Messages from the Afterlife from Wayne Dyer

Messages From the Afterlife: Dr. Wayne Dyer and the Secret to Communicating with the Other Side

“We are not our bodies, our possessions, or our careers. Who we are is Divine Love, and that is infinite.” —Dr. Wayne Dyer

You are probably familiar with the work of self-development pioneer and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Wayne Dyer from one of his 40 books or his motivational speaking or television appearances…

Well, if you thought that when he passed away in 2015 that it was the end of his story, you are in for a big, life-changing surprise.

That's because he’s not only still very present and active in today’s world, he’s sharing a new message that is, in certain ways, a 180-degree shift from some of what he shared in his teachings before he transitioned. He is still pursuing his work and helping others even now, seven years after his transition from this life.

Through spiritual medium Karen Noé and Wayne’s daughters, Saje and Serena, he has continued to share wisdom from the afterlife in the form of “We Consciousness” teachings and messages—and some of what he has shared has been a true shift from his teachings when he was in his physical body here among us!

Our friends at Humanity’s Team have created a brand-new free video program so that you can learn the extraordinary story of what happened, what kinds of wisdom Wayne is sharing from the other side, and hear stories from Karen and his daughters that prove Wayne is behind these messages.

And, you’ll experience a profound lifting of the veil that will shift your way of life, your relationships, and any grief you may still have over loved ones who have transitioned.

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What You'll Learn During “Messages from the Afterlife with the Late Dr. Wayne Dyer”

If you are interested in the Soul’s journey after we transition from our physical bodies, communicating with loved ones who have passed, and how we can use lessons from the afterlife right here and now to improve our lives and the entire world, you’ll want to sign up to watch the program.

Here’s what you’ll experience during this brand-new Free 60-Minute Video Program:

  • Serena and Saje will share the remarkable story of what happened after their father, beloved New York Times bestselling author Dr. Wayne Dyer, passed away and how, with Karen’s help they were able to begin receiving his messages themselves, which has led them to follow in his footsteps.
  • Karen (who has a 2-year waiting list as a medium) will share about her amazing first contact with Wayne after his passing, and his urgent request for her help to make contact with his family, as well as the things he told her to say that convinced them beyond a shadow of a doubt that Wayne was right there in the room with them!
  • Karen will also share more about the 33 new paradigm-shifting “We Consciousness” messages Wayne and those he’s collaborating with in the afterlife have shared through her mediumship that will help you powerfully navigate your own life and enable all of us to make life work for the betterment of all humankind and the planet we call home!
  • Serena and Saje will also share stories from the past five years that Wayne has been in contact with them regularly, sometimes to offer fatherly advice and be present at family gatherings (he was even present at his granddaughter’s recent birth!), and other times to share the important new messages he has for the world.
  • Karen will share some of the same techniques she taught to Wayne’s family and to hundreds of others around the world that will help you prepare to begin receiving your own communications from your loved ones on the other side if you so desire.

Benefits of Communicating with the Afterlife

How different would your experience of love, life, and loss be if you knew for certain that death really is merely a transition and not an end?

And what if you could apply to your life today the wisdom from your loved ones who have already transitioned, so that you could live a more fruitful, productive, and love-filled life while you are still here?

You would experience a tremendous shift, and you would live each moment differently, tapped into and drawing on the Divine Guidance that is available to you every day.

And you’d experience relationships and grief differently, too, knowing that a loved one transitioning does not mean they are lost to you, and that the relationship can continue in a new phase as you learn how to listen for their messages.

You’ll learn the extraordinary story of what happened to New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer after he died, and how he continues to provide teachings and messages filled with wisdom and guidance through his daughters, Saje and Serena, and spiritual medium Karen Noé.

You’ll experience a profound lifting of the veil, proving that our world and the afterlife exist side by side and that by using certain techniques, you can communicate with the other side in a way that will inform your life in hopeful and exciting ways.

This brand-new, first-of-its-kind program will open your eyes and heart to a whole new world of possibility for your own life and for humanity’s continuing journey as we work together to create the better, more hopeful and nurturing world for all that we are destined to become!

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About Your Teachers

About Serena Dyer Pisoni

Serena Dyer Pisoni - HeadshotSerena Dyer Pisoni is the sixth of Wayne and Marcelene Dyer’s eight children.

She is the author of Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You: My Experience Growing Up with Spiritual Parents, and co-author of the book The Knowing: 11 Lessons to Understand the Quiet Urges of Your Soul with her sister Saje, and has been a contributor to HuffPost and Positively Positive.

She also works to combat child trafficking through several organizations.

Serena attended the University of Miami, where she received bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and now lives in South Florida with her husband and children.

About Saje Dyer

Saje Dyer - HeadshotSaje Dyer is the eighth of Wayne and Marcelene Dyer’s eight children.

She is the author of a children’s book, Goodbye Bumps!: Talking to What’s Bugging You, that tells the true story of how she was able to heal herself as a child through the power of her mind, and she co-authored the book The Knowing: 11 Lessons to Understand the Quiet Urges of Your Soul with her sister Serena.

She often traveled with her father to speak to his audiences, including appearing in his PBS special, Dr. Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now, and she was a featured speaker at the 2014 Game Changer Summit.

She graduated from NYU with a master’s degree in psychology and currently lives in New York with her husband and their son.

About Karen Noe

Karen Noe - HeadshotKaren Noé is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer with a two-year waiting list.

She is the author of:

  • We Consciousness
  • Your Life After Their Death
  • Through the Eyes of Another
  • The Angel Quest Oracle Deck.

She is the founder of the Angel Quest Center in Waldwick, New Jersey, where she teaches classes, gives readings, and practices alternative healing.

You can listen to Karen on The Angel Quest Show on all podcast platforms.

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