Reiki Healing Summit 2022

Reiki Healing Summit 2022

Join us on a deeply transformative 6-day journey of building the inner foundation of peace so you can:

  • Awaken the peaceful presence within
  • Become a more radiant and healing light in the world
  • Efficiently and heartfully handle conflicts and life challenges of any kind

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What You'll Learn During the 2022 Reiki Healing Summit

This global gathering of energy medicine pioneers in the field of Reiki, including William Lee Rand, Susan Mitchell, Inamoto Hyakuten, Frank Arjava Petter, Tina Zion, Frans Stiene, Colleen and Robyn Benelli, Nicholas Pearson, and Mari Okazaki, will provide you with practices, techniques, tools, stories, and life-changing wisdom that you need to deepen the Gift of Peace and welcome healing into your heart, family, community and our world.

During this groundbreaking event, you’ll:

  • Join the Reiki Revolution and revolutionize the world with your healing hands
  • Spark your Reiki practice, explore your innate gifts, and fully access your peaceful core
  • Have the courage to leave the “shoulds” behind and free yourself into authentic spiritual practice
  • Access the pendulum of time and start the process of healing ancestral trauma for yourself and your future descendants
  • Immerse yourself into deeply life-affirming meditative experiences and learn about new healing tools you can put into your practice right away
  • Explore the shamanic roots of Reiki teaching and Usui’s secret methods to invite happiness into your life
  • Create profound changes by cultivating inner peace via a deeper practice with the Reiki symbols
  • Integrate powerful techniques, healing rituals, and vital tips into your daily life to experience a deeper sense of peace, wholeness, and community
  • Start harnessing the power of Reiki to build healthy communities and bring a peace-centered world to the next generation
  • Release fear, connect with your higher purpose and accept your role as a powerful being of light — and you can give other people permission to do the same!
  • And much more!

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Benefits of Attending the 2022 Reiki Healing Global Summit

Everything we have collectively experienced over the past two years made us realize that we need to create a culture of peace and heal the roots of violence within ourselves and the world.

Awakening that calm presence within and finding ways to live in harmony is at the core of creating a healthy, vibrant, peaceful, and sustainable future where everyone feels safe and abundant.

Our future is peaceful if enough of us dare to create it!

In the 2022 Reiki Summit, you’ll discover leading-edge Reiki knowledge, practices, and tools from some of today’s most gifted practitioners, researchers, and visionaries in the energy healing field that will support you in cultivating peace and healing in your heart, family, community, and our world.

During this 6-day life-affirming journey, you’ll:

  • Be inspired by their stories
  • Evolve from their shared techniques and practices
  • Connect to this empowering global Reiki healing grid

We’re grateful to each and every one of our Summit speakers for contributing to this initiative with their energy, time, and presence so that we can continue making profound shifts and taking meaningful actions towards a peaceful world, each in our own way.

The transformation that comes from building an inner foundation of peace can liberate your heart, mind, and soul from negative patterns, resistance, stress, and fear — allowing you to become a more radiant and healing light in the world, being able to efficiently and heartfully handle conflicts and life challenges of any kind!

Thank you for joining the event and being part of this global gathering of peaceful hearts dedicated to creating a peaceful world!

Together, we will explore reiki pathways to cultivate a peaceful heart and co-create a peaceful world by grounding ourselves in practice, purpose, and deep clarity.

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Free Gifts for Attendees

After you register for the Reiki Healing Summit, you'll get access to several free gifts including:

Gift #1: “Eye of the Storm” Audio Meditation

When the storms of life are threatening to sweep you away, this Reiki-infused meditation guided by RM Carrie Anderson especially for this summit event can help you access a peaceful place within where you can rest and reset. Step into this sacred space of inner calm and stillness to efficiently and heartfully handle conflicts and life challenges of any kind!

Gift #2: “How to Free Yourself into Authentic Spiritual Practice” eBook

Ready to realize the illusory nature of our solitary path when we come together as energetic beings in service to each other, humanity, and the planet? Let these words dive deep into your soul and use them as fuel to forge your new path, beautifully woven with the luminous tapestry of Reiki.

Gift #3: Early access to four summit sessions

As part of the summit community, you have exclusive access to 4 of this year's interviews AND one of last year's videos. Access the videos below and discover how to revolutionize the world with your healing hands, cultivate the courage to leave the „shoulds” behind when it comes to your spiritual practice, explore Reiki as a path to inner and outer peace, and start your transformation through a consistent, reliable daily self-practice!

