How to Use Precognitive Dreams to Create a Future You'll Love - Theresa Cheung

How Precognitive Dreams Help You Create a Future You’ll Love

During this free online spiritual growth class, you'll experience a guided visualization to connect with your precognitive self so you can:

  • Start working with your psychic ability to see the future
  • And allow it to help you navigate challenges, cultivate wellbeing, and manifest your desires

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What You'll Learn During “How Precognitive Dreams Help You Create a Future You'll Love”

Have you ever had a nighttime dream, and then images or scenes from it played out in your waking life — igniting a profound sense of deja vu?

Have you ever had a strong feeling that something was going to happen… and then it did?

These moments of precognition, or foreknowledge of the future, can seem magical, yet they are much more than fleeting aha! moments. That is, if you understand how they work and how you can work with them.

What Are “Precognitive Hits”?

Ancient cultures traditionally considered them one of the MOST important kinds of dreams — actual messages from the gods! And science has designated this innate capability — which we all have — as a valid psychic phenomenon.

Bestselling author, dream decoding expert, and popular podcaster Theresa Cheung calls these precognitive “hits” (foreknowledge of the future), which come in our nighttime dreams, our nocturnal intuition.

It’s the most common way for us to experience glimpses into the future, she stresses, and if you don’t consider yourself psychic or wish you had psychic abilities, looking to your dreams is a powerful way to jumpstart those skills.

When you learn to work with your precognitive dreams, you gain access to profound insights into how to heal your past, navigate and resolve your present, and better create your future.

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Benefits of Accessing Your Precognitive Dreams and Nocturnal Intuition

In this fascinating hour with Theresa, she’ll share how to encourage precognition in your dreams — as well as your waking life — and how to know when you’re experiencing this supernormal phenomena and when you think you may be, but you’re not.

She’ll also provide you with fun ways to bring your nocturnal intuition “out” into your waking life and put it to work, helping you to:

  • Circumvent or navigate challenges
  • Cultivate health and wellbeing
  • Manifest what you desire into your life

And, she’ll lead you in a powerful guided visualization to help you connect with your precognitive self AND encourage your conscious mind to allow this intuitive part of you to emerge… so you can better know, trust, and access your psychic powers.

Class Topics for “Precognitive Dreams Help You Create a Future You'll Love”

During this precognition-boosting hour with Theresa, you’ll:

  • Explore the emerging science that validates precognition (foreknowledge of the future) and what it tells us about our ability to see and create our future
  • Learn how all of your dreams are at least partly precognitive — and how to decode and cultivate this nocturnal intuition that we all have
  • Experience a guided visualization to encourage your conscious mind and unconscious “precognitive self” to work together to boost your precognition and allow its soul-lead wisdom to emerge
  • Learn fun and fascinating ways to “live out” parts of your nighttime dreams in your waking life to jumpstart your precognitive powers
  • Discover how to know when you’re experiencing true precognition — and ways to learn to trust this life-transforming capability

Theresa, who has researched the paranormal for 25 years and written over 40 books related to the science of cognition and intuition, encourages others to fall in love with their dreams because, she believes, it’s a way of learning to fall in love with ourselves… and embracing the whole of our being, including our capacity for deeper knowing.

Our dreams are a special language, she affirms. They are messages from our soul, and we need to learn what they’re saying if we wish to know ourselves better and allow our inner wisdom to be heard.

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About Your Teacher – Theresa Cheung

Theresa Cheung - HeadshotTheresa Cheung is a bestselling author and dream decoding expert who has been researching and writing about spirituality, astrology, dreams, and the paranormal for the past 25 years. Theresa has written more than 40 books and cards on topics ranging from the science of cognition to intuition, including two The Sunday Times top-10 bestsellers.

She collaborates with scientists and co-authored The Premonition Code: The Science of Precognition with neuroscientist and IONS fellow Dr Julia Mossbridge. Her bestselling Dream Dictionary From A to Z is regarded as a classic in its field, and her Dream Decoder: 60 Cards to Unlock your Unconscious is stocked in the Freud Museum. Her latest book, How to Catch a Dream, was published in July along with her latest card deck, Angels for the Modern Mystic.

Theresa’s broadcast media appearances include ITV’s This Morning (Theresa has appeared on the show numerous times as their regular dreams and spiritual expert), Today Extra, Piers Morgan’s GMTV, Russell Brand’s Under the Skin podcast, Coast to Coast AM, and Capital FM with Roman Kemp. She has been a contributing dream expert for VICE, Daily Mail, Glamour UK, and more. She also hosts the podcast White Shores, which was created for spiritual beings having a human experience.

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