Explore a Science-Based Framework for Manifesting Your Dreams

Explore a Science-Based Framework for Manifesting Your Dreams

Explore a Science-Based Framework for Manifesting Your DreamsWhat if there were an actual science-based process of manifestation that we could all discover and apply to more effectively create our dream life?

The good news is that leading-edge scientists are increasingly concluding that key, repeatable principles can help increase the efficacy of our intentions.

During this free online spiritual growth workshop, with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Director of Experience and Engagement Kerstin Sjoquist, MA, and Senior Designer of Experiential Programs Nina Fry-Kizler, MA…

… you’ll learn two essential components of their proprietary, customizable manifestation process, the Possibility Accelerator Formula: Reveal and Imagine.

Why Attend “Explore a Science-Based Framework for Manifesting Your Dreams”

Kerstin and Nina will lead you through a guided meditation similar to shamanic journeying, where you’ll find your Reveal portal…

… harnessing the power of attention to unlock information typically beyond the reach of your everyday intellect that can illuminate your path and remove the mental blocks that may be hindering your progress.

The Imagine practice complements the Reveal practice by focusing on the power of your creative mind. Through another guided experience, you’ll learn to imbue an object in your space with your intention, continually reminding yourself of your goals and aspirations.

More than just exercises, these practices are gateways to realizing the abundance of opportunities and resources you have, which may have been previously invisible to you…

… helping you find the clarity and means to do what you want and create the change you desire in your life and in the world.

You can register here for Explore a Science-Based Framework for Manifesting Your Dreams A Customizable Process for Unearthing Your True Purpose & Living a Life of Passion and Possibility

What You'll Learn During “Explore a Science-Based Framework for Manifesting Your Dreams”

In this highly experiential free online event, you’ll:

  • Explore the Reveal aspect of the Possibility Accelerator Formula, using the power of focused attention to uncover insights and information beyond your usual intellectual reach
  • Dive into the Imagine component of the Possibility Accelerator Formula, employing your creative mind and intentions to influence your material reality
  • Discover techniques to remove mental and emotional roadblocks, paving the way for smoother and faster progress in your personal and professional life
  • Gain clarity on your path forward, employing new perspectives and understanding about your life’s direction and purpose
  • Learn to recognize and utilize the abundant resources and opportunities around you, enhancing your ability to manifest your desired outcomes

Join Kerstin and Nina and discover how you can take the first step toward a more fulfilling life full of passion and purpose.

And experience for yourself two essential components of their proprietary customizable manifestation process, the Possibility Accelerator Formula.

About Your Teachers

Kerstin Sjoquist, MA, is the Director of Experience & Engagement at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). A series of synchronous events led Kerstin to a staff position at the Institute in 2014. She now spends her days supporting the creation of IONS’ programmatic and workshop offerings as well as overseeing the organization’s marketing and communication endeavors. In recent years, Kerstin has produced and/or taught several workshop offerings for IONS, including:

  • The Possibility Accelerator Experience
  • Noetics 101: The Science and Experience of Interconnection
  • Conscious Aging From the Heart
  • Foundations in Noetic Leadership

Kerstin began leading workshops focusing on manifesting techniques in the early 1990s. After completing a 250-hour certification process in 2001, she launched a successful private hypnotherapy practice. That same year Kerstin also founded Consciousness Arts, Inc. specializing in psychospiritual products and classes. She is the creator and producer of the Bliss Trips line of guided meditation journeys and numerous hypnotherapy products produced under her label, as well as white-labeled products for other organizations.

She volunteered for Women in Community Service, where she developed and led confidence-building and stress management workshops using visualization and guided imagery techniques for women transitioning from welfare to the workplace.

In a “parallel universe,” Kerstin embarked upon a career in the nascent web space in 1996. She developed and led a half-dozen classes at Stanford University as a lecturer in their continuing studies program. Kerstin holds a master’s degree in East-West Psychology from the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS).

Nina Fry-Kizler, MA, is Senior Designer of Experiential Programs at IONS. She worked for many years with the IONS Science team and continues to be a liaison between the Experience and Science departments, infusing leading-edge research into their experiential programs.

As a former professor at John F. Kennedy University in the Holistic Health Education Master’s Program for over a decade, Nina taught classes on the psychology and physiology of stress, the challenges of change/transformation, energy models of healing, and mind-body medicine. She was trained in the Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training program at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and as a birth doula through Doulas of North America.

In her work at IONS, Nina has developed curriculum and assets, and facilitated, managed, and taught courses such as:

  • The Possibility Accelerator Experience
  • Noetics 101: The Science and Experience of Interconnection
  • Edgar Mitchell Overview Effect Virtual Reality Experience
  • Conscious Aging
  • Foundations in Noetic Leadership
  • The Science of Channeling
  • Mindful Motherhood
  • iRest (Integrative Restoration) for Older Adults
  • Worldview Explorations

Nina has extensive experience in course development and delivery from her time as a professor and at IONS. She absolutely loves working with the concept of the Living Classroom and believes that we all have wisdom and insight, which, if shared, can create a beautifully rich learning environment.

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