Pain Fix Protocol Masterclass - With Dr. Yoni Whitten

3 Natural Secrets to Become Pain-Free… Without Doctors, Drugs, or Surgery

Probably sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Becoming pain-free without all the conventional interventions that many of us have come to depend on?

Most likely many of the 1.5 BILLION people in the world suffering from chronic pain (including yourself!), think that living pain-free, in a body that moves effortlessly, is simply impossible.

The thing is, it is possible to stop your chronic pain – for good, and you’ll learn how during the “Pain Fix Protocol Masterclass.”

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What You'll Learn During the Pain-Fix Protocol Masterclass with Dr. Yoni Whitten

The class is led by Dr. Yoni Whitten, a pain expert in practice for over 16 years, and who has developed a revolutionary new approach to fixing pain and bulletproofing your body.

Benefits of Optimizing Your Posture, Mobility, and Joint Health

He'll show you how to optimize your posture, mobility, and joint health so that you can feel more:

  • Supple
  • Balanced
  • Aligned
  • Youthful
  • Energetic

Pain-Fix Protocol Masterclass Key Topics

  • The NEW science of fixing chronic pain (that conventional medicine hasn't caught up with yet).
  • Simple techniques to immediately begin reducing pain signals in the body.
  • Easy ways to update your everyday habits and break your pain cycle.
  • Common medical myths that are keeping you in constant pain – and how to avoid them.
  • How to understand what your body is really asking for when you suffer from chronic pain… and how to give it what it needs to heal.
  • 3 secrets to living in a pain-free body – without doctors, drugs, or surgery
  • Simple movements you can do in minutes to fix your posture and align your body.
  • How to bring back your youthful body so it moves like it did when you were a kid.
  • Powerful new research and specific methods to build a youthful, balanced, and energetic body that ALWAYS feels amazing.

After you complete the Pain Fix Protocol Masterclass with Dr. Yoni Whitten, you’ll finally know how to easily erase your pain by using new and life-changing solutions (that, by the way, virtually no one else is talking about).

Your body really can heal. Your body can move and feel like it did when you were young!

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The Surprising Importance of Spinal Posture

Woman Sitting on Bed With Back PainIf you’re dealing with chronic pains and aches, or if you want to learn the secrets to fix your posture and build a body that moves and functions like it did when you were a kid…

Then you'll want to learn this fundamental key to longevity and healing chronic pain.

That's because when it's absent, it drives illness, zaps your energy, and ultimately decreases your lifespan.

The thing is, it's something almost no health guru even knows about, nor how to fix it correctly (without surgery or drugs).

Here are some statistics to consider…

Startling Statistics About People With Poor Spinal Curvature / Posture

  • 2.5 times more likely to die from atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries)
  • Twice as likely to die from pulmonary (lung-related) problems
  • 1.44 times more likely to die from ALL CAUSES!

If you're focused on energy levels, consider #2 above… 2 times more likely to die from lung-related causes.

It turns out that poor spinal posture (forward head posture and excessive rounding of the upper back) decreases your lung capacity by up to 30%!

Your poor spine posture is preventing you from getting enough air into your lungs every time you breathe.

Less air getting into the lungs… means less oxygen getting to your mitochondria…which means less energy is produced by your cells.

Plus, now your lungs have to work harder, your heart has to work harder.

Research shows poor spinal posture actually increases your “fight or flight” (sympathetic nervous system) activation, so your body gets locked into stress responses.

To make matters worse, this fact of the nervous system shifting into stress mode also increases anxiety and mood issues, and increases pain perception in the brain — which means more headaches, more back pain, and more neck pain.

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Issues Often Caused By Poor Spinal Posture

  • Fatigue (low energy levels from chronic low-level oxygen deprivation)
  • Massively increased risk of heart disease
  • Decline in functionality later in life (loss of ability to get up and down from the floor, play with your grandkids, walk, run, ski, and even to go to the bathroom without help)
  • Chronic pain, chronic anxiety and mood problems (due to the nervous system locked in stress mode)
  • Dying much earlier than you should.

Again, this spinal posture increases your risk of dying from all causes by 150%!

And just one more thing… consider that over two-thirds of people in the modern world HAVE the exact spinal posture that leads to all these issues!

What You'll Learn About Proper Spinal Posture

You'll learn how to:

  • Open up your spine so your lungs can breathe again
  • Flush oxygen back into your mitochondria so they can pump out more energy
  • Get out of chronic pain
  • Switch your brain and nervous system out of chronic stress/anxiety mode
  • Dramatically reduce your risk of major killers (cardiovascular disease) and extend your lifespan dramatically.

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About Your Pain Fix Protocol Facilitator – Dr. Yoni Whitten

Dr. Yoni Whitten - HeadshotThe class is led by the brilliant Dr. Yoni Whitten, an expert in overcoming chronic pain and fixing posture.

He has a unique genius in all things related to the structure and function of the human body.

In clinical practice for 16 years, Dr. Whitten has helped THOUSANDS of patients end their pain and transform their bodies.

And his method is a genuine breakthrough in the understanding of how to fix pain.

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