Mystics Summit

Mystics Summit 2023

Interweaving history, poetry, chant, and inspiring insights gleaned from famous mystics across time representing a range of cultures, the Mystics Summit will invite participants to discover how the secrets of ancient mystics — and modern day wisdom keepers — can unlock their own ecstatic guidance.

This illuminating summit is an immersion into mystical wisdom that holds the promise of replenishment, and timeless ecstatic union with the Sacred.

Summit speakers, including such luminaries and artists as Colette Baron-Reid, Mirabai Starr, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Andrew Harvey, Pam Grout, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Fr. Larry Gosselin, Gangaji, and Victor Wooten, will address the question: How do we connect to the sacred to experience more joy, bliss, and connection in the modern age?

The Mystics Summit assures us that it’s everyone’s birthright to directly experience divine love, and to access deeply ecstatic experiences that are healing and regenerative.

What You'll Learn During the Mystics Summit 2023

As the increasing noise, chaos, and distraction presented by the daily global news cycle grow more intense, this unrelenting barrage of negativity can ignite a paralyzing fear response in your brain’s limbic region.

The ensuing indecision you may feel can make it practically impossible for you to focus, leading to frustration, anger, or depression.

It’s fight, flight, or freeze… on steroids!

Thankfully, as we continue to navigate these potentially dangerous and unsettling waters, the reassuring lighthouse of mystical wisdom

radiates its healing beams of safety to all of us, as we cling to our tiny life rafts while being buffeted by the unrelenting waves of shocking global transformation.

As “wayshowers” throughout time, mystics encourage us to embrace a deep, still quality of mystical attention that allows us to commune directly with the sacred…

… and teach us to reconnect with truth that is timeless and essential, by harnessing “the mystical art of attention” in an age of total distraction.

The Importance of Mystics Throughout History

Mystics have existed throughout time at “hinge points in history” — think plagues, floods, social upheavals, and wars — and also during growth periods such as the Renaissance…

… spurred on by their exuberant, spiritual hunger and creative, innovative responses to the wildly dramatic changes unfolding around them.

In the soul-stirring Mystics Summit, we’re presenting an all-star cohort of seasoned scholars and mystical seekers who will support you in reconnecting to love as a safe harbor amidst life’s crashing storms.

You'll encounter celebrated figures like Hadewijch of Antwerp, Thomas Aquinas, Brother Lawrence, Jesus of Nazareth, Plato, Copernicus, da Vinci…

… as well as contemporaries like Thomas Merton, Einstein, Tesla, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, and others.

Throughout this landmark summit, you’ll receive not only gems of wisdom from ancient and present-day mystics, but also poetry, music, and experiential practices that can put you in touch with the unmistakable passion you carry within your own heart and mind.

Benefits of Attending the Mystics Summit 2023

During this free online spiritual healing event, you'll discover:

  • That mysticism, through the 4 points of Perennial Wisdom, can address the core psycho-spiritual problem plaguing humanity
  • How to call out to 7 specific archangels for blessings and protection — getting to know each one by name as you develop special, unique relationships
  • Little-known Jewish, Kabbalistic, Sabbatean, and Hasidic mystical teachings — and ways to translate, adapt, and embody them today
  • The relationship between music and sacred sounds such as ancient mantras — and how music amplifies the mysticism, supporting your spiritual journey
  • The call for a healing of humanity by way of the unio mystica — the union of the mystic's soul with God
  • And much more…

You’ll feel a deep sense of safety that mysticism can provide you with a sheltered port in a storm, gently guiding you to reawaken to your soul’s own knowledge and intuition.

By connecting with these venerated mystics yourself, you can de-mystify mysticism and move into, claim, and sustain this mystical lifeline to your timeless essence.

In fact, you may discover that the great mystics of the past weren’t unapproachable “saints,” but were very human and flawed, and wrestled with the same challenges many of us are dealing with right now.

You’re invited to discover how you, like the mystics, can unlock your own ecstatic internal guidance, satisfying your desire to reconnect in a mystical union with the Divine…

… as you learn to embody “the mystical art of attention” so you can receive soul-nourishing solace from quintessential mystical teachings across time.

You’ll be in good hands with summit hosts James Twyman and Taya Mâ Shere, who will guide you through five incredible days packed with quality content…

… allowing you to soak in enlightening conversations with present-day mystics (the wisdom keepers of our times), and also participate in grounding, experiential practices.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Mystic In Our Time?

What exactly does it mean to be a modern mystic anyway?

A modern mystic is one who actually lives into the mystery rather than just studying it… delving into the mysterious nature of “awakening” in a visceral way.

