Quit Sugar Summit

Quit Sugar Summit 2024

Learn the proven tactics and favorite tools of 45+ successful medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and authors for getting off sugar for all the other reasons we all know!

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What You'll Learn During the 2024 Quit Sugar Summit

Quit Sugar Summit 2024This Summit is jam-packed with life-improving info that you can put into action right now so that you can successfully get off the stuff or, at the very least, bring in under control in your life so you can keep you and your family safe.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll discover during this free online health event:

  • How to end nutritional confusion
  • The dirty truth about artificial sweeteners
  • How food marketers are tricking us
  • The powerful connection between sugar and aging (you need to know this)
  • Why sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine
  • What physically happens to your body when you consume sugar
  • The connection between sugar, depression, and weight gain
  • How 90% of participants of a type 2 diabetes medical study became non-diabetic within 6 months
  • The biggest mistakes people make when trying to reduce or eliminate sugar and carbs from their diet
  • And a whole lot more!

Each day new speakers will help you answer any questions you may have and walk you through quitting sugar with ease and confidence.

Frequently Observed Benefits of Quitting Sugar

While many people find that quitting sugar brings about a lot of improvements in mind, body, and spirit, here's a list of a few specific areas that people mention most often:

  • Natural, steady weight loss with no crazy exercise
  • Improve your mood quickly, heal your dopamine receptors
  • Many people cut back or totally eliminate medications of all kinds
  • Make more satisfying food choices…
  • Increased energy – finally wake up refreshed!
  • Better concentration
  • Learn to care for yourself in a deep way
  • Take back control of your health

The Relationship Between Sugar Consumption, Diabetes, and Alzheimer's Disease

Did you know that many experts are now calling Alzheimer’s – Diabetes 3?

The reason being is that the percentage of diabetics that eventually get Alzheimer’s is staggeringly high.

Science can’t prove it quantitatively (yet) but the indications and the research of the experts on this event are pointing in that direction.

This seemingly “normal” and “natural” (especially if it's organic!) substance, despite it's toxicity to our bodies, is accepted as part of our life and culture. Refined sugar is literally everywhere, hiding every single day in plain sight. It's added to everything in almost every aisle in the grocery store, every dish in most restaurants, and every drink in the refrigerator…

(and many times it’s disguised with a label that says “healthy”)

Did you know that one teaspoon of sugar can put your immune system in a coma for hours?

Even small amounts (like your morning breakfast granola) can lower your white blood cells’ ability to fight off invaders because sugar competes with vitamin C in the white blood cells that the body needs to fight off bacteria and viruses.

So many negative facts that we never knew about sugar have exploded into the annals of science in the last five years.

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and a ton more diseases are linked directly to sugar overuse.

During the Quit Sugar Summit, you'll get the real low-down on this toxic substance so that you can see it for what it is. The experts will also reveal how it affects everything from our moods and energy to our waist, our skin, and even our libido… as well as how you can escape the struggle with it and reclaim your willpower and health.

Quit Sugar Summit 2024 Speaker List

We are so excited about all of the 40+ incredible speakers that are joining us this year… like Dr. Joan Ifland, Vera Tarman, Molly Carmel, Dr. Nicole Avena, Bitten Johnson, Brenda Bennet, Chef AJ, Amy Berger, Ben Azadi, Craig Emmerich, Christopher Palmer, Sherianna Boyle, Darcie Purell, Wolfram Alderson, Dr. Joe Rubino, Udo Erasmus, Majority Wildcraft, Karen Martel, Dr. Michelle Sands, Aimie Apigian, Yano Anaya, Dr. David Jockers, Misty Williams, David Wolfe, Nathan Crane, Doug Reynolds, Evan Hirsh, Kara Collier and more.

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About Your  Quit Sugar Summit Hosts

Mike Collins – Host

Michael Collins is a former sugar addict and takes this addiction very seriously. He's the founder of SugarAddiction.com and SugarDetox.com. For the past 30 years, he has not consumed sugar in any form – at least not intentionally. His interest in sugar addiction began in the early days of his recovery from substance use disorder. As he weaned himself off other substances, he noticed that his relationship to and his consumption of sugar was beginning to resemble his other addictions.

Tracy Desjardins – Co-Host

Tracy Desjardins is a Certified International Health Coach IAHC, a Mind Body Eating Coach (IPE) and a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor (ACE). After decades of personal struggles with her own weight issues, dieting, emotional binge eating, sugar addiction, and attempting to out-exercise a poor diet, Tracy shares deep compassion for this powerful healing. Her focus for coaching is dedicated to helping other women find freedom from the shackles of dieting and emotional eating challenges, and to find sustainable peace with food, body, and self so they can live their life on their own trusted terms.

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Quit Sugar Summit
Quit Sugar Summit