Reset & Restore Your Nervous System To Release Stress & Find Inner Peace - With Dr. Martha Eddy

Reset & Restore Your Nervous System To Release Stress & Find Inner Peace – With Dr. Martha Eddy

When you’re experiencing chronic stress, your body and nervous system can easily become dysregulated and out of balance…

It’s understandable as we continue to live in a traumatized world. We’re navigating a worldwide pandemic, climate disasters, racial injustice, and much more.

The resulting stress can show up as everything from anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, physical aches and pains, illness, and more.

Thankfully, you have the power to regulate your own nervous system.

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How To Calm Your Nervous System

According to Dr. Martha Eddy, exercise physiologist and somatic therapist, calming and restoring your nervous system provides a baseline…

So you can reactivate it until your awareness mechanism, your nervous system is fully alive and receptive… resulting in a happier, more balanced you.

To calm your nervous system, you’ll first need to:

  • Know how it works
  • Take time to feel it
  • And get clear on how it impacts your everyday behavior.

A powerful way to deeply understand and regulate your nervous system is through Martha’s Dynamic Embodiment somatic movement method.

During this free online spiritual healing class, you’ll discover how to integrate technical skill-building exercises with meditation, relaxation, healing postures, and your own personalized rituals…

Plus, you’ll explore the skill of improvisation, responding to your surroundings as you stay present in each moment, which helps your body respond to its surroundings — all that is going on in your life and in our interconnected world.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Online Spiritual Healing Workshop

  • The inner workings of your nervous system — including what movements can calm or energize you
  • How to read your own body language as it communicates whether you’re safe or in danger, or have feelings of safety or danger
  • How you might use this knowledge of your nervous system to work with other people during times of conflict — both in your life and in the larger world
  • The difference between setting up boundaries as a healthy response to stress and when it becomes “othering” of people, contributing to your stress and causing you to miss out on essential connections with others, which is the true key to healing
  • A powerful practice to help you regulate your nervous system whenever you need to, as you adapt movements for your own body.

Martha will guide you to deepen the breath and use the cerebrospinal fluid rhythm to calm down and become aware of the present, of whatever you are feeling…

And of the next steps you need to take

You do not need any prior movement or dance experience to fully embrace Martha’s unique movement practice…

So come as you are and join us for this invigorating new event.

You’ll explore the inner workings of your nervous system as you move through a guided Dynamic Embodiment practice to refine your creative responses to any level of stress and experience greater peace.

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About Your Spiritual Healing Teacher – Dr. Martha Eddy

Dr. Martha Eddy is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RMST), dance educator, and applied physiologist. Her decade as faculty at the School for Body-Mind Centering® and in Laban Movement Studies influenced her to develop the first Somatic Movement Therapy Training, now rebranded as Dynamic Embodiment SMTT, affiliated with Moving On Center in the Bay Area (co-founded with Carol Swann) and several universities. As a professor at Marymount Manhattan College, she was awarded the title of Geraldine Ferraro Fellow of Social Justice. In 1999, she developed Moving For Life, a holistic exercise program for cancer patients that is offered free throughout NYC and around the world.

Martha remains active as a performer and teacher of BodyMind Dancing (with online classes available), and has served on numerous boards, including The Yard, National Dance Education Organization (recipient of outstanding leadership in dance award), the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA-past president), and the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS-past president). Martha was cited in the New York Times three times since 2019 for her work.

Martha also maintains a small private practice specializing with children and adults, and provides educational consulting and evaluation in public schools and dance programs worldwide. As director of the Center for Kinesthetic Education, she has implemented Peaceful Play Program for recess enhancement in New York City, and implements activities from her co-produced DVD, Eye Openers Are Mind Openers. She has been an advisor to BalletMet on developmental research implemented with Head Start, and helps develop curricula and guidelines for the NYC Department of Education.

Her articles and chapters have been published in research, arts, and educational literature. Martha is the author of Mindful Movement: The Evolution of the Somatic Arts and Conscious Action. The book she co-authored with Shakti Andrea Smith, A Dynamic Embodiment Approach to the Sun Salutation, guides readers in how to balance their hormonal system.

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