PCOS SOS Summit 2023

PCOS SOS Summit 2023

The worst is over. The confusion that comes with the symptoms is gone.

You received your PCOS diagnosis. But what comes next?

PCOS can make things tricky. It might seem like your body is acting on its own, and you don’t have much say in it.

You probably have some unmet needs when it comes to finding answers to your PCOS challenges. You may:

  • Be unsure how to regain control of your health.
  • Want help with fertility issues.
  • Struggle to manage your weight.
  • Have trouble finding doctors who truly understand your needs.
  • Wish someone would pay attention to your priorities and goals.

It’s time to transform your PCOS journey for the better during the 2023 PCOS SOS Summit.

Why Attend the PCOS SOS 2023 Summit

PCOS doesn’t just affect your body image and mental well-being. It’s also a leading cause of infertility.

It affects 8-13% of women of reproductive age.

What’s even more concerning is that up to 70% of women with PCOS remain undiagnosed.

During the 2023 PCOS SOS Summit, you’ll have access to insights from over 40 experts in various fields, including nutrition, sexual health, mental health, endocrinology, gut health, and more. Felice Gersh, MD, an expert in women’s health, will be your host.

Here’s just a little bit of what they’ll be addressing:

  • Difficulties with fertility and menstrual cycles
  • Treating PCOS as a whole, not just individual symptoms
  • Helping parents support their daughters with PCOS
  • Exploring alternatives to conventional pharmaceutical approaches
  • Mind-body healing connection: Discover how to connect with your body to help it heal. We’ll share techniques that strengthen the bond between your mind and body, improving your overall health.
  • Stress relief for well-being: Learn practical methods to lower stress and anxiety. By doing this, you can create a safe and : nurturing environment that supports your health.
  • Decoding physical health patterns: Learn how to see the hidden messages in your health patterns. These patterns can reveal important information about your health, guiding you toward better well-being.
  • Personalized PCOS management: Get access to the latest PCOS treatments designed just for you. These innovative therapies will help you manage PCOS effectively.
  • Access a world of PCOS solutions: From evidence-based supplements to advanced therapeutic devices, the presentations will introduce you to numerous solutions and treatments.
  • Improve your life with PCOS through nutrition and fasting.
  • Learn about the importance of sleep and stress control.
  • Get personalized exercise plans for PCOS.
  • Explore how to control your body’s microbiome.
  • Discover ways to deal with pollutants, toxins, and chemicals.

By joining the summit, you’ll not only gain knowledge but also become part of a community dedicated to transforming the statistics around PCOS. Together, we can make a positive impact on women’s health.

Signs You Might Have PCOS

Not every woman is sure whether or not she has PCOS. Here's one way to explore that…

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your weight goes up and down.
  • You’re having trouble getting pregnant.
  • You’re feeling tired all the time.
  • Acne keeps popping up.
  • You’re often anxious or sad.

You’re not alone. Up to 70% of women with PCOS don’t even know they have it. You might be one of them.

If you’re not sure about PCOS but think you might have it, the PCOS SOS Summit will help you understand PCOS better and find solutions for your health. It’s a chance to get answers and maybe even help a friend going through the same thing.

If you’ve been struggling with issues like irregular periods, hair loss, tiredness, acne, or feeling down, the 2023 PCOS SOS summit could be a game-changer for you.

Support for Mothers Whose Daughters May Have PCOS

You’ve always wanted what’s best for your daughter. You’ve seen her grow, overcome challenges, and become a woman. But now, you’re facing a new challenge together, and you might not be sure how to help her.

Sometimes, our bodies act in ways we don’t understand. Your daughter might be going through something called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It can be hard to figure out because its symptoms can have different reasons.

But it’s important to believe in your daughter and support her.

During the PCOS SOS Summit, you can:

  • Learn about what causes PCOS
  • Find out how doctors diagnose PCOS
  • Understand what PCOS does to the body
  • Get the knowledge and tools to be a strong advocate for your daughter’s health
  • Discover different ways to help your daughter feel better

You’re not alone in this journey. Many parents like you are coming to the summit to learn and support their daughters. Together, we can make a positive difference in their lives.

Support for Professionals Who Support PCOS Patients

Many doctors, even gynecologists, don’t fully get PCOS. PCOS is a bit of a medical mystery. It can be confusing.

Doctors often don’t know why it happens or all the different ways to help their patients through lifestyle modifications, natural remedies, and hormonal treatments. They might just suggest birth control pills.

The good news is that there are so many treatment options that healthcare providers often don’t know about or don’t talk about!

The PCOS SOS Summit will delve into the roots of PCOS, its various symptoms, and the latest treatment options. It’s all about offering better solutions for your patients and understanding PCOS more deeply.

It has sessions especially for healthcare professionals like you, who actually care for women with PCOS.

