Root Causes, Rapid Results Summit 2022

Root Causes, Rapid Results Summit 2022

Chronic diseases and conditions are on the rise: It’s a 21st century health crisis, with MANY EXPRESSIONS of DISEASE and DISTRESS, but only a FEW CAUSES. Industrial chemicals, heavy metals, mold, EMFs, parasites, nervous system toxicity…

These root causes are a part of EVERYONE’s health picture, especially people with chronic conditions. The truth is, if you’re sick, you are probably experiencing distress and disruption from two or more of these root causes, not just one!

Join us to explore these root causes, the conditions they create and a range of tools to get you back on the road to vibrant health today. You’ll learn about a systematic approach to recovery that respects your body’s stages of healing and gets results!

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What You'll Learn During the “Root Causes, Rapid Results” Summit

What’s stopping you from getting well?

It can be incredibly difficult to find out when the root causes of chronic health issues get overlooked by even the best practitioners.

If you’re frustrated because you continue to struggle with digestive concerns, autoimmune conditions, inflammation, or chronic illness of any kind… this unique event is designed for you.

Not only does it bring together over 40 of the world’s leading experts on hidden root causes, but each day you’ll get a new tool to assess how big of an issue these root causes are for you.

Learn about the leading systematic, root cause approaches to recovery that respect your body’s stages of healing and get results!

Root Causes, Rapid Results could help you:

  • Determine which root causes could be affecting you personally
  • Find out which energy drainers you need to remove to increase your energy
  • Understand which modalities could help you resolve your symptoms for good
  • And so much more!

Your body is brilliant. And with the right information and action plan, it’s never too late to reclaim your health.

Your health recovers at the rate that you address the root causes of your symptoms.

And here’s a hint: It’s never just ONE root cause.

Addressing parasites, industrial chemicals, mold, EMFs and heavy metals is key.

But maybe for you, root causes could include addressing the vagus nerve or nervous system. Or perhaps it’s other pathogens like Lyme disease and supporting the health of your gut and liver.

It’s a different combination for everyone. There is no “one-size-fits-all.”

But something is keeping you from reaching your goals and designing the life full of abundance, joy and purpose that you know is waiting for you.

Learn how you can assess these blocks and stressors… and what it will take to overcome your root causes in a way that respects your body’s stages of healing!

You’ll learn about the conditions they create, while exploring some of the best tools for healing today – detox therapies, mitochondrial support, food filters, binders, anti-parasitics, drainage support, nervous system support and environmental mitigation – to get you back on the road to vibrant health!

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Toxins, Gut Health, and Root Causes

Could your chronic issues be related to toxin overload?

Here are some startling facts about could be impacting your health and healing:

  • According to the EPA, we’re importing 250 lbs of chemicals, per person, per day into the U.S.
  • In 2008, Americans and Europeans had an average of 10 toxins per cell. In 2018, that number had increased to 500 toxins per cell.
  • Just 15 years ago, we averaged 1-2 wireless devices per home. Now we have over 10. This has created a dramatic increase in our exposure to EMFs from devices plus the Wi-Fi router right in your home.

When your liver’s detox processes are overwhelmed by this kind of everyday exposure to toxins in your food, air and water, it struggles to keep up with the 500+ other jobs it has to manage, creating a backlog of toxins that get stored and create body-wide symptoms that can’t resolve without flushing out this backlog.

Toxic exposures add up and can directly affect your gut and take a huge toll on your mental capacity and emotional resilience.

Despite the clear connection between gut and liver imbalances and chronic symptoms, few practitioners are equipped to address this issue. Doctors spend less than 7 hours in their entire academic career learning about environmental toxins – if they cover it at all!

During “Root Causes, Rapid Results,” you'll become empowered to to create a plan to assess and address this potential root cause of your chronic issues.

Mold Exposure as a Root Cause for Chronic Health Issues

If you’re working on chronic health issues, it can be extremely helpful to learn about mold and assess if exposure is a contributing factor.

Mold is a sneaky health issue. There are many different symptoms that can show up as a result of mold illness. They can differ from one person to another (even in the same household) and can show up either in the moment or long after your initial exposure.

These can all be signs that you’ve been exposed to mold:

  • Sensitivities to food, chemicals, odors, light, sound
  • Brain fog, memory loss, headaches, sensitivity to stimulation, overwhelm, difficulty concentrating, learning struggles
  • Anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Achiness in joints and muscles, morning stiffness
  • Increased inflammation
  • Lack of ability to sweat
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Sluggish bile / digestive symptoms
  • Various rashes, flare ups, skin dryness
  • Weight gain or inability to lose weight
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Asthma, shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough, sore throat
  • Chronic runny nose, congestion, sneezing
  • Frequent flu-like symptoms or easily taken down by the latest bug going around
  • Mold sensitivity
  • Easily irritated or itchy eyes, blurred vision, sensitivity to light

Are you experiencing any of these signs or symptoms?

Learn how you can assess this often hidden roadblock to health and healing… and what it will take to overcome it in a way that respects your body’s stages of healing!

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Root Causes, Rapid Results Summit 2022 – Speaker List

More speakers are being added and the full speaker list will be available before the summit begins. Currently, the following speakers are confirmed:

Ameet Aggarwal, Amie Hornaman, Andi Rainville, Betty Murray, Christine Schaffner, Eric D. Gordon, Evan Brand, Evan H. Hirsch, Farah Sultan, Jay Davidson, Jenn Malecha, Christopher Shade, Cynthia Thurlow, Debi Silber

Free Gifts for Summit Attendees

When you register for the Root Causes, Rapid Results Summit, you'll get access to several free gifts, including:

Gift #1: Tips to Manage and Address Chronic Inflammation” eBook

While chronic inflammation may be common, it should not be considered normal.

Chronic inflammation is often at the root of health issues like chronic pain, chronic fatigue, GI issues, ongoing mental health issues, unintentional weight fluctuations and frequent illness.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can reduce inflammation that are within your control. These lifestyle choices are centered around the key areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.

Here are just a few tips you can start implementing today*:

  • Reduce or eliminate sugar
  • Eat a high-fiber diet
  • Move every 30 minutes
  • Get 20 minutes of light every morning
  • Try a digital detox

*If you are trying to implement these lifestyle changes and are struggling, it may be time to partner with a certified health coach for assistance and support. Or, if you have made significant improvements to your lifestyle but are still chronically ill, there may be underlying issues that are best addressed with the help of a functional medicine practitioner.

We hope the information included in this eBook will help you combat chronic inflammation and put you on the road to health and longevity.

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About Your Summit Host – Sinclair Kennally

Sinclair Kennally - HeadshotAs an expert on chronic digestive orders, Sinclair Kennally has apprenticed with world-leading functional medicine pioneers and believes that toxins are the root cause of our health epidemics today.

She is the host of Your Health Reset podcast, the CEO of Detox RejuveNation and co-founder of MeditationRx.

Both she and her partner, Michael Spandel, are survivors of complex chronic illness and had to learn how to heal themselves.

They have turned that pain into their mission, and now help thousands of people to free themselves from digestive issues and chronic illness and get back to who they truly are.

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