The Missing Link Conquering Cancer Docuseries: Healing Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit

“The Missing Link” Conquering Cancer Docuseries: Healing Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit

10 years from now, the way that we prevent cancer will be RADICALLY different. What we do now will look “prehistoric” compared to what we’re doing now.

In fact, world leading scientists such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Dana Flavin, and Dr. Dean Ornish are leading that charge.

31 scientists, doctors, and researchers are sharing how to prevent cancer by reactivating your body's “Anti-Cancer Defense System.”

Today, they're going to help you skip that 10 year wait, so that you can “time travel” to the future of cancer prevention.

Nathan Crane, an award-winning cancer researcher, brought together 31 of the world’s top cancer experts to talk about this “Missing Link”…

And how you can use it to stop tumors in their tracks before they even start growing.

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“The Missing Link” Conquering Cancer Docuseries – Prevention & Genetics

Here’s how we’re taught to prevent cancer:

  • Avoid cancer causing toxins
  • Eat the right diet
  • Exercise
  • Avoid tobacco
  • Lose weight

All of those things are essential for you to do if you want to prevent cancer.

And, there’s something missing from that list.

Something that almost NO doctor is talking about. In fact, the world’s TOP cancer doctors and scientists have been studying this Missing Link with LASER-LIKE precision.

Your doctors won’t talk about it, you won’t hear about it on the news, and it will be another 5-10 years before you see everybody focusing on this. That's the “Missing Link” to cancer prevention and treatment.

Fortunately, this missing link is not your genetics.

No matter how terrified you may be, or that cancer “runs in your family,” Dr. Bruce Lipton (one of the featured speakers) thinks this is a myth and says:

“There’s no such thing as a cancer causing gene.” -Dr. Bruce Lipton

So what is it? Imagine this…

Imagine that you’re staring at a plant growing out of the ground, with roots that go deep into the earth. This plant is cancerous.

If you don’t rip out this plant (the cancer) at the ROOT, then it’s IMPOSSIBLE for it to ever go away. No matter what you do, the plant (cancer) will grow back again, and again, and again.

And that’s why you can cut, burn, and poison your body all you want, but as it happens for most people, the tumors just grow back every single time.

Finally, after years of research, the world’s top cancer experts finally discovered what that “root cause” missing link could be: “Emotional Toxins.”

This is a type of chemical that builds up in your brain after years of stress, trauma, and emotion. It suppresses your immune system, making it difficult to properly fight cancer cells.

Without clearing out these emotional toxins, you can do everything right, follow the right diet, exercise, and follow your doctor's orders, and these “Emotional Toxins” will still run rampant and suppress your immune system from defending itself.

The people who conquer cancer once and for all are the ones who find a way to release these “Emotional Toxins” (stress is one of them).

Now you can learn, also.

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“The Missing Link: Conquering Cancer” Episodes & Speaker List

The Missing Link, Episode 1: Cancer & The Limitations of the Current Medical Model

  • Dr. Jenn Simmons
  • Sayer Ji
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton

The Missing Link, Episode 2: The True Causes of Cancer That Most Doctors Aren't Talking About

  • Dr. Dana Flavin
  • Paul Barattiero
  • Dr. Joel Kahn
  • Jason Prall

This episode will help you explore how to discover (and defeat) the most common causes of cancer, and not just commonly known causes of cancer, but newly discovered causes that people rarely talk about.

4 world-leading cancer experts are going to show you what you need to do to prevent tumors from growing in your body, or if you’ve already been diagnosed, how to stop them in their tracks.

Dr. Joel Kahn is also going to talk about the mysterious link between cancer and heart disease in America. (This has to do with the TRUE nature of chronic disease, and why the Pharmaceutical model has failed to solve it)

The Missing Link, Episode 3: Mental / Emotional / Spiritual – Part 1

  • Dr. Kevin Conners
  • Dr. Maria Johnson
  • Natalia Maldonado
  • Master Chunyi Lin

Episode 3 digs deep into the “missing link” to cancer treatment and prevention. You'll learn about the difference between people the two types of people who get diagnosed with cancer:

  1. Those who get diagnosed with cancer, who live in constant misery, and who can never seem to win the frustrating battle. No matter what they do, their cancer gets worse. (even though they follow all their doctor’s instructions).
  2. And the people who have a cancer diagnosis, but instead of falling into despair or misery, their life turns in the opposite direction. They have more energy and happiness than ever, and their health takes a radical shift, as over time their tumors shrink smaller and smaller (and never come back).

