Proven: 9-Part Documentary About Alternative Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science

Proven: 9-Part Documentary About Alternative Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science

Discover scientifically proven alternative medicines for the most serious illnesses we face.

Beliefs determine thoughts. Thoughts determine actions. And actions create our world.

So when we see things that are wrong, disturbing, or sad, it’s helpful to look at the numbers and then beyond to the circumstances and beliefs that created them.

Now, consider this:

1 in 6 Americans is on a psychiatric drug. Nearly half the population suffers from at least one chronic disease. 1 in 2 men will get cancer. 1 in 3 women.

The statistics are tragic, but they give rise to a powerful and life-changing question:

What in this world really makes us – and keeps us – healthy?

Are drugs and surgery our only option? Not even close…

What most doctors DON’T necessarily know about – and the mainstream certainly won’t tell you about – is the subject of this 9-part documentary series: “Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science.”

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PROVEN takes a deep dive into the phenomenal world of “alternative” and natural therapies – all backed by peer-reviewed scientific research data.

This unprecedented (and free) series will provide you with powerful information about non-drug and non-surgical approaches to staying healthy that are more effective and far SAFER than hospital medicine.

Each episode includes interviews with leading health experts, Ivy league researchers, and also survivors who have been through incredible alternative healing journeys.

There are more healing wonders in our world – some right at our fingertips – than you can even imagine.

Our conditioned beliefs about what keeps us healthy have actually contributed to making us sick! Brute chemical force is NOT the only path to wellness.

There are other ways to heal. Many of these ways are rooted in ancient wisdom from long-ago cultures, while some cutting-edge alternatives are being discovered right now!

PROVEN is a portal into all healing possibilities and will change how you think about health for the rest of your life.

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PROVEN also disproves many of our commonly shared assumptions about western medicine.

Did you know that you can take five people with a condition such as Type 2 diabetes, give them all the exact same modern drug, and get five completely different responses?

That has been proven.

Many of the ways we’ve been taught to THINK about doctors and medicine are incomplete. PROVEN will show you why.

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Here's What's Covered In Each Episode of “Proven”

Episode 01: The Root Cause Of All Disease – How To Rise Above Stress, Anxiety and Mood Illnesses

✅ Powerful herbs and supplements that are proven to outperform antidepressants without side effects

✅ An ancient practice that coordinates, eyes, mind, body, and breath to balance your mood and energize you… in minutes

✅ A new breakthrough in stress relief — and why doctors aren’t taught about this in medical school

Episode 02: Immunity 101: Strengthening Your Body’s Defense And Rooting Out Hidden Infections

✅ Scientifically proven alternative methods to keep viruses and other illnesses at bay

✅ The freaky intelligence of pathogens — and how to outsmart them

✅ The “quiet peril” of molds and mycotoxins that can infiltrate our homes — and how to test for and eliminate them

✅ Helpful viruses (no joke!) and bacteria that we want to nourish and protect

✅ The one thing that most people have forgotten to do in order to boost overall wellness and fend off disease

Episode 03: How To Restore And Protect Your Brain

✅ Powerful new data on neuroplasticity (the ability of our brains to keep making new connections) and the new medicines that have arisen from it

✅ Seeing, hearing and smelling exercises that are shown to keep your brain sharp and improve your ability to think

✅ The truth about healthy fats and which ones actually nourish your brain (and which ones don’t!)

✅ How to naturally trigger your brain’s “miracle” compound (and become smarter!)

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Episode 04: Gut Health & How To Balance Your Microbiome, Reduce Inflammation, Heal Digestive Issues And Overcome Autoimmune Disorders

✅ An evidence-based approach to repairing leaky gut, leaky skin and leaky brain

✅ What you need to know about the community of microorganisms that live in your stomach — which ones help you and which ones hurt you

✅ Fantastic fungi — 3 medicinal mushrooms that are proven to balance your immune function and reverse AI disease conditions like IBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and MS

✅ 5 exquisite herbs that will help you digest your food AND better absorb their nutrients

Episode 05: Healing Emotional And Physical Trauma

✅ A breakthrough discovery on how to rewire your brain and reclaim happiness, clarity and balance after tragedy and trauma

✅ An extraordinary healing tool for PTSD

✅ Proven approaches for expressing emotions that cannot be spoken out loud

✅ How a major leap in biotechnology is reversing physical trauma in professional athletes

✅ A fast and easy questionnaire you can take that will tell you whether your brain and body are traumatized or not

Episode 06: Solutions For Heart And Blood Disorders

✅ An incredibly simple way to prevent 90% of heart diseases, according to conclusive research

✅ 2 Herbs for heart conditions that are far more effective than statins and other big pharma meds

✅ How to reverse Type II Diabetes and obesity with easy lifestyle and diet upgrades

✅ The unspoken link between heart health and cognitive function (or dysfunction)

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Episode 07: Overcoming Pain

✅ The most effective pain relief treatment known, according to decades-old research

✅ A powerful DIY “tapping” technique that can stop a headache in minutes

✅ 2 time-tested herbs that are proven to be more effective than aspirin in treating joint and muscle pain

✅ A breakthrough wearable device that has extensive research for its effectiveness with back pain

Episode 08: Preventing & Healing Cancer

✅ Simple lifestyle habits and practices that have scientifically PROVEN cancer-preventive benefits

✅ A naturally-occurring chemical that stops metastasis and helps prevent certain cancers

✅ The hidden carcinogenic influences of modern life — more than just bad foods

✅ Why wild animals do not have inflammation — a major piece of the cancer puzzle — and what we can learn from them and their habitat

Episode 09: Reproductive Health

✅ Two fantastic herbs for women’s hormone regulation

✅ Ancestral healing practices that provide pleasure and strengthen health

✅ Suppressed research from Europe, Asia, and the Americas on hidden causes of birth defects

✅ Looking into the “magic mirror” of our skin and what it has to tell us

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Meet your host— Nick Polizzi

Nick Polizzi has spent his career producing and directing feature length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine.

He has been traveling the world, documenting forgotten healing methods ever since he cured himself of a debilitating illness using a traditional therapy when he was 25 years old.

Nick’s current role as host and executive producer of “Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science” stems from a calling to honor and share these powerful, evidence-based healing technologies so that we all have access to them.

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