experience a guided consciousness meditation

“Nurturing the Curative Power of Awareness on Pain and Trauma” with Lin Morel

  • How to manifest life changes through consciousness
  • How awareness paves the pathway through curiosity
  • 3 key strategies to positively change your energy field

“How to Change Your Mind to Change Your Health” with Elena Villanueva

  • Understanding the consciousness/trauma connection
  • 3 principles of the Master System: change your vibrational frequency
  • How to write a new health story and master your mind

“Infinite Love and Gratitude” with Darren Weissman

  • How to invoke the intelligence of self-healing
  • Communicate directly with your subconscious using the 16-System Mind Map
  • Elevate your consciousness with guided exercise

“Rife: Using Frequencies to Heal” with Kevin Conners

  • Where to start when you are facing disease
  • Why EVERYTHING is frequency
  • Using light frequencies to stimulate your immune response

“Chi Doodle: Unlocking Your Hidden Wisdom” with Linda Richichi

  • How to “save yourself” using art and creativity
  • Grab a pen and paper and tap into your creative mind
  • Information is everywhere – learn how to decode it

“Heal Trauma and Negative Beliefs” with Eva Detko

  • What is a psycho-sensory therapeutic modality?
  • Resolve attachment trauma in minutes
  • How to access resilience at all levels – and why you need it

“Self-Compassion for Higher Health” with Jill Carnahan

  • Why consciousness is fundamental to your health
  • The pathway to healing: being present, staying patient and trusting your intuition
  • 3 steps for healing with consciousness

“One Practice to Ground, Center and Shift” with Jodi Cohen, NTP

  • Use this 1 simple practice to shift out of survival mode
  • Why you always have a choice, even if your world is collapsing
  • How to leverage the natural healing effect of essential oils

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About Your Host – Lloyd Burrell

Lloyd Burrell - HeadshotLloyd Burrell is a globally respected speaker and leader, the author of the EMF Practical Guide, the founder of ElectricSense.com, as well as the creator of the EMF Health Summit and the host of the wildly successful Healing with Vibration Summit.

In 2002, he suddenly began experiencing debilitating symptoms around electrical devices and couldn’t use a cell phone, a computer or even public transport. Thankfully, he found a way to heal himself. His own journey with non-native forms of electromagnetic fields fueled his desire to explore this fundamental yet overlooked and misunderstood issue that affects us all and all life on this planet — energy and vibration — and motivated him to share hundreds of powerful but little-known healing strategies.

He hosts the world's longest running podcast on EMFs featuring the most respected leaders on EMFs, 5G, Wi-Fi and all things electromagnetic and how to protect and remediate electromagnetic toxicity. He is a profoundly dedicated leader, supporting millions of people around the globe to navigate this ever-more-difficult topic.

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