Episode 3 of “The Missing Link: Conquering Cancer” shows you that difference.

The Missing Link, Episode 4: Tools & Techniques That Work

  • Koya Webb
  • Dr. Lin Morel
  • Anne Crook
  • Marisa Peer

Episodes 3 and 4 are like twins. They complement each other. You can’t have one without the other, so you won’t want to watch one without the other. That’s because Episode 4 takes the theoretical part of Episode 3, and shows you how to INSTANTLY and EASILY apply it to your life.

You already know that addressing “The Missing Link” around a cancer diagnosis is the real way to conquer or prevent cancer for good. It’s the “Missing Link” that stands between you and a happy, healthy life where you don’t have to worry about this terrible disease. It's also the part of cancer that just isn't talked about enough.

And now all you need is a simple plan to make that possible.

By the time you're done with Episode 4, you’ll have a clear roadmap to conquering or treating cancer based on the latest scientific information. You'll learn the little-known strategies, tips, tools, and treatments so that you can start applying this knowledge as soon as tomorrow morning!

The Missing Link, Episode 5: The Best Anti-Cancer Diet

  • Dr. Patrick Quillin
  • Dr. Dean Ornish
  • Dr. John McDougall
  • Dr. Joel Kahn
  • Dr. Michael Klaper

No matter what you think you already know about anti-cancer nutrition, or what you’ve heard from other experts, you should watch this episode very closely. Five of the world’s best doctors are going to share the latest knowledge about anti-cancer diets (and it’s not what many of the so-called diet gurus are promoting on YouTube).

These are true pioneers and experts in nutrition who’ve helped thousands of patients heal from chronic diseases.

This episode goes hand in hand with “The Missing Link.” Because as you’ll find, the wrong diet can set off a cascade of unintended effects that block your body’s natural ability to heal.

The Missing Link, Episode 6: How to Eliminate Cancer-Causing Toxins From Your Home & Life

  • Jenn Edden
  • Paul Barattiero
  • Brian Vaszily
  • Dr. Melissa Gallagher

This episode will explore some of the most common cancer-causing toxins. These are toxins that you can find in your food, home, and even the personal care products that you use.

Well, you have an entire system that’s dedicated to filtering these toxins out (the lymphatic system)… and when too many of those toxins build up, your lymphatic system gets clogged up, and can lead to diseases like cancer.

During this episode of “The Missing Link,” we talk about exactly what happens to the lymphatic system, and how to reverse the damage so that you can basically turn your body into an “Anti-Cancer Fortress”.

Here's what a few experts cover in this episode:

  • Paul Barratiero is going to talk about what’s called toxic water, and how to know if your water is contaminated with agents that can cause cancer. He'll also share the truth about bottled water. (Should you really drink it? You might be surprised…)
  • Brian Vaszily talks about how to find skincare and beauty products that are “truly toxin-free.” That way you can still take care of your skin without having to worry about dangerous chemicals getting into your body.
  • Dr. Melissa Gallagher shares how your body has a natural way to flush these toxins from your body. it’s one of the front line defenses that your body has against tumor growth.

Because these experts go deep, you're probably going to also discover a few toxins that you haven’t thought of yet.

The Missing Link, Episode 7: The Anti-Cancer Lifestyle (Exercise, Meditation, Food, Habits and Decisions)

  • Dr. Dean Ornish
  • Dr. Joel Kahn
  • Dr. Michael Klaper
  • Jason Prall

During this episode we will explore what the perfect lifestyle is that gives you the best chances at preventing or treating cancer. The experts are going to share simple daily rituals that have a proven track record of helping people conquer cancer. These are the same simple lifestyle strategies that they give to their successful patients.

The “Lifestyle Medicine” in this episode really is the future of medical practice, science, and healing. You'll get to peer into the cutting edge of what’s working now, without having to wait 15-20 years for it to become mainstream practice.

