A Path for Healing People and Planet

A Path for Healing People and Planet

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You can be a regenerative force on this planet.

For millions of years, humans were nourished by and lived in deep symbiosis with a beautifully biodiverse ecosystem. But we have lost our way.

We have systematically sterilized our environment and isolated ourselves from nature.

Now we are on the brink of a total collapse in our global food system. We are engineering the sixth great extinction on this planet — but it doesn't have to be that way.

  • At this pivotal moment, can we find ourselves back into nature?
  • Can we change our mindset from consumers to producers and co-creators?
  • Can we establish cycles that are regenerative versus destructive?

You can be part of a future that is more diverse and more intelligent than the planet has ever expressed before. The paths are many, but they all revolve around reconnection — with each other, with farmers, with wisdom that is old and true, and with natural patterns.

To that end, this program gathers together thought leaders and changemakers focused on regenerative agriculture, because healthy soil, communities, economies, and people all form one essential ecosystem.

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What You'll Learn During “A Path for Healing People & Planet”

“As you listen to the many voices in this program, I hope regenerative agriculture will move from an abstract concept to an engaged experience. You will not only better understand the realities of our current farming landscape, but also better understand your role as a stakeholder in this food system. Because at the root of what it means to be regenerative is also what it means to be human.” ~ Zach Bush, MD

We can completely overcome the common paradigm – not through an “anti” mission – but through an alternative mission. Not through an effort to be more “pro” this or that, and thus heighten the polarization of our culture, but to literally rise above the old arguments.

Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

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Course Topics for “A Path for Healing People & Planet”

  • Learn how human & soil health are intimately related
  • Discover why past movements – such as “organic” – failed to change the paradigm
  • Listen to the challenges farmers and agricultural businesses face
  • Understand what it takes to heal an entire ecosystem
  • Reconnect with where your food comes from
  • Explore what regeneration looks like in your life

“A Path for Healing People & Planet” Sessions

Soil Health Is Human Health

Why were Zach’s patients getting sicker and more inflamed even when eating kale and brussel sprouts and other foods he knew should be loaded with medicinal compounds? This question would lead him to realize that we have created a food system, a medical system, and a culture that is fundamentally divorced from nature — and particularly, from healthy, fertile soil.

Rebirthing Regeneration

A regenerative food system asks us to become co-creators with nature, not just farmers or consumers. At its core is not any one thing to do or not do, but a mindset of reconnecting with nature and with each other to rebuild ecosystems. Because when you activate enough biodiversity in a system, suddenly the system expresses far more intelligence than the sum of its parts.

Rematriation of Knowledge

In this lesson Regi shares pathways for change that are unlocked by Indigenous awareness and wisdom, and how we can interact with ecosystems, communities, and food with integrity to foster healing.

Bridge Building

In this lesson Lauren Tucker of reNourish Studio, a program of Farmer’s Footprint, and Jesse Smith of White Buffalo Land Trust and Figure Ate discuss the opportunity to bring together people from across the entire food system. They invite everyone to co-create a food system that prioritizes the health and vibrancy of future generations and discuss the progress that’s unlocked when people from outside of agriculture get involved.

Progress Over Perfection

Brands and business leaders are a part of this ecosystem, too, with a big share of voice and influence over supply chains. Seeing innovative ways organizations are applying regenerative thinking gives us a window into the challenges and opportunities when choosing this path.

Balance & Healing Within the Movement

The conversation further explores concepts aligned with rematriation: connecting with an ancestral relationship to land, renourishing feminine archetypes, returning to cycles of nature, and grounding into the soil is a revolutionary act of love and hope. These possibilities of connection offer the opportunity for a more rooted way of life — one that expresses great reverence for Mother nature.

Elevating the Role of the Farmer in Society

There is a deep disconnect between our economic value system and the critical role of farming and food in our biology. We need food on a cellular, cultural, and communal level — almost every single day. And yet, over the previous decades we have devalued the work of our farmers and the food system at large. When we allow food to be at the center of community, education, the lives of our children, we find anything is possible.

Fostering Hope

Description coming soon.

The Power to Change the Future

Relatively few minds have shaped the world we live in. A small group of people with a deeply held vision can radically change the course of history. You are here and you have that power.

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Who Is ‘A Path for Healing People & Planet” For

  • Anyone who eats food!
  • People who care about being a life-giving force on the planet
  • People curious about the regenerative movement and how they can be a part of it
  • People looking to unite family and friends around a hopeful, healthful vision for humanity

Speaker & Teacher List for “A Path for Healing People & Planet”

  • Zach Bush, MD: Founder of Farmer’s Footprint
  • Charles Eisenstein: Author of Sacred Economics
  • Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin: Farmer & Indigenous Advocate
  • Samantha Foxx: Farmer & Community Leader
  • Ryan Black: CEO of Sambazon
  • Lauren Tucker: Founder of ReNourish Studio
  • Jesse Smith: White Buffalo Land Trust
  • Erin McMorrow, PhD: Author of Grounded
  • Matt Nicoletti: Penny Newman Grain Co.
  • Jade Lee: Bridge Builder & Artist
  • Brian Dawson: Regenerative Investor

About Your Host – Zach Bush

Zach Bush MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. Dr. Zach founded *Seraphic Group and the nonprofit Farmer’s Footprint to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health.

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Nov 17 - 20 2022


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