Raw Dog Food Summit 2022

Raw Dog Food Summit 2022

Pet owners are sick of highly processed, unnatural dog food and are now looking for healthier, species-appropriate feeding solutions for their dogs.

During the Raw Dog Food Summit, we’ll be sharing how raw feeding — ‘done-the-right-way' — is nutrition as nature intended for your dog.

Learn from leading veterinarians and animal nutrition who will dispel the myths & misconceptions, help you avoid common mistakes and ensure you get started on the right path.

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What You'll Learn During the Raw Dog Food Summit

Just as processed food has contributed to human health issues, processed pet foods are doing the same for our beloved dogs.

The number of dogs today is skyrocketing who face chronic conditions such as:

  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • And diabetes

The big question then becomes, well, what can we do about it?

Just like with humans, the solution is a natural, species-appropriate diet.

Raw feeding is nutrition as nature intended for our dogs! Yet, everywhere you turn there is a campaign against raw feeding. It just doesn’t make sense.

Why Vets Don't Recommend Raw Diets for Dogs & Other Animals

You may be asking: Why don’t all vets recommend a raw diet then?

The truth is Vet schools don’t focus on the role of diet in disease prevention; in addition, large pet food companies wield a lot of power in those schools.

However, proactive holistic and integrative veterinarians are recommending raw diets and are seeing PHENOMENAL results.

And the good news is Dr. Ian Billinghurst, “The Father of Raw Feeding”, has partnered with Pet Summits to bring you the Raw Dog Food Summit.

Dr. Ian and his guests will dive deep into why raw food is the answer, overcome the myths perpetuated by big pet food companies, how you can avoid the biggest mistakes, and how to feed your dog a raw food diet successfully, no matter what budget you’re on!

This summit is designed for pet owners who are looking for ways to feed their dog a healthy, species-appropriate diet that will ensure optimal health well into their later years.

You’ll also get to mingle with a community of like-minded pet parents who are committed to improving their pets' quality of life through better health and lifestyle choices.

The FDA's Stance On the Quality of Pet Food Ingredients

Regulatory authorities don’t care about the quality of ingredients in pet food. Did you know:

“We do not believe that the use of diseased animals or animals that died otherwise than by slaughter to make animal food poses a safety concern.” – FDA, 2019

Feeding commercial pet food like kibble to your dog is kinda like a box of chocolates, you never really know what you’re gonna get!

  • Diseased meat
  • Euthanized animals
  • Cancerous & tumorous meat
  • Out-of-date human-grade meat still wrapped in plastic and foam

Not to mention the cockroach-infested manufacturing facilities that have been documented with one of the largest, most well-known commercial pet food companies.

Is it any wonder our pets are sicker than ever?!

Raw Dog Food Summit 2022 – Key Topics

  • The little-known principles for balancing a raw food diet that every dog owner must follow.
  • The #1 health issue dogs are suffering with today and how raw food feeding has been proven to help
  • The unique benefits provided by raw foods (Plus: Raw Superfoods!) that increase vitality and protect against diseases common to senior dogs
  • How to navigate raw food feeding with acute and chronic illness
  • Why it's in commercial pet food companies' best interest to suppress raw feeding studies
  • How to feed a dog raw food with pancreatitis (what they can or can't generally tolerate in their diet)
  • How to use “Food as Fuel” using the best nutrients to support optimal performance
  • The science behind why dogs have zero nutritional need for dietary carbohydrates
  • The benefits Intermittent fasting has for your dog's body what sleep does for the brain.
  • And so much more…

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Raw Dog Food Summit 2022 – Speaker List

  • Dr. Ian Billinghurst: Pet Nutritionist, Veterinary Surgeon and Host of the Summit
  • Dr. Nick Thompson: MRCVS, Vet, Food Freak
  • Dr. Conor Brady: Writer & Holistic Pet Health Advocate
  • Joel Baardseth: Raw Food Educator
  • Dr. Rebecca Brown: Vet, BVSC ADH
  • Nicole Cammack: Nutritionist & Researcher
  • Kasie Maxwell Grujcic: Founder/Owner, SFRAW
  • Julie Anne Lee: DCH RCSHom, Founder and Formulator, Adored Beast Apothecary
  • Dr. Judy Morgan: Integrative Veterinarian
  • Dr. Katie Woodley: Integrative Veterinarian
  • Kimberly Gauthier: Dog Nutrition Blogger
  • Dr. Christian Vergara: Veterinarian and President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society
  • Ronny LeJeune: Canine Nutritionist, Behavior & Fitness Trainer
  • Paul Raybould: Visionary Pet Foods Founder and CEO

It Will Be Beneficial Whether You're A Brand New or Experienced Dog Owner

This is NOT one of those events where the speakers hold back on information so they can pitch their products or services at the end far from it!

They're digging deep to give you their best stuff with ideas you can implement no matter what your dog owner experience level is at.

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Free Gifts for Raw Dog Food Summit 2022 Attendees

When you register, you'll get the following free gifts to get you started helping your dog right away, even before the summit begins!

Gift #1: “The Raw Dog Food Summit Playbook” PDF Book

When you sign up you'll get access to this bonus PDF guide that you can download to keep in your digital raw dog food toolkit.

Gift #2: “Danger Foods For Dogs And Cats” Guide by Dr. Ian Billinghurst

When you sign up you'll get access to this bonus PDF guide that you can download to keep in your digital dog care toolkit.

There's nothing more we love doing than sharing our food with our dog as we watch their cute faces drooling over the sight of food in our hands. But it turns out that not only is this not recommended for their health but it can also be poisonous and sometimes fatal to our beloved dogs.

This Free PDF is essential reading for pet owners who wish to feed healthy human foods (including RAW species appropriate foods) to these important family members.

Gift #3: ““Your Guide To Raw Feeding” Guide by Hare Today

When you sign up you'll get access to this bonus PDF guide that you can download to keep in your digital dog care toolkit.

Inside you'll learn the benefits, how to get started, the easiest way to transition, what to do with a puppy and so much more.

This ebook will help give you the essential steps to raw feeding.

Gift #4: “The Evolution of A Dogs Diet Masterclass” by Dr. Ian Billinghurst

When you sign up you'll get access to this bonus PDF guide that you can download to keep in your digital dog allergy toolkit.

Get essential quick tips from world leading dog allergy practitioners plus how to get the most from this summit — so you can treat, improve or even prevent allergies for your dog!

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