Qigong Sound Healing with Master Mingtong Gu - For Stress Release and Healing Mind / Body / Spirit

Qigong Sound Healing – For Stress Release and Healing Mind / Body / Spirit

During “Qigong Sound Healing” with Master Mingtong Gu, you’ll learn the fundamentals for effectively working with sound and energy through Qigong to strengthen your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Why Attend “Qigong Sound Healing” with Master Mingtong Gu

If you’ve been on a path of growth, you’re well aware of the explosion of interest in dynamic mind-body-spirit practices, energy medicine, holistic treatments, and other “non-Western” methods of addressing stress and disease by boosting our immune systems.

What you may not know is that a remarkable number of these modalities are based on ancient practices developed by Qigong masters in China. They were the original scientists of the subtle body, working with the circulation of Qi (life-force energy) for health, longevity, fertility, and more.

Qigong masters’ capacity to heal and focus energy is legendary, but the lineage was also eminently practical. Over four thousand years, masters tried innumerable ways of working with the body’s subtle fields of energy, only retaining the techniques that delivered results.

Master Mingtong Gu, one of the foremost teachers of Qigong in the West, will share how you can build a strong and healthy foundation, take better energetic care of your body, and establish a baseline for a long and healthy life.

Class Topics for “Qigong Sound Healing” With Master Mingtong Gu

During this free online spiritual healing class, Master Gu will reveal both the philosophical and practical components of working with Qi — and give you simple practices and positions that allow you to connect with the energy that supports and nourishes your body. These principles of energetic healing can help address underlying issues that can result in disease, imbalance, and disharmony.

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll:

  • Learn daily practices that can circulate more Qi to weaker parts of your body
  • Experience a Qigong sound-healing practice to open and activate the cellular dimension of your heart
  • Explore Qigong sound-healing techniques to activate your organs
  • Discover the energetic connection between your body, emotions, and spirit
  • Understand how to use Qigong to transform and release emotions

This is a wonderful opportunity to begin learning how to apply Qigong for effective healing and lasting, radiant health.

About Your Teacher – Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu joyfully and skillfully translates the ancient teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong for modern times. Born and raised in China, Master Mingtong received extensive Qigong training under Grandmaster Pang at the largest Qigong medicine-less hospital in China. He has mastered the unique ability to leverage the collective energy field to accelerate personal and global healing.

Named Qigong Master of the Year by the 13th World Qigong Congress, Master Mingtong leads retreats and workshops internationally with tens of thousands of people. He is the author of several books, as well as the Pure Qi Online series that translates the ancient teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong for contemporary times.

Master Mingtong is also on faculty for Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, 1440 Multiversity, Spirit Rock Meditation Center. He has been a keynote presenter at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), Wisdom 2.0, U.S. Journal Training, PBS, and the Festival of Faiths. He has spoken at Visa, Google, Mile Hi, and the Energy Psychology Conference.

He founded The Chi Center, a beautiful 79-acre retreat center located 20 minutes south of Santa Fe, to bring Qigong wisdom to benefit others, based on his success working with people of all ages who are dealing with physical and emotional challenges.

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