Mitochondrial Energy Summit 2023

Mitochondrial Energy Summit 2023

Do you consider yourself in midlife?

Sure, age is only a number, and you can feel young and healthy at any age, but when you hit your 40s, 50s, and 60s, some changes start to happen. And often, one of those changes is fatigue.

If you’re exhausted more often than you used to be, or you feel weary at the end of every day, you’re not alone.

During the Mitochondrial Energy Summit, you'll learn how to turn back the clock on your energy levels by resetting your gut health, immune system, brain function, hormones, and by healing your mitochondria.

Why Attend the Mitochondrial Energy Summit 2023

You feel like you’re constantly running on empty… like your body no longer can keep up with your ambitions.

Can you trust it to give you the energy you need to last through the day? No.

It’s always a mystery how others have boundless vitality while you struggle to keep up.

If this is your story, know that you’re not alone.

These symptoms are hallmarks of any issue with your cellular energy production. Cellular energy is the energy our cells use to do everything, and it comes from healthy, functional mitochondria.

Mitochondria are little powerhouses inside your cells that produce all the energy you need to stay alive. When we are experiencing mitochondrial decline, we function on sheer willpower. Because there’s just not enough energy to get it all done.

Also, there’s no single laboratory test that can detect a decline in your mitochondrial energy.

During the The Mitochondrial Energy Summit, you'll get support to reconnect with the person you used to be: energetic, focused, resilient, and with a zest for life.

This free virtual summit brings together dozens of experts in energy. They all have one goal in mind: to help raise awareness about what you can do to reclaim your mitochondrial energy.

Mitochondrial decline affects millions of individuals globally. It is a silent epidemic causing low energy, lack of focus, brain fog, irritability, and more.

But there’s hope, and it starts with the knowledge that mitochondrial decline is reversible.

This summit will help you:

  1. Have dependable energy that lasts throughout the day.
  2. Wake up in the morning feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.
  3. Get back to your old hobbies and show up for life again.

And at the end of this summit, you’ll be able to go through life fearlessly because you know that you can handle what used to keep you up at night. You no longer have to be a prisoner of your health issues. You are believed and understood.

What You'll Learn During the 2023 Mitochondrial Energy Summit

More than 50 presentations from doctors, nutritionists, hormone experts, and more are committed to helping you recover your zest for life and get it back on track!

Here are some things you’ll learn during the summit:

  • Safe and natural methods to activate your body’s internal healing mechanisms.
  • Cutting-edge therapies that recharge your energy levels.
  • Simple practices you can do at home to overcome stress.
  • Unique approaches to nutrition that promote lowering inflammation.
  • Powerful strategies to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis (growth).
  • How to optimize your diet and nutrition to support mitochondrial health.
  • Why the root of all chronic conditions is mitochondrial decline.
  • Holistic ways to restore vitality.

The Relationship Between Chronic Disease and Secondary Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Do you have an existing chronic disease? Are you also experiencing unexplained fatigue and reduced energy levels?

If so, you might be dealing with a lesser-known condition: secondary mitochondrial dysfunction.

This occurs when mitochondria don’t function optimally due to an underlying condition. It can manifest in various ways, draining you of energy for the things you love…like your hobbies and your family.

Secondary mitochondrial dysfunction can be linked to a range of conditions, including the ones listed below.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune Conditions like Hashimoto’s, RA, or multiple Sclerosis
  • Cancer

In recent years, studies have shown that mitochondrial decline is not just a consequence of aging, but also a contributor to it.

Fortunately, there is a silver lining: Contrary to previous beliefs, mitochondrial decline is not a one-way street.

Current research shows that it is possible to improve mitochondrial function through various methods, including lifestyle changes, diet, and specific therapies.

The Relationship Between Toxic Mold and Mitochondrial Health

There is a little-known link between mold and your mitochondria that could help solve your health puzzle.

When mold and mycotoxins impair mitochondrial function, it can cause a significant decline in energy levels.

This fatigue can present itself gradually. Overpowering your vitality until your energy withers away.

Understanding this link could be the key to boosting your energy.

During the Mitochondrial Energy Summit, Jaban Moore, DC, will discuss why mold is the ultimate mitochondria destroyer in his presentation. He will also share practical tips for reducing mold exposure to boost energy.

The Relationship Between Thyroid Hormones and Mitochondrial Health

Did you know that your thyroid hormones play a role in cellular energy production?

That’s why you need a clear picture of your thyroid health to maintain energy levels. Dive deep into the fascinating world of thyroid hormones and their impact on energy production

During The Mitochondrial Energy Summit, Eric Osansky, DC, MS, CCN, CNS, will discuss what you really need to know about thyroid testing to uncover the potential culprits for your fatigue. He will also dive deep into how common medications for hypothyroidism can disrupt your mitochondria.

