Mindvalley Summit 2021 - Heal, Evolve, Transform, And Succeed

Mindvalley Summit 2021 – Heal, Evolve, Transform, And Succeed

The world as we know has changed. Irreversibly.

And with that change comes a ton of uncertainty in all our lives.

But the only thing that has remained certain in this crazy new world we live in is our innate capacity to grow.

💥 To evolve.

💥 To transform.

💥 And to level up like never before.

And if there’s ever been a time for you to level up in life, it’s right NOW.

But whether you’re someone looking for a career change, or you’re in dire need to reconnect with your higher purpose, or you simply want to unlock your greatest potential in a key aspect of your life…

… No one can do it alone.

Which is why the Mindvalley Summit 2021 was created for you.

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Not only will you discover powerful new ideas to help you level up in the areas that matter to you…

You’ll also get connected with Mindvalley’s extraordinary and vibrant global community.

And who knows, you may just meet your next best friend at this event.

Or a new business partner or collaborator.

Or someone you can share your transformational journey with.

Or your next workout buddy.

Or even, a potential love interest.

And there's only one way to find out what might be in store for you at the summit…

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Benefits of the Mindvalley Summit 2021

Imagine soaking up life-transforming wisdom from 35+ world class speakers, thought-leaders and visionaries in just about every area of life you can think of.

Which area of your life do you want to level up in?

At the Mindvalley Summit 2021 you can:

  • Build a resilient mindset for success,
  • Discover high performance habits and rituals
  • Enrich and deepen your relationship
  • Elevate all aspects of your health, fitness and vitality
  • Explore the spiritual side of our human experience
  • Take your business and career to the next level
  • Or ALL of the above…

… You’ll find what you’re looking for at Mindvalley Summit 2021.

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Life Is Fast Returning To “Normal”…

But Who Says You Need To?

It’s been over a year since the world was turned upside down.

Maybe your career got extra challenging. Maybe your travels and social life took a hit. Or maybe you’ve mastered the art of entertaining bored kids 🙂

But now that an end to the uncertainty is on the horizon, an urgent question presents itself:

How will you show up in this new world?

A wave of change is coming. And there’s no better time than now to ride it, and emerge as the best-ever version of you.

This is why 35 living legends are going to train you at Mindvalley Summit.

And by train, we're not just talking about passive talks and speeches…

We're also talking about deeply immersive embodiment practices, tools, and modalities that create profound transformation in every area of your life.

Best of all, this experience is free for everyone.

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3 Reasons To Join The Mindvalley Summit 2021

1. You’re Not Just Watching, You’re Connecting

We’re expecting over 200,000 participants from around the world to join us at Mindvalley Summit: each one with the same passion as you for growth and transformation. And thanks to the interactive features in each session, you’ll get multiple opportunities to come together and connect with these inspiring people.

2. Four Unique Growth Tracks

Is there a specific area of life you’re looking to grow in right now? Mindvalley Summit gives you the freedom to pick your favorite sessions, and customize your experience according to your needs.

The four growth tracks throughout the summit cover every crucial area of life: from your performance and career, to your health, relationships, and spiritual growth. You can choose to focus on just one or two of these, or get a taste of everything throughout the three-day event.

3. Extraordinary Transformation & Immersion

The average summit gives you hours of talks. Mindvalley Summit guides you through hours of immersive embodiment sessions and experiences designed to deeply engage and rapidly transform you.

From scientifically optimized meditations, to transcendent breathwork sessions, to sensual empowerment exercises – you’ll be profoundly uplifted: mind, body, and spirit.

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Mindvalley Summit 2021 Speakers

The world’s most in-demand teachers. Billionaire entrepreneurs and philanthropists. And legendary philosophers, scientists, and artists. Mindvalley Summit connects you with the best minds on the planet, all committed to your transformation: mind, body, and spirit.

  • Vishen Lakhiani
  • Mark Cuban
  • Gary Zukav
  • Lisa Nichols
  • Ajit Nawalkha
  • Dr. Shefali Tsabary
  • Naveen Jain
  • Marie Diamond
  • Sonia Choquette
  • Jim Kwik
  • Nir Eyal
  • Marisa Peer
  • Paul McKenna
  • Katherine Woodward Thomas
  • Emily Fletcher
  • Lee Holden
  • Eric Edmeades
  • Dr. Srikumar Rao
  • Monty Moran
  • Jennifer Partridge
  • Niraj Naik
  • Regan Hillyer
  • Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani
  • Ronan Diego De Oliveira
  • Lorenzo Delano
  • Rachel Pringle
  • Juan Pablo Barahona
  • Gelong Thubten
  • Vanessa Van Edwards
  • John Robbins
  • Sorelle Amore
  • Sheila Kelley

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Jun 18 - 20 2021


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