Energy Healing Tools to Help Express Your Light, Love, Peace & Purpose

What does it mean to be a radiant human being?

The Radiant Human Template - With Melanie RocheCross-culturally, in many of the world’s religious traditions, spiritual realization is understood, evoked, and depicted via light: the colors of the chakras… the halo or rays of light around saints and the Buddha… light shining through stained-glass windows in cathedrals… healers working with the colors of the rainbow… and physicists researching and harnessing frequencies of energy.

To be a radiant human being:

  1. Requires that you know how to emanate your light
  2. Means you have energetic tools to work with this energy
  3. And that you’re so comfortable living this way that you easily select and use the right energy psychology tool for the situation at hand.

As energy healer Melanie Roche teaches, you create your own radiant human template when you use your energy tools to track your shifting needs on every level of your being. And you activate this template when you combine your energetic tracking with real-world skills and tools that help you live with greater flow and ease every day.

As a result, you won’t feel like your time here is running out without having made a difference. You’re filled with clarity and a peaceful on-track feeling, and naturally shine with even more radiance.

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What You'll Learn During “The Radiant Human Template” with Melanie Roche

During free online spiritual healing class with Melanie, you’ll explore how your unique radiant human template can help you:

  • Live congruently with what you most care about
  • Fuel your wellbeing, passion, purpose, and sense of belonging and fulfillment
  • Offering new possibilities for connecting with others
  • Anchoring your radiant wholeness in the world.

You’ll begin with a guided experience by Melanie that will help you find and fill your body with your unique light — and set a clear intention for how you want your life to be by aligning your hara, the dimension of intentionality that runs through your body, instilling a personal experience of the Divine.

You’ll fill your hara with your light to integrate your uniqueness into your intention, and then beam this radiance into the Universe…

… strengthening your spiritual connection, your sense of belonging within a larger spiritual reality, and your ability to anchor and share your purpose in the world.

As a cancer survivor and former faculty at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Melanie’s blend of energy psychology, holistic healing, meditation, dance, and theater techniques have helped thousands move beyond the outdated energy patterns that perpetuate fear, separation, pain, and doubt.

During your time with her, you’ll learn how we’ve reached a tipping point in history where we must learn to work with our energy and how to consciously work with light.

Why It's Essential To Embrace, Work With, And Magnify Our Light

  • Because we feel bombarded by news, social media, texts, and so many more distractions
  • Our brains can’t handle this much input at once
  • Our bodies and nervous systems are sensitive and we feel overwhelmed by all the suffering we see, feel, and experience
  • We are either super-sensitive or we’re numb — which means we can’t adequately access our empathy
  • We feel separate from others and the world

Benefits of Living as a Radiant Human Being

In joining this special event, you’ll also explore powerful insights on what it means to be a radiant human being… so full of light that it shines from you in your:

  • Authenticity
  • Compassion
  • Vitality
  • Embodied presence

… leaving you feeling balanced, joyful regardless of circumstance, and able to meet your needs in all areas of your life — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Your life flows with ease and synchronicity, and it feels easy to set your intentions and live fully.

Your relationships with family and friends are deeply satisfying, communication is easy, and colleagues feel heard and valued by you.

There’s a sense of plenty, as your light fills you on a cellular level and throughout your body — naturally flowing out beyond your body and energy field to affect the world for the good.

In this exultant state, developing and using energy psychology tools is the most natural expression of your radiance.

Melanie will also share exciting findings in social genomics — a new field of scientific research that studies how our genes are not actually fixed as we previously thought. Rather, they are affected by external, social factors.

Ultimately, you’ll learn how as a radiant human being, you’re better equipped to uplift both yourself and others — because in being yourself, you give permission for them to be fully themselves too.

Melanie believes that this leading-edge energetic technology and knowledge is necessary for the survival of our species — and our human development. In her own words…

We must learn how to work with energy now if we are able to handle our sensitivity to the onslaught of tech we’ve created, and how to transmute and heal suffering — both now in the present, and backwards in time to what our ancestors experienced, and forwards in time — to potentially affect our gene expression and our evolution.

