How to Use Enneagram Trityping To See Yourself & Others More Accurately - With Katherine Chernick Fauvre

How to Use Enneagram Trityping To See Yourself & Others More Accurately

Have You Mistyped Yourself? Enneagram Trityping Class With Katherine Chernick FauvreEnneagram expert and Tritype pioneer Katherine Chernick Fauvre teaches that more than half of all who use the Enneagram to self-type are mistyped.

That’s because we’re typing ourselves using the same projections that we’re trying to free ourselves from.

Basically, we’re stuck in a hall of mirrors that makes it hard to see ourselves (and others) accurately.

We start to see ourselves through the lens of the projection of other people’s wants, needs, and expectations.

Even the most authentic people struggle with being 100% themselves all of the time. In fact, we’re programmed from an early age to follow the rules and meet the expectations of others before meeting our own needs.

What You'll Learn During This Free Enneagram Typing Workshop With Katherine Chernick Fauvre

  • Type with improved accuracy using advanced Enneagram typing tools
  • Capture the nuances that motivate behavior
  • Create deeper coherence between you and your life
  • Lift the veil on your authentic self to leverage all that you are.
  • Discover advanced Enneagram typing tools that capture the nuances that motivate behavior, creating deeper coherence between you and your life
  • Watch a typing pioneer utilize powerful Enneagram typing tools during a real-time demonstration
  • Explore Katherine’s Tritype typing system that integrates the intelligence of the head, heart, and gut
  • Learn why more than half of all who self-type using the Enneagram may be mistyped
  • Add micro-expressions, body language, and talk style to your typing toolbox to reveal deeper layers of different types

As one of the most multidimensional psychological typing tools available to us, the Enneagram can help you understand and take charge of the projections and inherent qualities that are governing every area of your life…

From your career and life goals to your relationships and spiritual evolution.

Katherine will share how much of the original Enneagram teachings were lost in its popularization, and reveal how getting back into the depths of the system is crucial to uncovering subtle energies of typing.

Benefits of Using Trityping to Correctly Assess Your Enneagram Type

Ultimately, you’ll experience how blissful life can be when you’re grounded in your correct type and see that your:

  • Confidence increases
  • Codependency decreases
  • Ability to collaborate and create sustained relationships with others comes with a greater sense of ease.
  • Ability to recognize and accurately type people using the Enneagram goes to a new level
  • And you ultimately learn to use these advanced typing tools to capture the nuances that motivate behavior.

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About Your Enneagram Teacher – Katherine Chernick Fauvre

Katherine Chernick Fauvre HeadshotKatherine Fauvre is an internationally recognized personality expert. She is the creator of the Tritype® system and Instinctual Stackings. She is an author, teacher, trainer, researcher, and a transformational coach since 1985. Her 23 ongoing innovative and qualitative research studies on the Enneagram Types, Tritypes®, Instinctual Stackings, and ePRO Intensives, and the nonprofit TV series, Types: Your Personality Revealed, have made her a thought leader in the field.

Katherine is a member of the International Enneagram Association and is an Accredited Professional with Distinction. She is also a former member of the IEA Board of Directors. She has the distinction of being the only person in the world to have attended intensives with both Claudio Naranjo and Oscar Ichazo. She is the only Triple Certified Enneagram Teacher with the original authors: Helen Palmer, David Daniels, Don Riso, Russ Hudson, Kathleen Hurley, and Theodorre Donson. In 1996, Claudio Naranjo validated her 1994-1995 research on the Instinctual Subtypes.

Katherine has an integrated and holistic view of the Enneagram. Her innovative approach uses the advanced application of the Enneagram and Tritype® personality typing systems masterfully integrated with helpful techniques of many of the pioneers in the field of personal transformation and empowerment. Her “In-Depth Inquiry Process” enables individuals to understand their core motivations and develop the critical self-awareness needed to create lasting and meaningful change.

Katherine works internationally with companies, groups, families, couples, and individuals. She has taught the Enneagram in executive boardrooms, high school classrooms, and county jails.

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