Creating Transformational Online Courses in the Age of AI: 3-Day Bootcamp

Creating Transformational Online Courses in the Age of AI: 3-Day Bootcamp

How would you feel if you launched a new course, and every student who took it got amazing, life-changing results? Pretty satisfying, right?

Plus, once word got out that your course generated genuine transformation for every student, you’d have a constant stream of your ideal students clamoring to enroll – and happy to pay a premium price.

How would that affect your business and your life? What would you do differently if you knew your course would change lives, while earning you a very comfortable income?

You can probably think of more than a few things.

This free 3-day bootcamp on Premium Course Design with Chat GPT and the Hybrid Design Canvas is designed to help you do that.

What You'll Learn During “Online Courses in the Age of AI”

During this free bootcamp, Danny Iny (founder of Mirasee) will show you how to design a course that delivers a highly desirable transformation…

Reliably and consistently…

And how to do it with far more ease and speed than you might expect!

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn:

  • How to engineer transformation… with just 3 simple steps
  • The right way to use AI to speed up your course building and business growth
  • The *wrong* way to apply AI in your business… and the consequences of that
  • The biggest impact of AI on the online courses industry (hint: nobody is talking about this!)
  • The role of coaching in online courses (especially in a world of AI)
  • The simple instructional design tool for scoping what goes in your course (and what doesn’t)
  • The 3 core human desires that ALL successful courses tap into – does yours?
  • The 6 dimensions of course design and how AI fits into them
  • What exactly ChatGPT is, and why it matters to online course creators
  • How to create an online course with AI in under 10 minutes [live walkthrough]
  • The secret math that drives every successful course business (hardly anyone knows this!)
  • Danny’s proprietary “hybrid design canvas” tool for hyper-effective and profitable courses
  • “Prompt Engineering” – what it is, and how to use it to save TONS of time with AI
  • Why AI makes selling courses harder – and Danny’s under-the-radar strategy to beat the odds
  • How to “seed” the market with desire, so that they’re primed and ready for your offer
  • Danny’s top 4 go-to course selling strategies (and how to execute them quickly with AI)
  • What Ernest Hemingway (of all people!) knew about the adoption of AI
  • The critical limitations (that most people don’t understand) of popular AI technologies
  • The type of online course (there’s just ONE) that will see a spike in demand because of AI
  • What realistic financial goals are with courses in 2023 (this might surprise you!)
  • How to establish the credibility you need for people to buy your course
  • What market research *must* look like in the age of AI (this has changed RADICALLY)
  • The behavioral science-based approach to easily enroll high-paying students
  • His favorite stealth strategy to use courses to kick-start a coaching practice

Why You Should Attend “Online Courses in the Age of AI”

The online courses industry is evolving ultra fast right now. And that means either you thrive and grow quickly…

…or you fail and get drowned out by all of the other courses on your topic, many of which are now being written by AI chatbots.

The good news is that you can still create a premium course that sells and scales, sustainably, to whatever level of income and impact you want to create.

ChatGPT is touted as the ultimate “done-for-you” solution for all kinds of tasks, including content creation.

Want to plan the curriculum for an online course? Script a video lesson? Prepare a homework assignment? Just have ChatGPT do it for you!

The only problem is, a lot of people misunderstand what ChatGPT is and how it really works.

They’re hoping it will do a bunch of stuff for them that they couldn’t do themselves… that it will help them create more and more courses on more and more topics where they don’t have extensive expertise.

But the truth is, ChatGPT won’t do a great job without expert input. It might even make crucial mistakes that ruin your course. So just because you can use ChatGPT to write courses for you, doesn’t mean you should.

It's important to learn how to use AI the right way – and avoid using it the wrong way – in online courses today.

Danny will share how you can use these tools to design powerful courses that are a win-win for you and your students.

And he’ll even show you how to fill your courses with your ideal students (while charging premium prices).

Get Recognized As A Thought Leader

If you’re not Internet-famous – like on Instagram or TikTok or Facebook – does that mean you can’t be recognized as a thought leader? Heck no!

Because you don’t need to be famous to get started – you just have to have expertise or experience. That’s all you really need.

Then you can put that expertise into an online course, start attracting your ideal students, and pretty soon, you’ve hit “thought leader” status.

Now you might be thinking, “Wait – an online course? Is that going to still work in 2023?”

After all, the market has gotten saturated. And that’s only going to get worse with tools like ChatGPT that can write an online course for you.

The thing is, that only makes your expertise more valuable.

Only a subject matter expert like you can create and lead a life-changing, profitable online course that students will be glad to pay a premium for. Because you know much, much more about your topic than ChatGPT does.

And here’s the upside of the AI chatbot boom: a lot of your competitors in the online course industry now aren’t experts at all! They just used ChatGPT to write a mediocre course about a topic of which they have little or no experience.

The world needs your expertise now more than ever.

Selling Without Feeling “Salesy” – Even If You're Not a “Course Creator”

One of things people say when invited to create their first online course is:

“But I’m not a marketer or a salesperson! How could I sell a course?”

Okay, maybe you’re not a sales and marketing expert. That’s a fair point.

But what if you didn’t need to act like a salesperson to sell your course?

What if people came to you already interested in it, so that you didn’t have to do anything “salesy”?

What if… they started buying your course before you even made it officially available?

That’s the magic of “pre-selling.” You seed the idea of your course in people’s thoughts by being of genuine service to them.

“Pre-selling” is about making a difference in peoples' lives so when you have a course ready to sell, you only need to let them know it exists and they will happily want to jump right in and pay to start learning from you.

As for the seeding part… you can actually use AI tools like ChatGPT to write a lot of your pre-selling materials for you! So you don’t need to be a sales expert for that, either. You just need to know a little about using AI chatbots.

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Income Disclosure: No results are guaranteed. It's entirely possible you'll make absolutely no money from what you learn. Especially if you don't do anything with your training, which is unfortunately what some people do. Always do your own due diligence. And if you want to make the most of this possibility, take action, and we're confident that you'll make an even bigger difference in your future clients' lives. Who knows? You might just make a dollar… or many many more.

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