Discover Ways to Voice Your Melodic Narrative Through Afri-Sufic Sound - Fred Johnson

Sacred Afri-Sufic Sound Healing

Deepen the connection to your inner self…

Bridge the physical and spiritual realms…

And awaken your ancestral wisdom with sound-healing practices born of the African diaspora…

During this free event for all seekers, regardless of heritage.

Why Attend “Voice Your Melodic Narrative Through Afri-Sufic Sound”

Voice Your Melodic Narrative Through Afri-Sufic SoundMusic can bridge physical and spiritual realms. Sound healer and melodic narrator Fred Johnson facilitates potent healing for bodies, minds, and spirits through joyful and energizing rhythmic patterns, communal participation, emotional expression, and connection to spirit.

It’s a unique art that he’s created, based on weaving together ancient traditions, and the result is a “wow” for audiences! His approach not only captivates — it has profound implications for liberating our authentic expression.

During this free online sound healing class, Fred will share how you can use your voice in this joyful way to awaken the innate melodic voice within you.

What You'll Learn During “Voice Your Melodic Narrative Through Afri-Sufic Sound”

He’ll guide you through the chant practices of The Quiet Callings from the Sankofic light language, as well as chants from the Seeds of the Lotus sounding tradition. Fred will teach you the chants, and you’ll be able to sing along.

The Seeds of the Lotus chants offer profound benefits for both your mind and body. By engaging in this ancient practice, you can experience a deepened connection to your inner self and an awakening of your spirit.

The rhythmic repetition and melodic intonations inherent in the chants promote stress reduction and emotional balance, enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Employing practices like these in your daily life — where you’re in tune with the rhythm of your breath and your heart — can transform you understanding of what it means to be whole and healed.

During this illuminating hour, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the vital role that your voice can play in enhancing your life — and how harnessing it can significantly quiet your mind, amplify your healing, and deepen your overall self-understanding.

Class Topics “Voice Your Melodic Narrative Through Afri-Sufic Sound”

The good news is that you don’t need to be a singer to participate in this event. This process is designed to help you transform your relationship with your voice, and in so doing truly amplify the power of your felt sense.

In Discover Ways to Voice Your Melodic Narrative Through Afri-Sufic Sound: Sacred, Creative & Uplifting Sound-Healing Practices Born of the African Diaspora with sound healer Fred Johnson, you’ll:

  • Discover the power of chant through practices such as The Quiet Callings and Seeds of The Lotus, unlocking a sacred awakening and connecting you to ancient healing traditions
  • Gain insights into a rich musical history and tradition originating from Africa, understanding the significance of ancestry and how the ancestral staircase can enrich your sound-healing journey
  • Experience silent meditation intertwined with sound healing, learning to harness the sound of your own voice and breath for self-care and healing
  • Enhance your daily life through practical applications of these teachings, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and amplifying your sense of wholeness and healing

About Your Teacher – Fred Johnson

The fact that Fred Johnson has opened for both Aretha Franklin and Dr. Deepak Chopra points to his versatility as an artist. An acclaimed jazz vocalist, author, and arts educator, Fred is a graduate of the National Academy of the Performing Arts and the Master Performers School of the National Mime Theater. He has opened for or recorded and toured worldwide with jazz and R&B legends Ramsey Lewis, Chick Corea, Richard Elliot, B.B. King, Patti LaBelle, Dizzy Gillespie, and Miles Davis.

Recognized globally for his work in the health and wellness community, he was instrumental in establishing the inspiring “HeArts & Hope” program at the University of Florida. His presentations on the healing power of music have caught the attention of internationally recognized holistic health practitioners. Fred presents lectures and seminars all over the world that accentuate the importance of creative expression as a catalyst for personal and communal empowerment, health and healing, and giving voice to the voiceless.

Mentored by masters of the African oral and percussion legacy, Fred has been hailed as one of the true guardians of an oral tradition transplanted and nurtured to create a fusion of cultural heritage that is uniquely American and inherently African. His global presentations of “Jazz, Its Roots and Branches” have served to inform and inspire audiences around the world to recognize and celebrate a creative global tapestry set by the first woven thread sewn from the artistic richness of Africa.

His decades of experience as an artist, arts administrator, and educator have uniquely equipped him to both create structure and artistically inspire. Fred currently serves as community engagement specialist and director of The Arts Legacy and Arts and Healing Initiatives at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida, and as the interim executive director of the Saint Petersburg International Folk Fair Society in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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