Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit - Activations for Effortless Prosperity, Harmony, and Empathy

Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit – Activations for Effortless Prosperity, Harmony, and Empathy

Are you ready to gain immediate access to the quantum zero point field?

Join 23 awakened leaders and experts as they share their secret quantum hacks to live a fulfilling, prosperous, and peaceful life in the years ahead

Have you been waiting for the secret hack that ignites the fire of your hidden potential, spiritual gifts & superpowers so you can live life aligned?

Are you ready to tap into the quantum zero-point field to activate your supernatural gifts & superpowers?

The gateway to your prosperity lies in tapping into the unlimited quantum field.

👉 2022 is the most intense year. It is midway between 2012 and 2032 when the golden age is predicted to begin. There will be upheavals. Choose to surrender to this quantum pivot energy and the surges of new photonic light & crystalline structures.

By consciously re-connecting to the zero-point quantum field you can access your divine powers and use this time to make the cosmic quantum leap of the ages. That’s why you chose to be here, by the way…to make this quantum cosmic leap into the quantum human!

👉 We will deliver…PRECISION QUANTUM ACTIVATIONS to access the quantum zero-point field that will effortlessly optimize your prosperity, harmony, and empathy.

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What You'll Learn During the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit

Do you sometimes wish you had the power of Divine Wisdom and clarity, so you knew exactly what to do?

Here’s a secret…


The Quantum Human within you IS your connection to prosperity.

You see, the Quantum Field is where ideas and opportunities for wealth and expression are born!

👉 And you are already connected to this field.

You’ve just got to activate your full Quantum Potential to see the bounty of prosperity that’s available to you.

And now is the time because our hearts and our third eyes are being awakened into a new truth.

After over 6,000 years of having a shutdown of our third eye, masses of individuals are finally feeling the reawakening. It’s time to take it all the way!

Learn Quantum Hacks to Align Yourself With Your True Potential

This series will open the doorway to a treasure chest of ideas, opportunities, clarity, answers, and the roadmap to your super-powers that unlock wealth and security!

Your expert speakers will share their secret quantum hacks to live a fulfilling, prosperous, and peaceful life in the years ahead.

There is a vibrational reset occurring. We all know it and feel it in our bones.

👉 Our lives (body, soul, emotions, mind) are pivoting into a new vibration that connects us with an expanded version of ourselves, our purpose, our life, our love.


We cannot ignore the unrest the world is facing. The news is downright depressing!

👉 That’s why it is absolutely essential to connect to your true purpose on Earth at this time so you can become a contributor to the solution instead of a passive bystander.

Reawakening the third eye and remaining awake is key to alignment and manifestation.

5 Benefits of Attending the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit

1. Connect

The Quantum Zero-Point Field is the key that will open the doorway to your Gifts, Supernatural Abilities, Talents & Manifestation Power.

All of the best and most prosperous innovations started in the Unified Field! We’re going to show you how to connect to the abundance in this field so you can see with clarity what’s available and grab hold of the potential that’s meant for you!

2. Harmonize

Create Harmony in your relationships & Mind-Blowing Synchronicities. It’s tough to have great relationships when you’re not living your purpose. You feel a pervasive emptiness that, like it or not, affects how you interact with the world and the people in it.

We’re going to show you how to reignite Harmony & Passion in your home, your relationships & your work!

3. Clear Inter-generational & Ancestral Traumas

You’re going to learn the explicit hacks to Manifest Abundance, Success & Harmony for yourself, your family, your children, and generations to come!

So much of what challenges you is due to ancestral trauma. We are going to remove the struggle from your DNA by recalibrating your energy to the current Quantum Field.

4. Increase Intuition, Third-Eye Activations, and Transmissions

You’re going to learn how to attune to your own intuition and discern the guidance from multiple guides, angels, and quantum field masters. This is Huge!

5. Learn How to Receive Instant Guidance

Throughout these sessions you’ll be activating the portals which guarantee direct connection with your guidance team; This will change your life!

