Plant-Based Coaching Workshop

Plant-Based Coaching Workshop

Imagine a vocation where you get to save lives and protect the planet.

That’s exactly what the Plant-Based Coaching Workshop: How to Change Lives Doing What You Love is designed to show you how to do.

In this live, three-part workshop, Ocean Robbins of Food Revolution Network, along with guest experts, will reveal why plant-based coaching is more than a trend…

It’s a thriving, rewarding career in an industry that’s expanding fast.

And they’ll share how you can be at the forefront of this movement, leading with authority and passion.

Why Attend the “Plant-Based Coaching Workshop”

How many of us have friends, family, and community members whose health is suffering because of the food they’re eating?

The truth is that most people are eating the wrong food and missing out on the nutrients and vitamins they need — and it’s causing a global health catastrophe.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We now have years of solid scientific research showing that so many of the chronic diseases plaguing our loved ones and communities are preventable when people adopt a more whole foods, plant-powered diet.

A diet that is:

  1. Rich in vegetables, healthy whole grains, colorful fruits, legumes, and nuts
  2. And low in processed foods, sugar, and animal products

Has been shown to slash the risk of diseases, including the world’s top killers.

Here’s why whole foods and plant-based are more than a trend:

  • It’s proven to boost energy, prevent chronic diseases, and extend life expectancy.
  • It’s a powerful way to reduce our carbon footprint and help save our soil, water, forests and ecosystems so that future generations can have a healthier world.
  • And a recent survey showed that half of all Americans want to eat more plant-based foods!

But with the surge of interest, there’s also a surge of misinformation and challenges. This is where trained, knowledgeable coaches (like you could be!) step in, guiding people through their plant-based journeys effectively and healthfully.

As millions adopt this lifestyle, the demand for expert coaches is skyrocketing.

So, if you’re passionate about helping people get healthy and live their best lives…

Or if you want to make a positive impact on this planet…

Then this free workshop will share how you can turn these passions into a life-changing career.

What You'll Learn During the “Plant-Based Coaching Workshop”

In this transformative training, you’ll discover:

  • What the latest research tells us about the exact foods that are shown to prevent — and, in many cases, reverse — disease. You’ll learn the simple dietary shifts that can kick off a healing transformation and the specific nutrients shown to increase lifespan, improve heart health, starve cancer, slash the risk of dementia, decrease type 2 diabetes markers, and much more.
  • The successful strategy you can use for getting clients who are eager to find you and who will beg you to work with them — or how to start running group programs to reach more people.
  • The big mistake that outdated coaching techniques make — and how to motivate clients to go from wanting to change… to doing it.
  • The essentials that belong in a plant-based kitchen, and what other key recommendations besides food will help clients go from struggling to singing your praises.
  • The common pitfalls of a plant-based diet… and how to overcome the dangers so you can guide clients to gain maximum benefits without risking their health.
  • How to build trust quickly and set healthy boundaries with clients so you stay within your scope (and don’t burn out from caregiver’s fatigue!)
  • How to be of service in at-risk communities, tips for eating well on a budget, and straightforward but highly effective ways to bring the plant-based movement to the world.

You'll get to learn from A-listers in nutrition, coaching, and socially responsible business-building for an in-depth experience that will teach you how to change lives…

Starting with your own.

If you want to know more about nutrition, making an impact, and enrolling people in taking action on behalf of their own best interests… be sure to check out this free Plant-Based Coaching Workshop.

Plant-Based Coaching Workshop – Daily Schedule

Day 1: Nutrition

You’ll find out about the power of plants to heal lives and prevent chronic illness. We’ll also share a research-based analysis of the key benefits and pitfalls of a plant-based diet — and how to maximize the benefits and overcome the dangers. You’ll also learn the essentials of creating a plant-based kitchen. This is for you if you believe that food matters and you would like to help people optimize nutrition in their lives.

Day 2: Impact

We’ll look at the expanding field of plant-based coaching, and at the many ways to make a hobby, a side gig, or a thriving career out of helping people heal their lives. We’ll look at the employment opportunities available in the field, and at how existing healthcare professionals can bring lifestyle medicine into their practice. You’ll learn how you could build a business as a plant-based coach. And we’ll look at proven strategies for making an impact in your family, your community, and on our planet.

Day 3: Coaching

We’ll look at breakthrough research on how to create lasting behavior change. We’ll share the foundations of intrinsic motivation, goal setting, accountability, building trust and rapport, non-verbal communication, active listening, and demonstrating presence — and how it all relates to plant-based coaching. This is for you if you’re passionate about helping others make the transition from knowing what to do to doing what they know — so they can achieve lasting results.

Who Should Attend the Plant-Based Coaching Workshop

This workshop is for you if…

  • You want to learn how you can start your own business (and be your own boss!) as a plant-based coach; or
  • You’re already a coach, doctor, nutritionist, or in the health and wellness industry, and you want to help your clients make the switch to more nutritious food; or
  • You want to land a job in a forward-thinking wellness center, food business, or nonprofit where you can make a difference with work you love; or
  • You aren’t really thinking about a career path, but you do want to gain some skills that you can use to help people get healthy.

Free Gift for Attendees

When you join in, you’ll receive the exclusive guide, 27 Rewarding Paths to a Thriving Career as a Plant-Based Coach. It’s packed with brilliant ideas to ignite your soul-satisfying, profit-making journey. Find out more and get it all, right here.

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Oct 06 - 08 2023


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