Video #1: Torsten Lange: The Reiki Revolution

After doing extensive research into the history and spiritual foundations of Reiki and finding the world’s first independent scientific proof of its different vibrational levels, Torsten Lange teaches us how to live our lives from the level of the heart and revolutionize the world with our healing hands, using Reiki to connect ourselves to higher levels of existence. This inspiring video is a beautiful reminder of our ability to manage our state of being and experience life from a joyous and abundant perspective.

Video #2: Andrea Kennedy: How to Free Yourself into Authentic Spiritual Practice – Leaving the “Shoulds” Behind

Owner of Mainstream Reiki LLC and co-host at the Beyond the Reiki Gateway podcast, Andrea Kennedy shows us the doorway into creating an authentic spiritual practice, leaving most of our shoulds behind, our judgment and self-criticism, the pressure of practicing Reiki according to other people’s expectations. If you struggled with feeling authentic in being a Reiki practitioner, Andrea will guide you to reclaiming the power of choosing what feels right for you, honoring that authentic part of yourself!

Video #3: Yolanda Williams: Reiki as a Path to Peace

Host of Reiki Radio podcast, founder of The Alchemy Circle, and creator of the international community of energy-workers called The Seekers Circle, Yolanda Williams discusses the elements of the Reiki practice that supports us in paving our path to peace. You’ll learn how to establish and maintain peace for yourself and those you care about, experiencing a focused mind, clarity, and groundedness. As a Reiki practitioner, you do have the ability to go into a peaceful state and easily navigate the everyday stresses of life with awareness.

Video #4: Johannes Reindl: Transformation through Self-Practice and Community

Phyllis Lei Furumoto’s successor and Lineage Bearer of Usui Reiki Ryoho, Johannes Reindl explains the importance of self-treatment and some of the tremendous changes that it brings to the Reiki practitioners, our healing community, and the world as a whole. We are holding the world and the whole world is holding us! There is so much you can do! Prioritize your practice and start transforming that helplessness that you're feeling when it comes to everything that's going on right now in the world into healing, creativity, openness, communication, and connection.

Video #5: Increasing the Power of Your Reiki With Conscious Breathing

Pam's healing practice was a fusion of breathwork, Reiki, sound healing and shamanic practice, so her 2021 summit interview challenges us to strengthen the relationship with our breath and to begin to acknowledge how important it is and how it impacts every aspect of our lives. You'll learn about conscious breathing and its impact on our emotions, the difference it makes in the flow of Reiki and how we can successfully incorporate this breathwork into our Reiki treatments and daily life. The interview also includes a simple, yet extremely powerful breathing meditation to support you on your healing path!

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About Your Reiki Healing Summit 2022 Hosts

About Andrea Kennedy

Andrea Kennedy - HeadshotAndrea KennedyAndrea’s full-time mission through Mainstream Reiki is to promote Reiki in mainstream ways through her classes, YouTube channel, podcast, her Reiki practice and social media so more people may experience the benefits of Reiki.

She teaches all levels of Holy Fire III Reiki now online with her high standards for quality Reiki training. Andrea also provides Reiki mentoring sessions to assist practitioners with confidence in practicing personally or to build a successful Reiki business.

After earning a degree in physics, Reiki found her unexpectedly. Although she was skeptical about it and felt little to nothing when she practiced, positive feedback from others kept her interested.

She has built two successful Reiki businesses and has joined us to share her insights in hopes of assisting you in realizing your dreams of owning a thriving Reiki business and wholeheartedly believes if she can do it, so can you.

About Yolanda Williams

Yolanda Williams - HeadshotYolanda is an Intuitive, Self-Mastery Coach, and Certified Medical Reiki Master (CMRM) who teaches Usui Reiki Ryoho, Intuitive Development, Elemental Balancing ,and Chakra Mirroring.

She trained with internationally recognized Reiki Masters in the lineages of Usui Reiki Ryoho and Jikiden Reiki®. Yolanda also trained with shamans and other healers of various modalities, increasing her intuitive abilities and understanding of Universal Oneness.

She uses a blend of techniques to help clients and students achieve deeper connections with themselves, which facilitates new levels of self-awakening and revealing the dynamics of mind, body, and energy.

Her methods have helped Reiki practitioners, globally, and she is currently creating an oracle deck to highlight how you can deepen your connection, relationship, and understanding of what it means to be an authentic expression of your true nature. The deck will be available by the time the Summit broadcasts.

Yolanda is also the host of Reiki Radio podcast, founder of The Alchemy Circle, and creator of The Seekers Circle, which has become an international community of energy-workers. Through the podcast she shares tools to support spiritual exploration, including interviews of other authors and healers who practice various techniques.

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