The Restorative Approach to Self Realization: Experience Abundant Peace, Love & Trust - With Miranda McPherson

The Restorative Approach to Self Realization: Experience Abundant Peace, Love & Trust

Understand and experience the powerful practice of Ego Relaxation to reconnect to an unshakable presence within…

A felt sense of the Grace that prevails no matter what challenges are present in your personal life and in our troubled world.

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What You'll Learn During “A Restorative Approach to Self-Realization”

As the intensity of these times continues to sweep across the globe, do you find you’re more easily rattled by everyday stressors and that you react to challenging circumstances from a place of fear, anxiety, and worry?

According to the much-loved spiritual teacher and modern mystic Miranda Macpherson, spiritual practices can be immensely restorative in times of unrest.

Benefits of Spiritual Practices for Overcoming Adversity

They support us to stay:

  • Grounded
  • Open-hearted
  • Calm
  • In touch with our sense of overall wellbeing

They also enable us to respond to the world and those around us from a state of inner peace…

Embodying and transmitting our love and wisdom into a world that needs it now more than ever.

Spiritual teachings throughout the ages have reminded us that no matter what’s happening externally, the Divine Presence (or, to use Miranda’s term, Grace) we need is always shining at the center of our being, available to sustain and guide us through all the ups and downs of life.

We can access Grace through surrender. But what does surrender really mean? What does it take?

What Spiritual Surrender Actually Is

Miranda says that it’s not something we do, but rather allow. And she can help you get there through the gentle yet powerful process of Ego Relaxation…

In which you learn to fully open to what’s right here, right now — your felt, sensed experience, without judgment about the quality of that experience.

8 Benefits of Spiritual Surrender

  1. Relax you grip on control
  2. Release anger
  3. Let go of unnecessary internal struggle
  4. Live deeply into your divine spiritual nature
  5. Embody wiser action
  6. Experience abundant peace
  7. Express & feel unconditional love
  8. Trust deeply in the process of life

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Join Miranda in a complimentary online event, where she’ll initiate you into Ego Relaxation as you learn to soften into your essence, where you'll find great:

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Clarity

Class Topics for “A Restorative Approach to Self Realization”

She’s been guiding others into the direct experience of Grace for over 30 years internationally, and is dedicated to helping people find the liberation and wholeness that is their birthright… and this world’s light.

In this heart-opening hour, you’ll:

  • Take a spontaneous vacation from the stress and struggle generated by your own mind, as Miranda offers her Transmission of Ego Relaxation meditation… bringing you back into a natural state of peace and joy
  • Discover that grace, the supreme spiritual nourishment we need, is always alive at the core of your being — and how to ignite it through the practice of Ego Relaxation
  • Acquire a more holistic view of ego and essence, not in a dualistic framework that perceives one as bad and the other good, but as the surface and depth of one divine ocean of consciousness that allows you to turn absolutely everything into a gateway home
  • Learn how to cultivate qualities that support you to flourish inwardly — addressing the primary stumbling blocks on your spiritual path, while also making you deeper, wiser, kinder, and more resilient
  • Relax into the loving holding of the universe to feel restored, while regaining your innate trust, optimism, and healthy responsiveness in changing times

What Ego Relaxation Feels Like

Ego Relaxation feels like letting your sense of isolation and fear melt back into a more fundamental truth, which can be as effortless and natural as the warmth of the sun melting a block of ice.

The practice is subtle, direct, and supremely potent because it invites a profound rest, in the moment.

Wherever you happen to be on your spiritual path, whatever challenges your life is presenting, Ego Relaxation offers you respite from the stress that comes from believing that you’re alone — separate from everyone and everything.

It brings you into a receptive state, where Grace can find you — a Presence that has known and loved you all the days of your life. The Presence you came from and are always a part of.

Ego Relaxation doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of your ego…

Rather that you come to understand and forgive your ego, so you can learn to navigate life from a more expanded vantage point that’s not bound by the past.

Miranda offers the analogy of the ocean: while the surface (your ego) can be choppy, the ocean of your essence always remains calm and still at its depth.

During this profound event, Miranda will guide you into the practice of Ego Relaxation to help you melt into the Presence that is love Itself.

From there, you can receive the profound spiritual nourishment you need to abide in natural peace — and access the wisdom you need to meet the invitations of your life, and of our times, with and from Grace.

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About Your Self-Realization Teacher – Miranda McPherson

Miranda McPherson - HeadshotMiranda Macpherson is a contemporary spiritual teacher, interfaith minister, musician, and author who shares a feminine approach to surrender and nondual realization based on the practice she calls Ego Relaxation. Her wisdom and palpable transmission invite others to become more graceful human beings through inquiry, meditation, devotion, and psychological integration. Grounded in extensive study of the world’s wisdom traditions, and inspired by Sri Ramana Maharshi, A Course in Miracles, and the Diamond Approach, Miranda has been guiding others into direct experience of the sacred for 30 years. In her twenties she founded OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London, where she trained and ordained over 600 ministers and counselors. Today, Miranda leads the Living Grace global sangha, holds retreats internationally, and serves as advisor to the Association for Spiritual Integrity.

Her books include The Way of Grace: the Transforming Power of Ego RelaxationBoundless Love: Transforming Your Life With Grace and Inspiration… and Meditations on Boundless Love. Miranda is a kirtan musician with two albums: The Heart of Being and her newly released Streams of Grace: Mantra Medicine for Yoga & Inner Peace. Unapologetically feminine, joyful, and down-to-earth in her way of being, Miranda is dedicated to loving people all the way back into the freedom and wholeness of their true nature.

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