Overcoming Long Haul Syndrome Summit 2023

Overcoming Long Haul Syndrome Summit

ME/CFS remains one of the most mysterious conditions on the planet. Yet it affects an estimated 2.5 million people in the U.S. alone. According to the CDC, 90% of cases haven’t been diagnosed.

Yet, until recently, there’s been minimal attention given to patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) by mainstream medicine.

Patients have been searching for answers with little help or even acknowledgment of the severity of their illness.

The rising numbers of people with Long Haul Syndrome and its similarities to ME/CFS have given doctors and researchers new impetus to search for better answers in regard to causes and treatments for these illnesses.

Many patients have identifiable triggers. Treating these triggers, as well as the immune dysregulation they cause, can aid in recovery.

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What You'll Learn During the Overcoming Long Haul Syndrome Summit 2023

The event brings together over 50 of the world’s leading experts on Long Haul Syndrome, chronic illnesses, and ME/CFS – including doctors, scientists, and researchers who are on the front lines of this new health paradigm.

As a collective, there isn’t a topic that is more important to all of us.

Due to the unsettling nature of this condition, we have developed this summit. Our mission? To provide clarity for a devastating disorder that can afflict our neighbors, loved ones, and family.

If you, or a loved one, are suffering from Long Haul, the lack of information and resources can feel overwhelming. Without a proper guide, online research can yield contradictory results and confusing takeaways. A trusted and reliable source to show you what the leading doctors on the field have to say is the only way forward.

Join the Overcoming Long-Haul Syndrome Summit and unmask 50+ ways to move past a Post Covid-19 diagnosis.

At this summit, you will learn from the leading health authorities and experts in the world. Why? Their commitment to sharing their expertise with the rest of us has one purpose: to provide the actionable insights you need to finally step away from the earth-trembling tragedy of COVID-19.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn:

Highlighted Speaker Topics for the Overcoming Long-Haul Syndrome Summit

  • What causes Long-Haul Syndrome, and who is at the highest risk…
  • The Long-Haul symptoms you need to tell your doctor about
  • How to differentiate between Long-Haul and other chronic infections …
  • How to find relief from chronic fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains, and headaches …
  • Why autoimmunity is so common after Long-Haul Syndrome …
  • How to activate your body’s natural healing processes after a Long-Haul diagnosis…
  • How epigenetics, peptides, stem cells, and telomeres may offer hope for Long-Haul…
  • The future of chronic disease treatment in a post-covid world…
  • Why dormant conditions and thyroid issues often show up as a result of Long-Haul…
  • …And much more!

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Ways That Long Haul Post-Covid Syndrome Can Manifest

The most common symptoms that we know of include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Memory problems
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Shortness of breath
  • Anxiety and depression
  • General pain and discomfort
  • Difficulty thinking or concentrating
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

The ongoing inflammation can trigger dormant and underlying chronic issues to emerge. This includes severe autoimmune disorders like arthritis, psoriasis, Lupus, Hashimoto’s, and diabetes.

In the long run, you may need to treat both Long-Haul Syndrome and other chronic conditions.

Here's why:

  • It can impact any group of the population.
  • Symptoms can sometimes disappear and reappear (without explanation).
  • Over-exertion may make the condition worse.

During the 2023 Overcoming Long Haul Syndrome Summit, you will:

  • Discuss the latest therapies doctors use to help their patients recover.
  • Learn how to treat concurrent infections, chronic conditions, and diseases.
  • Understand in what way doctors changed their approach to treating chronic infections and diseases.

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Free Gifts for Summit Attendees

When you register for the Overcoming Long Haul Syndrome Summit, you'll also get access to several free resources, including:

