Shamanic Energy Medicine for Healing, Renewal, and Rebirth - With Cissi Williams

Shamanic Energy Medicine for Healing, Renewal, and Rebirth – Awaken Your Intuition & Spirit

Right this moment, the wisdom you need is living within you.

According to shamanic healing teacher Cissi Williams, it’s up to you to awaken this wisdom, that of the Divine Feminine medicine. To make this happen, you’ll need to go through a healing journey…

Join us for a powerful new hour-long event where Cissi will take you on a guided healing journey to connect with your current state, your history, and who you are by tuning in to the Tree of Life.

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What You'll Learn During “Reclaim the Benevolent Mothers of Light & Darkness”

During this healing journey, you’ll meet the Divine Mothers of Darkness and Light and learn to dance with them both — just as Mother Earth does.

For instance, many don’t realize that the Dark Mother is actually loving and compassionate — she’s on your side, she wants you to awaken and come home to her, and she’ll even help you heal your relationship to the Divine Mother of the Light.

You’ll also learn how the heart is a portal into the world of Spirit, and the flow of your blood through the four chambers of your heart mirrors the flow of Mother Earth’s seasons — autumn, winter, spring, and summer — incorporating both the dark and the light along the way.

Exploring the Tree of Life's Portal Into Spirit

The Tree of Life is a portal into the world of Spirit:

  • That aligns with your nervous system
  • Whose roots connect you with the lower world (your unconscious mind and your past)
  • Where the branches connect you with the upper world (your higher consciousness and your future)
  • And the trunk connects you with the middle world (your conscious mind and your life here now).

In today’s world, it’s easy to become disconnected from your inner wisdom, magic, and power. This magic comes only from embracing both the sacred darkness (that we’ve been programmed to fear) and the light.

Benefits of Attending “Reclaim the Benevolent Mothers of Light & Darkness”

  • Awaken your intuition
  • Rise up and give birth to new ideas, dreams, beginnings, and awakenings to create a new world.
  • Connect to your inner feminine divinity
  • Heal your relationship with your inner power and magic
  • Become empowered to share your most powerful soul gifts

Class Topics for “Reclaim the Benevolent Mothers of Light & Darkness”

  • How to awaken the wise woman within, tap into your intuition — and connect with the Divine Mothers of Darkness and Light as they work together to activate your inner wisdom and provide guidance along your sacred path
  • How you can heal the frozen thought patterns and ancestral programming you may be holding in your nervous system
  • The ways your body acts as a portal into the world of Spirit — your nervous system lines up with the Tree of Life, while your blood flowing through the four chambers of your heart mirrors the flow of Mother Earth’s seasons
  • How you can receive healing from your Spirit team — and Cissi’s story of profound healing after her heart attack in 2019
  • A guided journey to tune in to the Tree of Life — you’ll begin with the roots, connect with the divine fire from within the core of the Earth, then bring this fire up through the chakras before drawing the light from the heavens down through the branches and into the heart
  • Experience a healing Tree of Life meditation to awaken your inner wisdom, and feel more at peace with yourself and all of creation… as you fully embrace your divine intuition

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About Your Shamanic Healing Teacher – Cissi Williams

Cissi Williams - HeadshotCissi Williams is an osteopath, naturopath, NLP trainer, and teacher of energy medicine, mysticism, and shamanic healing. She’s initiated as a Priestess of Freyja, Tradition Keeper of the Völva (Norse shamanism). She started her healing journey in 1992, when she had her first Dark Night of the Soul experience. This brought her into an immense darkness, where she finally fell on her knees and prayed. Her prayer was answered in the form of three books: The Power Is Within You by Louise Hay, Love is the Answer by Gerald Jampolsky, and Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain. As she read these books, she could feel the darkness lift, and through doing the exercises outlined in the books, she healed her depression in six weeks. She then knew we have the power to heal within us. This led her to want to learn more about health and healing, so she earned a 4-year university degree in London and qualified in 1997 with First Class Honors in Osteopathic Medicine.

In 2002 she started her training in NLP and hypnosis, which later led her into the world of shamanism. She’s done various shamanic training, such as from the Incas, Norse, and Celtic wisdom traditions. Cissi has guided several thousands of clients, students, and patients to tune in to their inner wisdom and connect with Spirit’s guidance through her healing sessions, her teachings, and her podcast, Let Spirit Lead. Her passion is to help you tune in to your inner wisdom, as she knows there is an incredible power embedded in your bones — the power of the Wise Woman — who is longing to be awakened and rise once more, so she can share her medicine with the world.

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Jul 23 2022


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