Psychedelic Super Conference

Psychedelic Super Conference 2024

If you suffer from the effects of trauma, anxiety, depression…

Or with chronic stress, fatigue, or pain…

Psychedelics may be able to help you.

That's because psychedelics go far beyond altering perception — they offer the potential for dramatic symptom relief, profound healing, and expanded consciousness.

And, with the right knowledge and support, they’re a very safe and potent medicinal modality.

The 2024 Psychedelic Super Conference is truly a one-of-kind event featuring 40+ of the world’s top doctors, psychologists, medical researchers, indigenous practitioners, and pioneers at the forefront of the psychedelic renaissance who will be sharing their groundbreaking research and practical applications for psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Why Attend the Psychedelic Super Conference 2024

There is a “psychedelic Renaissance” happening right now. Medical professionals, healers, psychotherapists, spiritual seekers, and more are using psychedelics (such as psilocybin, LSD, DMT, ketamine, Ayahuasca, or MDMA), to dramatically reduce the symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more.

Breaking research reveals that:

  • Psilocybin can create significant improvements in demoralization and hopelessness, increase spiritual wellbeing and quality of life in people with life-threatening illness, and treat cancer-related depression and anxiety. (Source)
  • MDMA can be effective in the treatment of PTSD, including being designed as a “Breakthrough Therapy” by the United States FDA (Source)
  • 83% of people given psychedelic drugs in clinical trials no longer had PTSD (Source)
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapies have the potential to treat mental health conditions that are especially prevalent in older adults such as depression, anxiety, existential distress, and more (Source)
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapies may be effective for the treatment of addiction (Source)

Long story short, despite past concerns about psychedelics, current data overwhelmingly indicates that psychedelic-assisted therapy may substantially reduce suffering from a wide range of mental illnesses — if administered thoughtfully and cautiously by trained professionals in medical settings.

Psychedelic Super ConferenceDuring this event, 40+ of the world’s most renowned experts on psychedelic medicine will be coming together to share their research, wisdom, and proven tools / techniques about the many ways we can transcend our pain and awaken our minds as a means of experiencing greater health, happiness, peace, and joy… as well as

Integrate your experiences, heal your body, mind, and spirit, and transform your understanding of consciousness.

Here are just some of the fascinating topics they’ll be covering:

  • Trauma
  • Indigenous plant medicine
  • Non ordinary states
  • Meditation
  • Creativity
  • Integration and processing
  • Protocols and safety
  • Preparation for experiences
  • Consciousness exploration
  • Potentials in PTSD healing
  • Mindfulness
  • Mental health
  • Risks and cautions
  • Purpose of psychedelic experiences
  • History of psychedelic use
  • Non duality
  • Harm reduction
  • Breathwork
  • Music integration
  • Indigenous reciprocity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Neuroscience
  • Addiction recovery and sobriety
  • Microdosing
  • And much more…

Daily Schedule: Psychedelic Super Conference 2024

  • Day 1 – Psychedelic Insights: The current state of psychedelic research and the hopeful future
  • Day 2 – Ancient Wisdom, Modern Healing: Understanding the history of psychedelic plant medicines and their integration into modern medicine
  • Day 3 – Mental Health: Research into the efficacy of psychedelic medicine in treating anxiety, alleviating pain, and healing addiction
  • Day 4 – Connectedness and Creativity: How do psychedelics cultivate our sense of connection to ourselves, each other, and the world while unlocking our most expansive lens on problem solving and creation?
  • Day 5 – Safety, Integration and Harm Reduction: The importance of preparation, expectations, and integration of psychedelic experiences
  • Day 6 – Microdosing and Lifestyle: What is microdosing and what are the benefits?
  • Day 7 – Non Ordinary States: The benefits and accessibility of altered perception and consciousness through breathwork, mindfulness, and music journeys

How The Psychedelic Super Conference is Different than Other Summits

The 204 Psychedelic Super Conference brings together many of the world’s most trusted and sought-after experts in this fascinating and rapidly-evolving field, to create an unparalleled and truly comprehensive roadmap for healing at the intersection of modern science, functional medicine, and ancient wisdom.