  1. Immunity Secrets in a Post-COVID World
  2. Summit Expert Speakers: Citations & Resources Guide
  3. The ME/CFS & Long-Haul Connection
  4. COVID19 eReport: Steps for Prevention and Treatment of COVID & Long Hauler Syndrome
  5. The Root Cause of Your Immune Imbalance: Fix Your Body’s Survival Response for Optimal Immune Health
  6. How Do I Know If I Have a Parasitic Infection
  7. Relax and Reboot
  8. The Pre-Tox Protocol
  9. European Secrets to Heal Your Liver
  10. Six Surprising Places Bacteria Are Growing In Your Home
  11. The Top Science Backed Supplements for Energy Enhancement
  12. The DNA Company Thrival Guide
  13. Dr. Tom's 10 minute Rapid Stress Release Meditation
  14. 11 Things Your Cancer Program Needs to Address
  15. Methylene Blue PowerPoint Slide deck
  16. Acupressure for Nervous System
  17. Anti-Viral Hydration Elixirs with Everyday Ingredients
  18. Mast Cell Activation Syndrome FAQ Guide
  19. What Your Doctor Might Be Missing In The New Health Landscape (Webinar and Transcript)
  20. Assess Your Cognition Today for a Free 30-day Trial of PreCODE or ReCODE
  21. Leveraging Your Genes for Better Health
  22. 5 Simple Successful Strategies for Long COVID
  23. Tired of Being Tired?
  24. Keto Diet Guide
  25. Mycotoxin and Mold Metabolites: Cheatsheet

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3 Reasons to Attend the Overcoming Long Haul Syndrome Summit

You’ll love this event for three main reasons:

1. At its core, this summit is about all the incredible things that can happen when you take charge of your health.

Like putting an end to chronic fatigue, brain fog, and ongoing inflammation.

2. To many, this summit is the key to finding the missing link between your diagnosis and recovery.

You’ll hear from world-class experts about what causes Long-Haul Syndrome and who is at the highest risk.

You’ll understand why autoimmunity is so common after Long-Haul Syndrome.

You’ll walk away with a clear idea of how to treat concurrent infections and chronic conditions.

3. Your hosts: Dr. Nafysa Parpia and Dr. Eric Gordon.

Dr. Parpia sits on the board of the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness. She uses cutting-edge tests and scientific data to create personalized treatment plans.

Dr. Gordon co-authored a groundbreaking study with Dr. Robert Naviaux. It’s called Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He also engages in clinical research aimed at bringing together advanced medical researchers.

Dr. Sharon Stills combines her conventional medical training, data-driven science, cutting-edge diagnostic tools and a deep knowledge of natural healing to effectively identify and treat health concerns ranging from allergies to end stage cancer, and everything in between.

Together, they have a powerful message to share: now is the time to take control of your health and live the life you deserve.

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About Your Overcoming Long Haul Syndrome Summit Hosts

About Nafysa Parpia, ND

Dr. Nafysa Parpia is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and has spent the last decade treating patients with complex chronic illnesses. She specializes in tick-borne illness, environmentally acquired illness, mold/mycotoxin illness, autoimmunity, fibromyalgia, and ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). She uses cutting-edge laboratory tests and deep intuition applied to the full range of scientific data to create comprehensive treatment plans that are highly personalized.

Dr. Parpia is also a sought-after speaker at medical conferences and summits. She is on ISEAI’s Board of Directors (International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness) and is a Scientific and Medical Advisor for Neurohacker Collective.

About Eric Gordon, MD

Eric D. Gordon, MD is President of Gordon Medical Research Center and clinical director of Gordon Medical Associates which specializes in complex chronic illness. In addition to being in clinical practice for over 40 years, Dr. Gordon is engaged in clinical research focused on bringing together leading international medical researchers and cutting-edge clinicians. His research is focusing on ME/CFS, Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases, and autism.

He also co-author a groundbreaking study with Dr. Naviaux called “Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS).

About Dr. Sharon Stills

Dr. Sharon Stills is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor providing comprehensive health care, therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients worldwide. She combines her conventional medical training, data-driven science, cutting-edge diagnostic tools and a deep knowledge of natural healing to effectively identify and treat health concerns ranging from allergies to end stage cancer, and everything in between.

Dr. Stills is a 2001 graduate of SCNM (The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine) in Tempe, Arizona, one of the nation’s foremost accredited medical schools. She specializes in European Biological Medicine – having trained extensively with Dr. Thomas Rau formerly of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland and was chosen to lecture alongside him as part of the Paracelsus Academy.

She is highly-regarded as an expert in the natural treatment of cancer due to her successful treatment protocols used with patients diagnosed with cancer – from early to advanced stage – and has been a featured expert in many oncology summits based on her experience and knowledge of the subject.

Drawing from a wide variety of traditions and healing foundations, including Naturopathic, Bio-Regulatory, Functional, Homeopathic, TCM and Ayurveda, she has been successful in providing answers and healing pathways to her patients when others have failed.

She is continuously humbled and inspired by every patient she has the opportunity to guide towards Reinventing Their Health….Naturally!

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