The Missing Link, Episode 8: Women’s vs Men's Cancer – Preventing & Treating Gender-Specific Cancers

  • Dr. Kevin Conners
  • Dr. Dana Flavin
  • Saras Naidoo
  • Ryan Leulf

This episode explores gender-specific cancer, how they work, and of course how to prevent them. For example, we ill learn about the differences between prostate cancer and breast cancer. We'll also find out how they both have a similar root cause that manifests itself as either prostate cancer, breast cancer, or even ovarian cancer.

The Missing Link, Episode 9: Cancer Conquerors Healing Stories

  • Jackie Zofkie
  • Pilar Davila
  • Dr. Ruth Heidrich

Episode 9 is about the true inspirational stories that show it is actually possible to apply everything you’ve learned in “The Missing Link”… and come out of a cancer diagnosis healthier and happier than ever before.

You don’t have to do all of this alone, these world-leading doctors and cancer conquerors have already won the fight. All you need to do now is see exactly what they’ve done to conquer their cancer once and for all. Two stories you'll hear about women who were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and found healing, health, and remission.

For example, Dr. Ruth Heidrich who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 40 years ago. She is 86 years young, and not only has she stayed health and cancer-free all these decades, since then she has gone on to do 6 Kona Ironman Triathlons, won over 900 trophies, and that includes a whopping 6 Gold Medals in the Senior Olympics.
cancer, and how they’re living a happy, healthy life.

That's just one of the many inspiring, heart-opening, cancer conquering stories you'll hear about in this episode of The Missing Link.

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Meet The Speakers of “The Missing Link: Conquering Cancer”

About the Speaker: Dr. Dana Flavin

Dr. Dana Flavin - Featured Speaker on The Missing Link: Conquring CancerDr. Dana Flavin developed a new therapy for mononucleosis hepatosplenomegaly that heals children in under 24 hours. She made a therapy for breast cancer patients that reverses brain metastases within 3 months. She’s an honorary professor at the Leicester School of Pharmacy at DeMontfort University.

And most impressive, Dr. Flavin has spent the last 43 years researching cancer, how to heal it, and secret therapies that most doctors don’t know about.

“I’ve been researching cancer since 1979. I started applying what I learned in 1992, and to my surprise, the tumors in my patients began to disappear. As I learned more methods, mechanisms and secret therapies over the years, I realized cancer is indeed curable and no longer the enemy.” – Dr. Dana Flavin

Dr. Dana Flavin is one of the most esteemed integrative cancer doctors in the world. During episodes 2 & 8 of “The Missing Link: Conquering Cancer” you'll get to hear from her. In one clip, she talks about how she has given hope to even the worst stage 4 cancer cases where the doctors basically sent them home without any treatment.

About the Speaker: Paul Barattiero

Paul BarattieroPaul Barattiero has lectured across the world over the last 22 years. 12 years ago, he set out to educate the world on the vast benefits of molecular hydrogen. His message has focused on the critical role of molecular hydrogen (H2) to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. His lectures present the causal problem and the solutions through scientific studies. He developed the Echo hydrogen water system as well as other products to modulate immune and cognitive function.

Paul has lectured across the world and has been on national television in USA, Germany, and Switzerland including Doug Kaufman’s television show Know the Cause. He was featured in “The Truth about Cancer” and has been on radio shows and podcasts worldwide.

Paul works diligently to educate individuals how to prevent disease and no longer suffer. Paul’s greatest joys come from serving others. He is passionate about the prevention of pathologies. He founded Synergy Science, Inc. in 2011 and developed a full line of products focused on detoxification, immune boost, and gut recovery.

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About “The Missing Link: Conquering Cancer” Host – Nathan Crane

Nathan Crane - Host of The Missing LinkNathan Crane has been committed to helping people around the world conquer cancer for nearly a decade. Having lost his own grandfather to this disease, Nathan has devoted his life to reaching millions of people around the world.

He’s an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and 19x award-winning documentary filmmaker in the process. Today, Nathan is committed to bringing the most cutting-edge cancer breakthroughs to the people who need it most.

The “Missing Link” documentary film series is produced by “Cause Health.”

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