Have you ever wondered about the potential of your own mystical path? Not just hearing about ancient, enlightened mystics who claimed to know God, but actually plunging into the depths of your own capacity to experience sublime wonder and awe — and oneness with the Divine?

Learning to develop your personal, direct bliss connection with Source can be full of unexpected challenges as well as ecstatic joys — and undeniably rewarding for those who follow a fully committed spiritual path.

Throughout history, people have traveled many different roads to open the connection and keep the inspiration flowing. You too can explore mystical paths such as poetry, ritual movement, stories, music, and meditations to enrich your inner life.

As “wayshowers” throughout time, mystics have encouraged us to embrace a deep, still quality of inner focus that allows us to commune directly with the sacred…

… and have taught us to reconnect with timeless, essential truths by harnessing our soul’s deepest longing to merge with the beloved heart of existence.

At this absolutely critical pivot point in humanity’s collective evolution, it’s imperative for us to remember that as we do this work, we're not alone — we have the wisdom of ancient as well as present-day mystics to gently guide us.

Mystics have existed throughout time, and were especially prolific during humanity’s most widely recognized, exciting periods of growth like the Renaissance…

… spurred on by their exuberant, spiritual hunger and creative, innovative responses to the dramatic societal changes unfolding around them.

The 2023 Mystics Summit presents an all-star cohort of seasoned scholars and mystical seekers who will support you in your quest to reignite your own passionate connection with the Divine.

You'll encounter celebrated historical figures such as a Middle Eastern mystic known as Yeshua… plus Clare of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich, and Meister Eckhart…

… as well as modern mystic contemporaries like Thomas Merton, Mary Oliver, Thomas Berry, Sri Aurobindo, Father Bede Griffiths, and others.

In this modern era brimming with technology, complexity, and noise, have we lost our connection to mystery and mysticism?

With the chaos of our contemporary world, can we still access poetic states of bliss and the experience of the sublime?

After a year that’s left many feeling bereft, exhausted, and depleted, there’s a strong desire to reconnect with perennial wisdom and replenish the capacity for universal and timeless ecstatic union with the sacred.

Mystics across time have written some of the world’s greatest poetry and scripture during episodes of war, plague, and social upheaval… and they call to us now to reclaim our soul’s longing and commune with the sacred heart of existence — even in the midst of turmoil.

As we enter a new year and a new era, it’s a perfect time to listen to and receive inspiration from the “holy troublemakers” across history — who were both ordinary, flawed people and great mystics — revelling in the sublime while delivering provocative messages of truth and awakening.

We’re bringing together a unique cohort of seasoned scholars, sacred rebels, and mystical seekers who will support you in restoring your sense of meaning and remembrance of what’s true and lasting… and help you reconnect to love as the harbor amidst life’s crashing storms.

At a time when it’s easy to lose hope and feel dismayed by the world’s distressing crises, we can glean strength and invoke personal liberation by understanding the experiences of mystics who survived imprisonment, poverty, and other disasters — often emerging even more rooted and in love with the Divine.

Featured Speaker Topics At the Mystics Summit 2023

During the Mystics Summit 2023, you'll hear from over 30 experts, teachers, and spiritual guides. Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn:

  • Colette Baron-Reid will explore the mystical practice of divination using oracle cards — and how they can be used to connect with the spiritual realm and access higher guidance.
  • James Finley, PhD, will focus on the healing effects of learning to live a more contemplative way of life, in which you learn from God how to deepen your experience of and response to God's presence in your life.
  • Thomas Hübl will explore how energetic interconnectedness applies to the natural world, human society, and the cosmos — and how cultivating resonance can improve our relationships and create a peaceful world.
  • Victor Wooten will share how music has the ability to transcend boundaries, evoke emotions, and bring about positive change.
  • Mirabai Starr and James Twyman will explore the teachings of 3 women mystics who demonstrated ways to walk in peace and beauty, balancing contemplative life with compassionate action in the world.
  • Pam Grout will reveal that once you surrender by giving up all your perceptions and beliefs, the clearer the Divine's message can pour forth.
  • Andrew Harvey will describe his vision of our current global dark night as the evolutionary birthing ground of a new humanity.
  • Gangaji will share how letting go of your life's challenges and experiences can be a way to renew wisdom and enlightenment.
  • Banafsheh Sayyad will reveal that we’re often disconnected from ourselves and the Earth, and are called to heal these wounds of severance by consciously reclaiming the interconnected sacredness of living in a physical body.
  • Sheikh Ghassan Manasra will explore tools for creating peace in the world, and in your own life.

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