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The Gifts of Your Already-Existing Quantum Alignment

Hidden deep inside you is the GOLD that was gifted to you by the Quantum Field at birth.

We are going to open the doorway to your quantum human evolution. You are going to learn how to discover this gold within you, bring it to the surface, and influence your entire reality with a new level of clarity and creativity!

As we accelerate into the new paradigm, the place to find “home” is within you and within your own home sanctuary. Your home can become your sacred space of magical and scientific power and alignment.

But here’s what you must understand…

You can’t do it half-way.

100% alignment is now required to live a life that supports your expansion, expression, and love.

Deeply held within you are the seeds of growth and the seeds of the quantum human. This doorway to the quantum field, once opened, guarantees that you will find a pathway to new prosperity.

We are creating these summits as a divine place of recalibration. Each session in the series includes at least 1-2 activations and transmissions designed to effortlessly awaken your quantum divine nature.

This allows you to access your multi-dimensional self and a multi-faceted timeline of expansion and expression… and experience an active quantum field that guarantees your expression as a Quantum Human.

The shift is happening and your attention is required!

Here’s the best part…

You are already a Quantum Human. You were born with Quantum powers. And in this summit, we will be exploring why the expansion of the secret super-powers of highly sensitive people like you, is the key to planetary awakening.

What is suppressed/repressed within you is the key to your prosperity. You have gold inside of you and you know it!

You'll get support to find the precious resources of gold that you have hidden within your quantum energy field…

And also the tools to clear the blocks, so this gold becomes your pathway to fulfillment, freedom, harmony, law of attraction, and prosperity.

Speakers at the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit

David Wolfe, Debrah Goetz, Elizabeth Wood, Jana Danielson, Jasmin Manke, Jimmy Mack, Kristen Bielecki, Lisa Barnett, Lincoln Gregar, Lisa Thomas, Lori Spagna, Marie Diamond, Masami Covey, Raquel Spencer, Rev Tracy L Clark
Rev Tracy L Clark, Siobhan Wilcox, Tarek Bibi, Veronica Parks, Zoe Davenport

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About Your Host – Helena Reilly, M.A.

Helena Reilly HeadshotFrom a young age, Helena has been healing and counseling others. Born an intuitive empath, she has explored her passion to find solutions to hack humanity’s need to transform.

She obtained a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Chicago and then moved to India to study and learn from the enlightened masters as she searched for a modality that effected deep, efficient, and lasting transformation.

She co-founded Scalarwave Imprinting, LLC with Lloy in 2002, and has co-created the current line of quantum sound systems.

Prior to this Helena had a private counseling practice in Manhattan, where she conducted research through numerous sound frequency clinical sessions. During this time Helena published the book Sound Energetics and was a guest on CNBC and many radio and cable TV shows.

She lectured on Sound Therapy and Sound Healing at events throughout New York City to educate the public on vibrational approaches to healing.
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🎁 Bonus Gifts For Summit Attendees 🎁

As a participant in the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit, you'll get access to over 20 free gifts, including the live BONUS masterclass, “7 Quantum Hacks To Awaken The Quantum Human”

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how your home can become a kind of charging station that keeps your Super-Human qualities and Quantum Potential fully activated!

It will take what you learn in the Summit to the next level as you will be guided through the 7 portals to the Quantum Field. That way you can find out exactly what you need to do to partner with the quantum realm, reclaim your life and your health, and move forward in the direction of your dreams!

Sample Sessions From Previous Quantum Home Sanctuary Summits

With several completed summits over the years, we're grateful to bring you a sample of some of the previous summits. Be sure to register for the current summit to get access to the latest speakers & technologies to support you.

QHSS Interview with Natalie Ledwell

QHSS Interview with Debra Poneman

QHSS Interview with Marci Shimoff

QHSS Interview with David “Avocado” Wolfe

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