If you’ve ever seen women struggle to find healthcare providers who truly listen to their needs, now you can be that professional—the one who listens and offers informed choices.

Learn more about PCOS and how to take better care of your patients by joining the 2023 PCOS SOS Summit.

Free Gifts for 2023 PCOS SOS Summit Attendees

When you register for the PCOS SOS 2023 Summit, you'll get immediate access to several free gifts including:

Gift #1: Sneak Peek of the “PCOS SOS” Book

For many women around the world, PCOS is an unwelcome reality.

It brings acne, irregular periods, fertility issues, weight gain, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and heart troubles.

Doctors often treat these symptoms individually, leaving you with a handful of pills that don’t address the root of the problem. This leaves women taking too many medicines without getting any better.

PCOS SOS isn’t your typical medical book. It’s a game-changer.

It shows women how to conquer PCOS naturally in just seven simple steps. No more relying on endless pills! Instead, it offers scientifically proven lifestyle tips that harness your body’s natural healing power.

It’s a practical, easy-to-follow guide that sets every woman with PCOS on the path to a healthier, happier life. In this sneak peek, you’ll discover:

  • A glimpse inside PCOS SOS, which outlines a revolutionary seven-step approach to beating PCOS naturally.
  • Scientifically-backed lifestyle interventions that harness your body’s innate healing abilities.
  • Practical, easy-to-follow guidance that can empower you to take control of your health and wellness.
Gift #2: The “Period Repair Manual”

For way too long, doctors have been using hormone pills like candy to treat women’s health issues. But why do they do this instead of trying to find out what’s really causing the problems?

Many women don’t even know what their natural periods are like because they’ve been on these pills for so long.

It’s time to change all of this. We need to start thinking differently about our hormones. They’re not the bad guys; they can actually help us feel better and be healthier.

In these early chapters, you’ll learn:

  • What a healthy period should be like and why yours might be different.
  • Other ways to prevent pregnancy without using hormonal birth control.
  • How to see your hormones as helpers, not troublemakers.

Regular medicine doesn’t always work for women with PCOS. It might help with some problems for a little while, but it doesn’t fix everything. This summit is different. It looks at the root problems and can change your health and life.

Gift #3: First Two Chapters of the “Hormone Repair Manual”

Life after 40 brings its own set of joys and challenges, but when it comes to hormonal changes, things can get pretty confusing.

Mood swings, hot flashes, and uncertainty can make this phase seem overwhelming.

But why let these changes take control when you can empower yourself and embrace this new phase with confidence?

This invaluable resource is your guide to maintaining optimal hormonal health after 40. It’s time to navigate the uncharted territory of perimenopause and menopause with ease while alleviating troublesome symptoms!

In these initial chapters, you’ll delve into:

  • Understanding Perimenopause: Gain insights into the emotional and biological aspects of perimenopause, including the significance of regular ovulation.
  • The Importance of Ovulation: Discover why comprehending ovulation, even as you approach the end of your reproductive years, is vital. Ovulation plays a crucial role in managing common menopausal symptoms.
  • Science-Backed Recommendations: Lara Briden, ND, draws from her extensive experience and the successful outcomes of her numerous patients to offer practical, effective solutions.
Gift #4: “Your Guide to Toxin-Free Beauty Products for Clear, Glowing Skin: PCOS Edition”

We often chase after wrinkle-free, youthful skin, but let’s pause for a moment.

True skincare goes beyond appearances—it’s about nourishing your skin’s health from within. Real beauty shines when you’re healthy, vibrant, and confident.

This guide is your key to unlocking a radiant, toxin-fre-e glow that’s been hiding within you. It’s time to say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to natural, glowing beauty.

Discover the secrets within this guide:

  • Radiant Skin: Discover the secrets to soft, glowing, and youthful skin.
  • Toxin-Free Beauty: Explore the world of non-toxic beauty products crafted from farm-fresh ingredients.
  • Inner Healing: Learn how nurturing your body’s natural healing powers can transform your skin and overall well-being.
  • Aging Reimagined: Aging gracefully is a choice, and this guide will show you how to embrace vitality at every age.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using quick fixes filled with harmful chemicals. But we believe in a different path—one that leads to lasting beauty and vibrant health.

Your skin is more than just a pretty face. It’s a powerful protector, a regulator of your body’s temperature, and a reflection of your inner health. When you care for your skin with love and natural goodness, the results are not only skin-deep but soul-deep.

It’s time to rewrite the beauty narrative. Let’s redefine what beauty means and set a new standard—a standard that celebrates strength, reduces inflammation, and empowers every cell in your body.

The truth is, your body thrives when it gets what it truly needs. This Detox is all about rediscovering that truth. It’s about turning back the clock on aging, revitalizing your skin, and embracing a life filled with vitality.

Even if you can't attend as scheduled, register now because you'll be able to listen to sessions for brief time after they air.

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