Overcoming Childhood Trauma Summit - Break Free From Your Past & Reclaim Your Life

Overcoming Childhood Trauma Summit – Break Free From Your Past & Reclaim Your Life

Are you struggling with the after-effects of childhood trauma? If so, you are not alone.

Adverse childhood experiences generate a plethora of emotions, and unless these emotions are processed, they can become “stuck” in your body and mind. This unprocessed trauma can severely impact your physical health, mental health, career, relationships and more.

The good news is… it’s never too late to heal from childhood trauma!

What You'll Learn During the Overcoming Childhood Trauma Summit

  • How to heal from trauma by harnessing your own psychological resilience
  • How to use meditation & self hypnosis to reduce & eliminate symptoms of childhood trauma
  • The impacts of trauma on your brain & how to decrease PTSD symptoms like anxiety, shame, guilt & more
  • How to use modalities like homeopathy & family constellations for childhood neglect & sexual abuse
  • Techniques and strategies to help you lean into your emotions in order to heal your trauma
  • How to treat in utero, birth & preverbal traumas
  • The healing power of narrative writing in overcoming childhood trauma
  • The impact toxic stress from childhood trauma has on your wellbeing & how to let it go
  • How to free yourself from the grip that anxiety, panic attacks & flashbacks have had on your life, and/or the lives of those you love
  • How to raise your resilience with EFT Tapping
  • How to find relief from the toll adverse childhood experiences take on your body
  • The impact relational childhood trauma has on your adult intimate relationships and how to heal attachment injuries
  • How to use ancestral energetic clearing & activation to let go of your trauma
  • The importance of integrating neuroscience into your trauma healing toolkit

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Examples of Childhood Trauma You Can Heal

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical neglect
  • Emotional neglect
  • A parent who’s an alcoholic
  • A parent who’s a victim of domestic violence
  • A family member in jail
  • A family member with a mental illness
  • Traumatic grief after losing a parent through divorce, death or abandonment
  • Bullying
  • Natural disasters
  • Medical trauma

If so, are you still suffering today as an adult?

Children are often viewed as very resilient. However, unresolved traumatic experiences from childhood can severely impact one’s life, relationships, health and happiness as an adult.

Thankfully, childhood trauma is NOT a life sentence.

If you’re struggling with the emotional, psychological and physical side-effects of childhood trauma, it's important to know that healing IS possible for you.

The Overcoming Childhood Trauma online healing event was designed to heal your childhood wounds by giving you practical strategies and tools that you can apply right away.

The teachers featured in this online event have collectively helped millions of people, like yourself, let go of pain, shame, anxiety & more.

And they can help YOU recover from your childhood trauma and live a life of peace, self-love, confidence & freedom.

It's your turn to heal.

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Speaker List for the Overcoming Childhood Trauma Summit

  • Childhood Trauma & Growth: Learning to Harness Your Own Psychological Resilience with Dr. James S. Gordon
  • How We Heal Relational Childhood Trauma with Heather Monroe
  • Reduce & Eliminate Symptoms of Childhood Trauma Through Meditation & Self Hypnosis with Jeffrey Gignac
  • Releasing Childhood Pain & Raising Resilience Through EFT Tapping with Dr. Craig Weiner
  • 5 Ways Attachment Injuries in Childhood Impact Adult Intimate Relationships And What You Can Do About It with Kyle Benson
  • The Energy To Heal Childhood Trauma with Lauren Walker
  • Healing Trauma with the Havening Techniques: Integrating Neuroscience into the Healing Journey with Dr. Kate Truitt
  • Overcoming Childhood Trauma with Resonance with Sarah Peyton
  • Consequences of Ignoring Childhood Trauma with Laura Worley
  • Childhood Trauma & Metabolic Chaos: What it Does to the Body with Reed Davis
  • How to Overcome Childhood Trauma Triggers that Negatively Impact Your Relationships with Michelle Farris
  • How Does Childhood Trauma Affect You as An Adult? with Caroline Strawson
  • Overcoming Childhood Trauma with NeuroDynamic Breathwork with Michael Stone
  • How to Heal From Addiction & Codependency Resulting From Childhood Trauma with Kevin Petersen
  • Childhood Trauma, Neglect & Sexual Abuse: Heal With Homeopathy & Family Constellations with Dr. Ameet Aggarwal
  • How to Make Sense of Childhood Trauma & Difficult Life Experiences with Dr. Joan Rosenberg
  • Healing Ways To Be With Emotions From Childhood Trauma Gail Brenner
  • Childhood Trauma & The Abandonment Wound with Susan Anderson
  • Experiential Therapy For Childhood Trauma: The Therapeutic Spiral Model Psychodrama with Dr. Kate Hudgins
  • A Somatic Perspective on Childhood Trauma with Joshua Sylvae & Dr. Ian Macnaughton
  • The Nature of Developmental Trauma with Dr. Julie Brown Yau
  • The 5 Secrets to Completely Overcome Childhood Trauma – Faster with Louise Swartswalter
  • The Power of Narrative Writing in Healing Childhood Trauma with Donna Jackson Nakazawa
  • How Survival Strategies From Childhood Trauma Cause Injuries In Adulthood with Rafaella Smith-Fiallo
  • Childhood Trauma & Transformation: The Power of Acceptance with Dr. Steve Taylor
  • In Utero, Birth & Preverbal Traumas Are Treatable (and fast)! with Chelsey Marrow & Mary Carlson
  • Yoga Therapy & Processing Childhood Trauma: An Embodied Approach to PTSD with Heather Mason
  • Ayurveda to Heal & Prevent Illness Due to Childhood Trauma with Zeeba Khan
  • Accessing Your Core Being to Heal Childhood Trauma with Tamara Andreas
  • 5 Steps to Moving Past Childhood Trauma with Janine Naus
  • Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) with Holly Wood
  • From Shutdown to Freedom: The 5 Stages of Recovery From Childhood Trauma with Veronika Archer
  • Adults Revisiting Childhood Traumatic Loss with Barbara Rubel
  • Combatting Childhood Trauma & Adrenal Fatigue Naturally with Dr. Carrie Lam
  • Heal Childhood Trauma Using Ancestral Energetic Clearing & Activation with Jacqueline Kane
  • Understanding Trauma-Informed Prisons with Fritzi Horstman

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