In other words, the world urgently needs your unique contribution — you being you and shining your light!

Join Melanie for this free online event to discover the wonder of your own unique light — and how to radiate your light so you can positively impact your own life, the lives of those you love, and the world at large.

The Radiant Human Template – Class Topics

Find your unique light — a new sense of yourself that is different than anything you may be worried about
Fill your body with your unique light for deeper peace, radiance, and expansiveness — and upwell it into each cell of your body and through the levels of your energy field
Align your hara and set an intention for how you want your life to be — strengthening your spiritual connection, your sense of belonging within a larger spiritual reality, and your ability to anchor and share your purpose on Earth and in the Universe
Fill your intention with your unique light and expand it into your hara line — integrating what you and only you can contribute into your intention
Beam your light into the Universe — expanding it as far as you feel comfortable — to naturally attract everything you need to live how you want to live by just being yourself

It's time to expand your energy to become radiant — and affect your world from the inside out using powerfully aligned energy psychology techniques…

And fill your cells with your unique light — and beam your radiance out to the whole world.

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About Your Energy Healing Teacher – Melanie Roche

Melanie Roche - HeadshotMelanie Roche, MA, is an energy healer and creator of the Joy of Presence: The IDEA Method™ (Inner Directed Energy Awareness). She brings a wealth of experience in mind-body healing, meditation, therapy, dance, and theater to lead personalized programs for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, patients, and healthcare practitioners. She served on the faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami and Tokyo, working directly with Barbara Brennan.

Melanie was invited — along with a physician and other holistic practitioners — to inaugurate the Integrative Health and Wellness Program at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, the mind-body health resort that attracts guests seeking a healthy lifestyle through comprehensive integration between medicine and healing. A cancer survivor, she is the author of Thriving Through Cancer: Tools and Practices to Feel Better and Improve Your Quality of Life During Cancer and Beyond – An Integrative Method.

At New York University School of Medicine, she coordinated an after-school program for high school students who plan to become physicians. In addition to her eight years of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she also holds a BA in comparative religion from Columbia University and an MA in experimental theatre from New York University. Melanie leads workshops and gives corporate trainings internationally.

Testimonials for Melanie Roche

“When I want to empower my team, I send them to Melanie Roche. When I want to reconnect to my sense of vision for my company and my life, I work with Melanie.” — Rafael Feliz, chairman and CEO, Karisma Hotels & Resorts

“Seven weeks ago, if you would have asked me what I thought about energy healing, I would tell you that it was a way people avoid Western medicine and was reserved for the crazies. Then I met Melanie Roche. I had the opportunity to help develop the branding and marketing for her 7-week online course. She is truly something special, and her work is SO practical and down-to-earth and digestible. In just ONE meditation, I was able to experience an actual shift in my physical and mental energy. I was also so blown away by her experience as a cancer survivor. She lives the example of how to thrive energetically under incredibly challenging circumstances and even managed to ride her bike many miles to radiation each time!” — Jamie Cawthon

“I have worked with many wonderful healers in my life and wasn’t necessarily looking for another. But in my first session with Melanie, I knew she was an answer to a prayer that I didn’t even know my heart was making! Besides the general benefits of energy healing, Melanie’s work is helping me to create the inner component to what we are all trying to achieve on the outer plane. I have noticed surprising and wonderful shifts in my confidence and openness (dare I say love?) in business settings that I have never experienced before. Melanie is a creative artist as well as a healer, and she is very savvy about this world of internet marketing that we seek to master. She knows our challenges from the inside out! So if you want some help opening up those chakras, front and back, I highly recommend Melanie. Although she lives in Miami and I live in Boston, the connection and power of the work is as strong as any that I have experienced.” — Barbara McCollough

“Melanie Roche developed our energy healing program at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach. In my experience, she has a remarkable talent for gently getting to the root of clients’ issues and facilitating important shifts. She is an engaging presenter who makes graspable the challenging concepts of energy of the body.” — Karen Koffler, MD, medical director, Canyon Ranch

“Melanie Roche draws on the latest research in genomics to help cancer patients chart their own personalized path of resilience.” — Steve Cole

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