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Metaphysically Fit Summit 2022

Solve real-world challenges using science-backed metaphysics… all while tapping into your flow and energy.

40 experts reveal how you can align with spirit and your higher self to uncover your best self, improve your health & vitality, and live more fully with happiness.

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What You'll Get From The Metaphysically Fit Summit 2022

Are You Finally Ready To Enjoy A Life Of Freedom, Passion, And Fulfillment?

Harness The Infinite Intelligence Within You

Many of us understand that we are all one with the universe and infinite consciousness, but nearly none of us know how to go deeper and use the infinite intelligence within you to reach your true potential. Gain a quantum edge in your health and vitality.

Move Beyond Your Physical Body And Tap Into Enlightened Health

Science is just beginning to understand and accept what the ancient mystics have known for years. You will learn how to tap into the quantum field so that you have access to all possibilities!

Remove Doubts, Blocks And Limiting Beliefs To Become Your Best Self

It's inevitable that throughout your life you'll encounter obstacles that will get in your way. Most people believe the obstacles are external but in reality, most of them are internal!

Create An Action Plan That Feels Authentic And Works For You

You'll discover new tools, ideas and concepts you can use immediately in your life to create upward momentum that can carry you towards accomplishing your goals and actualizing your dreams!

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Woman Meditating At the BeachAnd if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours in just moments from now will give you the exact processes and strategies to…

  • Take the proven steps to increase health and vitality.
  • Navigate life with more ease and resilience.
  • Own new tools you can use any time to feel better immediately.
  • Gain a quantum edge in healing.
  • Take back control of your life.


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Speaker Topics for the Metaphysically Fit Summit 2022

  • The Pineal Gland: Unlocking Quantum Universal Connection
  • The Language Of Pain: What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?
  • Why Do Some People Heal And Others Don't?
  • Music Medicine & Sound Therapy: The Emergent Science Of Cymatics
  • Its Not All In Your Head – Roadblocks To MetaPhysical Health
  • Understanding And Breaking Bad Habits, Behaviors, And Patterns
  • Ending The Crippling Patterns That Are Keeping You Feeling Trapped And Unfulfilled
  • Finding Freedom In “No”: Being A Boundary Boss
  • Regain Your Equilibrium: How Emotional Trauma Impacts Your Life And Health
  • Moving From Feeling That You're On Autopilot To Being Human
  • Doorways Out Of Darkness To The Present Moment
  • How To Cope With Painful, Confusing And Difficult Times In Your Life
  • Why Your Relationship “Type” Is Toxic
  • The Metaphysics Of Turning Your Dream Into Business Success
  • Using Primordial Energy To Affect Change In Your Physical Body
  • The Role Of Mind – Body Connection In Conquering Cancer
  • Don't Skip The Foreplay! Sacred Sexuality And Spirituality
  • Awakening The Sacred Feminine In A Masculine World
  • Meridian And Chakra Balancing To Release Negative Energy
  • Accessing Metaphysical Magic Through The Body
  • Feed Yourself To Greatness: The Power Of Food
  • Mind Over Virus: The Biology Of Meditation
  • Digesting Life: Spiritually & Emotionally Heal Your Gut
  • Learning How To Blow Your Mind
  • How To Commit To Taking The Big Leap That Could Change Your Life
  • Stop The Sabotage: The Power Of Your Thoughts And Words
  • Defying the Odds: How To Stay Young From 40 To 100
  • What The F*** Is Spirituality Anyway? The No BS Breakdown
  • Get Unstuck: The Art Of Figuring Things Out
  • Reclaim Your Power By Daring To Rest
  • Releasing The Struggle In Your Life
  • Find Clarity Through Conscious Connected Breath
  • Using Feng Shui To Rejuvenate Your Life And Fulfill Your Dreams
  • Survive To Thrive: Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life
  • The Censored TRUTH About EMFs And 5G
  • You Can't Google “Wisdom”: Indigenous Wisdom For Modern Times
  • Unblock Your Body And Open To The Flow Of Life
  • Tapping Into The Power Of Primal Healing
  • Work-life Decision Making: Turn On Your Inner Guidance System
  • Hacking The Human Cell: Reprogramming Your DNA

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Meet Your Metaphysically Fit Summit 2022 Hosts

Metaphysically Fit Summit Host: Darcie Purcell

Darcie Purcell HeadshotLife explorer, Darcie Purcell has been shaking up the branding world for over 20 years, working with dozens of celebrities, thought leaders and the best and the brightest in the health and wellness industry.

Darcie’s expertise is born from her personal journey of self discovery.

Her passion is curating and creating powerful live and online events, courses, retreats, and festivals to support personal growth and the connection to body-mind-soul.

Metaphysically Fit Summit Host: Gina Bria

Gina BriaGina Bria is a cultural anthropologist researching ritual, ritual foods, and food strategies for over 25 years.

She is also the the founder of the Hydration Foundation.

She convened the first-ever TEDx New York Salon event on structured water.

Her own TEDx talk, How to Grow Water: It's Not Only Blue, It's Green, identifies plants in hydration strategies around the globe.

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