To ground your healing journey and give you greater peace and balance immediately, each day of the event also features additional free resources such as:

  • Breathwork sessions
  • Meditations
  • And musical journey tracks

Whatever your relationship is to psychedelics — whether you’re curious about using them therapeutically or not — the Psychedelic Super Conference will be full of fascinating intel on what’s possible for your personal evolution and wellbeing.

Featured Talks At the Psychedelic Super Conference 2024

Here are just a few of the talks you'll get to listen to:

  • In “Can Mushrooms Save The World?” Paul Stamets, one of the world’s foremost mycologists, explores the unique characteristics of psilocybin mushrooms and how fungus shapes the world.
  • In “Behind the Scenes in a Psychedelic Clinic,” Dr Pamela Kryskow, seasoned researcher, co-investigator on the largest study on Microdose.me, and founding board member of the Psychedelic Association of Canada, demystifies microsing and discusses why a multi-disciplinary approach is vital for psychedelic healing.
  • In “From Clinical Trial to Public Use,” Andrew Penn, psychiatric nurse practitioner and cofounder of the Organization of Psychedelic and Entheogenic Nurses, shares his research examining psychedelic-assisted therapy for people with Parkinson's disease, depression, bipolar 2, chronic pain, and PTSD.
  • In “How Psychedelics can Heal Trauma,” Professor Rachel Yehuda, Founder and Director of the Center for Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Trauma Research, explains the science behind the psychedelic treatment of trauma, how MDMA can foster post-traumatic growth, and how psychedelics are used to treat veterans.
  • In “The Third Wave of Psychedelics,” Paul F. Austin, author, coach, and Founder of Third Wave, who has guided millions to safe and meaningful psychedelic experiences, explains what microdosing is and what the benefits are, the Third Wave of psychedelics, and psychedelics as a skill rather than an experience.
  • In “Biohacking, Longevity, Psychedelics, and Neurofeedback,” Dave Asprey, New York Times bestselling author and “Father of Biohacking,” shares how biohacking helps us reclaim energy, provides practices available for anyone, anywhere, right now, and explains how to incorporate principles of protection from ceremony into biohacking.
  • In “Psychedelics: Neuroscience and Historical Use,”Dr Maya Shetreat, neurologist and herbalist, explains how psychedelics work in neuroscience and ancient practice, what shifted medical acceptance of the use of psychedelics, and what is a master plant versus a psychedelic.

Free Gifts for Attendees

When you register for the 2024 Psychedelic Super Conference, you'll get instant access to 6 bonus gifts, including the following exclusive video sessions:

  1. MDMA and the Future of Mental Health Treatment, Dr Rick Doblin
  2. How Psychedelics Can Change Your Brain, Professor Robin Carhart-Harris
  3. Indigenous Reciprocity: Equity in Psychedelics, Dr Beatriz Caiuby Labate
  4. Psychedelic Culture, Creativity and Community, Laura Dawn
  5. From Counterculture to Psychedelic Renaissance, Erik Davis
  6. Meditation, Mindfulness and Psychedelics, Dr Ronald Siegel

About Your Hosts of the Psychedelic Super Conference

Alexander Beiner is an author, journalist and facilitator whose work focuses on bringing new ways of seeing and being from the margins of culture into the mainstream.

He's the author of The Bigger Picture: How psychedelics can help us make sense of the world and writes a popular Substack on philosophy, popular culture and psychology.

He's an executive director of Breaking Convention, Europe's longest-running conference on psychedelic medicine and culture.

Meagen Gibson is the Chief Content Officer of Conscious Life. Her career includes award-winning journalist, educator and entrepreneur. Meagen’s enthusiasm and energy for personal development led her to take the leadership role at Conscious Life. Meagen is passionate about taking complex concepts and distilling them down to simple, accessible applications we can use to take action in our everyday lives.

Meagen is an experienced teacher, facilitator, and speaker on the subjects of journalism, entrepreneurship, film and video as well as improv. Her previous television work in the U.S. includes The Voice and Who Do You Think You Are.

Most recently, Meagen co-created and directed the series, How I Created A Cult, for Conscious Life. The series is currently available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV in North America.

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