Release Negative Energy and Receive Wellness & Joy - With Master Mantak Chia

Release Negative Energy and Receive Wellness & Joy – With Master Mantak Chia

According to Mantak Chia, an internationally celebrated master of inner alchemy and Qigong…

The key to good health, longevity, and even abundance, is balancing the positive and negative energies that exist both within us and in nature.

Ideally, if we can achieve balance — internally and with the natural world — our body, our life, and all of our existence would flow in harmony.

In today’s world of dramatic change and uncertainty, however, it’s easy for our emotions to run high — and excessive negative (and positive) emotions can throw our energy (or Qi) out of balance, causing damage to one or more of our five major organs. These imbalances can result in physical, mental, and spiritual dis-ease.

One of the most effective ways of balancing the energy of your emotions and, in turn, your organs, is through the simple practices and movements of Qigong.

During this free online spiritual healing workshop, Grandmaster Chia will introduce you to the principles of Taoist internal practice, and guide you through a process to release difficult emotions.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Virtual Qigong Healing Event

  • Discover the basis of Taoist inner alchemy — including the energetic role of the 5 major organs, and the emotions and elements associated with them
  • Explore the Taoist principle of emotional wisdom — how to bring both negative and positive emotions into balance and keep your organs working smoothly together
  • Experience the power of the Inner Smile — a simple Qigong practice to bring you into balance and happiness, both emotionally and physically
  • Learn about the Six Healing Sounds and be guided in a sounding practice to release grief and sadness from your lungs, and receive courage and righteousness in return
  • Understand how, when you change from within, you radiate positive energy that affects the people around you — activating their organic balancing process

You’ll discover the “Inner Smile,” one of the most well-known Taoist inner alchemy practices, in which you’ll smile inwardly to your heart, activating the energy of loving-kindness…

What the Six Healing Sounds Can Help You Let Go Of:

  • Worry from the spleen
  • Anger from the liver
  • Fear from the kidneys
  • Impatience
  • Hatred from the heart

You’ll discover how to balance positive and negative emotions as you move through a guided practice that helps release difficult feelings of fear, anger, grief, sadness, or worry…

So you can live with optimal health, happiness, and vitality.

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About Your Qigong Healing Teacher – Grandmaster Mantak Chia

Grandmaster Mantak Chia was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1944. Recognized very early as having great potential for spiritual development, he was initiated into meditation practices by Buddhist monks at the age of six. While studying in Hong Kong, he learned Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, and Kundalini Yoga from a variety of teachers. His pursuit of Taoist teachings led him to meet the White Cloud Hermit, a Taoist Master originally from Central China, living at that time in the mountains not far from Hong Kong. Master Yi Eng was to become Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s principal teacher. Over a period of a few years, Master Yi transmitted to Grandmaster Mantak Chia the most sacred and closely held Taoist practices, formulas, and methods of internal alchemy, culminating in the Reunion of Heaven and Man.

Realizing that, as transmitted to him, these immortal practices could not easily be absorbed by Western students, Grandmaster Mantak Chia undertook to integrate them with his studies in Western physical anatomy. Through this process, he created a unique view of the internal aspects of these practices. With the Universal Healing Tao system, he has created for the first time a way for any individual to quickly get to the essence of subtle practices whose real purpose has been shrouded in secrecy for millennia.

The author of dozens of books, booklets, and videos describing the theory and methods of these practices, Grandmaster Mantak Chia has taught thousands of eager students the principles of Taoist internal practice over the past 40 years. He has certified hundreds of instructors and practitioners to help in the transmission of these teachings.

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