The Relationship Between Algae and Mitochondrial Health

Did you know that the key to revitalizing your mitochondria could lie in a four-billion-year-old secret?

You’ve probably even heard of it but never given it much thought: Algae.

Learn all about what algae can do for you at The Mitochondrial Energy Summit when Catharine Arnston unveils the remarkable potential of algae in revitalizing your energy. She will discuss how this ancient organism has the unique ability to restore mitochondria. I’m not exaggerating: this talk is an eye-opener.

As chronic diseases continue to surge, it’s more important than ever to tap into the power of these vital organelles.

Free Gifts for 2023 Mitochondrial Energy Summit Attendees

Gift #1:Restore Your Energy by Healing Your Gut Microbiome

What’s the key to restoring your energy? Your gut microbiome. It consists of trillions of microorganisms that live in your intestinal tract.

Optimizing your gut microbiome is vital to unlocking lasting energy. The best part is that promoting a healthy microbiome only takes a few lifestyle changes.

This guide highlights eight steps to optimize your gut health for boundless energy.

  • Discover the benefits of good bacteria for your gut.
  • Find out which foods are the best sources of good bacteria.
  • Indulge in a collection of recipes meant to energize your body.

Gift #2: Eating for Energy: A Complete Guide to Simplify Mealtime

Eating healthy isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes so much planning and preparation that you never have to worry about with fast food.

So you carry on consuming your favorite junk foods. It’s all well and good until you realize your poor diet is depleting your energy.

You want to change. You want to supercharge your energy levels. The problem is that you just don’t have the time to plan and prepare healthy meals.

This comprehensive guide can help you cut down on meal prep-time while boosting your energy levels. It contains insights on specific foods to eat and tips to enhance your eating habits.

  • Explore the importance of a diverse diet.
  • Identify and manage food intolerances and allergies for optimal energy.
  • Find out how certain foods impact your energy and digestion.

Gift #3: Enhance Your Energy: 11 Simple Ways to Generate Sustained Energy Without Crashing

Do your energy levels fluctuate constantly?

It’s like being on a relentless roller coaster ride. This day, you’re ready to carry the world; the next, you can’t even lift a feather.

These fluctuations can make you feel like you’re missing out on life. It can seem as though the things you love are slipping away.

If this is your story, know that there’s a solution. You can develop a spring of sustainable energy to propel you throughout each day. You can energize your life.

The best part is that you can start implementing these changes today.

This transformative guide contains practical strategies to optimize energy and maximize potential:

  • Harness the power of breath to energize your body.
  • Align with your natural circadian rhythm to optimize energy levels.
  • Tap into the power of adaptogenic herbs to improve your stress response.

It’s time to break free from that energy roller coaster and embrace a life of steady vitality.

Gift #4 The Ultimate Cancer-Proof Home Checklist

Think your home is keeping you safe from health hazards? Think again.

What you consider your safe haven could be hiding unseen threats that endanger your family. The truth is that there are countless contaminants in unassuming household items.

You can’t let your home become a silent accomplice to cancer. Protect your home from cancer and transform your living space into a healthy oasis.

This comprehensive checklist lets you identify potential cancer-causing hazards in your home. It also provides practical steps to help you eliminate or mitigate these hazards:

  • Learn about innovative solutions to rejuvenate the air in your home.
  • Implement measures to ensure clean water for your family.
  • Discover practical strategies to address mold issues.

Take advantage of this opportunity to make your home a safe sanctuary for your family.

Gift #5: Energy Breathwork: How a Specific Breathing Practice Can Supercharge Your Energy Levels and Squash Anxiety in Just 10 Minutes a Day

We all have at least ten minutes of fre-e time a day. You probably have much more than that. The way you spend your fre-e time has a massive impact on your energy levels and overall wellness.

So how do you spend your free time?

Do you scroll aimlessly through social media? Do you binge-watch your favorite shows? Do you snack on junk food just to pass the time?

If so, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to boost your energy and discover inner calm.

It’s not too late. This guide reveals the incredible benefits of breathwork on our energy levels. It is the key to unlocking your full potential. So get ready to wake up with a sense of vitality every morning:

  • Understand why optimal breathing is crucial for health and wellness.
  • Learn techniques to reduce anxiety levels at home.
  • Uncover how a specific breathing routine can supercharge your cellular energy.

Gift #6: The Top 3 Biohacks for Energy

You’re someone leading a hectic life. You have so many things going on personally and professionally.

This lifestyle is now taking a toll on your body. You’re already struggling to keep up with the demands of daily life. You can no longer go through a day without reaching for a cup of coffee.

Searching for that elusive spark of energy to ignite your passion and productivity?

