Mindset Mastery Summit - Find Happiness, Overcome Adversity, and Create Abundance

Mindset Mastery Summit – Find Happiness, Overcome Adversity, and Create Abundance

Learn how to identify, then overcome, what's been holding you back…

So that you can level up and reach your true potential.

36 experts reveal exactly how you can support the strong, positive mindset needed to reach your authentic true potential.

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What You'll Learn During The Mindset Mastery Summit 2022

Easily Attract Better Relationships, Opportunities And Income

Don't make the mistake of surrounding yourself with the wrong people that will only keep you stuck. It's time to level up your mindset so you can attract bigger and better opportunities that will help you achieve your goals faster.

Release The Things And People Keeping You Small So You Can Play A Bigger Game

We should realize early on that some situations and people don't serve us on our journey towards our goals. Letting go doesn't make you a bad person because you can’t attract new and better things without creating room for it.

Get The Roadmap To Transform Your Life Into An Epic Journey Of Discovery, Passion & Fulfilment

It's easy to KNOW where you want to go but it's a lot harder to know HOW to get there. Too many gurus only pump people up and motivate them but never help them create a tangible plan to get there.

Unlock Your “Higher Mind” To Open Limitless Possibilities

Most people live their whole life with a mental cage around how big or bold they can think. By simply changing your thoughts, your brain will be flooded with a wide range of solutions to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Find Out How Big You Can Possibly Dream

Human beings often fail to understand how powerful we truly are. We were all born with a unique gift we were meant to bring to the world but we've forgotten how to identify it.

Discover Tools Proven To Transform Your Life

Having effective tools can create much faster results. The tools are made by people who’ve achieved the success you want and created something they wish they had that would have saved themselves years of their life.

And if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours in just moments from now will pride you with the exact processes and strategies to:

  • Finally be able to break through challenges that have been holding you back for years or maybe decades.
  • Easily find what brings you the most happiness without having to change everything.
  • Effectively acquire and put into action the tools you need to create the life you deserve.
  • Courageously step into the person you've always wanted to become.
  • Successfully take control of your future without letting your fears hold you back.

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Mindset Mastery 2022 Speaker Topics

  • Have A Positive Impact That Leaves A Lasting Legacy
  • Crush Complacency To Create Accountability For Yourself
  • Change Your Limiting Beliefs Into Superpowers
  • Strategic Balance: Build Your Business Around Your Life
  • Bad Health And Burnout To Vitality And Longevity
  • Be Undeniably YOU Without Alienating The Wrong People
  • Give Yourself Permission To Soar
  • The Joy Of Saying NO
  • How To Get Excited About Your Life And Work Again
  • Transform Imposter Syndrome Into Infinite Game
  • Create The Courage To Play A BIGGER Game
  • Why You'll Never Be Enough Or Live Up To Your Own Expectations
  • Nurture Your Family Life Before You Lose Them
  • Energy Audit: Tapping Into Unlimited Energy On Demand
  • Build Authentic Relationships That Challenge You To Grow
  • Decode Your Money Mindset
  • Success Addiction: How To Gain More Success By Slowing Down
  • Finally Get People To Stand With You So You Don't Feel Alone
  • Curious Leadership
  • Create The Conversation
  • Stop Waiting To Find Your Purpose And Start Creating It
  • Sharpen And Trust Your Own Intuition
  • Playing The “A” Game: Attract “A” Players Into Your Life And Business
  • Breaking Past Your Glass Ceiling To Reach Your Next Level Of Potential
  • Inner Bonding
  • Using Your Fear As The Ultimate Tool For Success
  • Finding Your Tribe And Stop Trying To Fit In
  • Smash It! The Art Of Getting What You Want
  • Break Free From Analysis Paralysis To Make The Right Decisions
  • Take Risks Without The Fear Of Losing Everything
  • Rewire Wealth Mindset
  • Harness The Power Of Your Mind For Peak Performance
  • Magnetic Trust: Repel People And Opportunities That Don't Serve You
  • Create A Life Of Meaning And Fulfillment
  • The Secret To Finding Your Core Genius, Who Am I?
  • Change Your Mindset To Change Your Career

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Meet Your Meet Your Mindset Mastery Summit Host – Michelle Margaret Marques

Michelle has been growing towards leading driven humans her entire life, and she recognizes myself in each person yearning to overcome their struggle.

She is not a coach, coaching is just one of the tools she use. Sometimes she is a consultant, sometimes she is a special advisor, sometimes she is a coach, and she is almost always a thinking partner and sometimes she's a hybrid of all or some.

No matter what, she is always a leader for powerful people and she helps them remember just how powerful they are so that they can step into whom they were always meant to be.

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