This guide covers daily rituals you can start doing today to boost your energy. It also includes cutting-edge solutions that propel your energy levels to new heights:

  • Learn how to make peak brain performance last for hours.
  • Regain control over your stress levels and experience inner calm.
  • Uncover a little-known strategy to reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

If that wasn’t enough…

It’s time to say goodbye to fatigue and brain fog.

Gift #7: 5G in 5 Minutes: Quick and Rational Guide on 5G Radiation

Technology and medicine often go hand in hand. This is a valuable link that enhances our quality of life. However, there’s one particular technology that has been gaining a lot of attention. It has been garnering headlines due to various health concerns: 5G.

The constant chatter surrounding this topic can feel overwhelming. It seems like everyone has a different opinion. This chatter is burying the truth.

So what is the truth? Are these health concerns valid or baseless?

This enlightening resource cuts through the noise to give you nothing but the truth about 5G. It’s time to move beyond the headlines and make conscious health decisions.

  • Delve into the controversial topic of millimeter waves and their effects on our health.
  • Explore the safety concerns surrounding previous generations of wireless technology.
  • Discover how to create a safe and healthy environment for your family.

Gift #8: Supercharge Your Mitochondria to Build Stronger Bones

Have you been led to believe that osteoporosis is an inevitable part of getting older?

That’s just not true. You can maintain strong bones as you age. You can prevent osteoporosis and fractures.

There’s even a way to enhance mitochondrial function in order to improve bone health.

This masterclass tackles the pivotal role of mitochondria in strengthening your bones. Discover practical tips to supercharge your mitochondria and build more resilient bones:

  • Learn strategies to enhance mitochondrial function for bone health.
  • Discover how to generate the energy your body craves.
  • Uncover the lifestyle factors that can fuel your mitochondrial health.

Gift #9: Optimize Mitochondrial Function with Carbon 60

Learn how Carbon 60 (C60), a fr-ee radical scavenger and powerful antioxidant, works at the cellular level to neutralize oxidative stress and toxic fr-ee radicals that speed up the aging process, and contribute to chronic pain and fatigue.

You’ll learn how to incorporate C60 into your daily routine for increased energy, mental clarity, a balanced immune and inflammatory response, and improved mood and overall well-being.

As we age, our body’s ability to produce its own antioxidants drastically declines, which increases the oxidative burden your cells are under. That is why antioxidant protection is especially important for those over the age of 40, or for those with high exposure to fr-ee radical damaging factors.

But why should you care about oxidative stress? Oxidative stress, aka “fr-ee radical damage”, is a significant factor in most chronic illnesses and inflammatory conditions.

C60 lifts the oxidative burden the cells are under so they can do their job…leading to more efficient energy production, hormone production, stem cell production, and immune cell production. This allows the body to do what it was designed to do…heal itself naturally.

Most users of C60 note an increase in energy and mental clarity within 30 days of daily use. With longer use, other benefits realized can be quite profound…

Don’t let crushing fatigue hold you back from living your best life. Incorporating Carbon C60 into your daily routine can help fight brain fog and fatigue, and improve your overall well-being.

About Your Mitochondrial Energy Summit Hosts

Laura Frontiero is the founder and CEO of Bio-Radiant Health, creator of four online functional medicine health summits, and has served thousands of patients in the clinic and virtual setting as a Nurse Practitioner over the last 22 years. Her work in the health industry marries both traditional and functional medicine.

Laura’s online and virtual wellness programs help her high-performing clients bio-elevate their health by boosting energy, renewing mental focus, and feeling great in their bodies. In a word, she helps people thrive again! Her belief is that to create optimal wellness, first we need to identify and clear the root causes of our health problems, usually toxins, chronic infections and stress, then eliminate inflammation, and restore gut and mitochondria health.

Her signature system helps reclaim what she calls “The Energy Edge”. For each person it’s a unique journey back to their highest mental, physical and biological performance. When your body is bio-optimized, and you’re operating at your peak level, you are unstoppable, productive, happy, and fulfilled.

In addition to clinical medicine, Laura is passionate about educating her clients; she’s also a Master Leadership Trainer who has mentored hundreds of students on shifting mindset and being responsible for their own health. Her mission is to help them navigate the myths in modern medicine, eliminate negative self-limiting beliefs, remove toxins from the body, and restore health for peak performance.

Ari Whitten, MS is the founder of The Energy Blueprint. He is the best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy, and Eat For Energy: How To Beat Fatigue, and Supercharge Your Mitochondria For All-Day Energy. He’s a natural health expert who takes an evidence-based approach to human energy optimization.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist, has completed extensive graduate training in Clinical Psychology, and holds a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Ari is a tireless researcher who has obsessively devoted the last 25 years of his life to the pursuit of being on the cutting edge of the science on health and energy enhancement. He has deep expertise in mitochondrial health, circadian rhythm and sleep, nutrition, gut health, light therapies, fitness, and hormetic stress.

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