How to Develop a Mediumship Mindset - Suzanne Giesemann

How to Develop a Mediumship Mindset

Leave behind a limited, ordinary mindset that doesn’t include the possibilities of soul-to-soul communication — and embrace a mediumship mindset that allows for consistent communication with spirits beyond the veil as a path to spiritual growth.

What You'll Learn During “How to Develop a Mediumship Mindset”

Have you been curious about how some people can consistently get trustworthy evidence and communication from the other side that can truly change lives?

If your soul has chosen the sacred path of mediumship, you know it’s not just something you turn to occasionally — it’s a way of life.

Whether you turn it into a livelihood or not, developing mediumship skills is one of the most reliable paths to rapid spiritual growth.

Due to the profoundly intimate, deeply spiritual nature of the medium’s soul-to-soul communication, your mindset must be more refined than the ordinary, day-to-day human mindset, says celebrated mystic and medium Suzanne Giesemann, a former U.S. Navy Commander and the author of 13 books.

The default mindset most people absorb from our culture is an “I’ll believe it when I see it” perspective with low expectations and narrow boundaries. It includes negative habits and old conditioning that doesn’t serve you — and results in inconsistent readings and a lack of joy in doing this sacred work.

The mediumship mindset, by contrast, sets your soul free to dance as you embody the powerful truth that you’re limitless, and that anything is possible. You trust that your spirit guides stand ready to help you at all times, and understand that life is all about growth and joy. You naturally expect progressively better things to unfold in your life.

Cultivating your mediumship mindset brings you better connection with spirit, and deeper confidence in the messages you receive. It’s the key to living a life of freedom and fulfillment.

So how do you develop a mediumship mindset? Suzanne will show you how…

Join us for a brand-new online workshop with Suzanne and learn how to cultivate and refine the mediumship mindset — by identifying with yourself as a soul and making this perspective the foundation of how you approach life, not just a useful way to improve your readings.

Suzanne will guide you through what she calls a High-Vibration Energy Diffuser practice, in which you’ll choose the energies you most want to increase within yourself both during your readings to increase your skills, and in your daily life — whether it’s peace, gratitude, joy, compassion, trust, divine love, or something else. During this guided visualization, you’ll experience these energies flowing over and through you.

During the event, Suzanne will explain the ways you may be limiting your mindset (and by extension, your mediumship skills) without realizing it — and share how you can instead open to the more spacious aspects of yourself, freeing yourself to access your innate connection with All That Is, including spirits, guides, and angels.

Suzanne’s signature evidence-based approach to mediumship — the process of discovering details only the sitter could know during readings, and that undeniably confirm contact with a greater reality — has been tested and verified, and her work is recognized as highly credible by noted afterlife researchers and organizations.

Class Topics for “How to Develop a Mediumship Mindset”

If you’re already having positive experiences in doing readings and want to get even better, join Suzanne and learn how the mediumship mindset can result in even more amazing pieces of evidence, clearer messages from Spirit — and a new way of experiencing your life as a soul on a journey of discovery, growth, and joy.

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • The negative, limited mindset most people absorb from our culture
  • How the mediumship mindset — in which anything is possible, life is always working in your favor, and you’re always supported by spirit guides — can improve your readings as a medium and become your new way of life
  • Suzanne’s High-Vibration Energy Diffuser, a guided visualization in which you’ll picture yourself in a special place — and infuse it with all the qualities you desire so you can absorb these traits
  • How to identify with yourself as a soul — and turn this into your daily perspective
  • How the spiritual concepts of allowing and flow always create a good reading — and a more joyful life

Suzanne came into her gift of mediumship later in life, after the sudden and tragic death of her stepdaughter Susan, and the unborn child Susan was carrying.

Suzanne has written about this experience in her memoir, Messages of Hope. She’s been a keynote presenter for Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, the Helping Parents Heal Organization, and the International Association for Near-Death Studies.

About Your Mediumship Teacher – Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann - HeadshotSuzanne Giesemann is a Messenger of Hope and the founder and teacher of The Awakened Way℠ — a path to knowing who you are and why you’re here. She is a former U.S. Navy Commander who served as a commanding officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11. Today Suzanne provides stunning evidence of the existence of Universal Consciousness and our interconnectedness. Suzanne is the author of 13 books.

She has been a keynote presenter for organizations including Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, and the International Association for Near-Death Studies. She has led weekend retreats at well-known spiritual centers including Omega Institute, Lily Dale Assembly, The Monroe Institute, and Unity Village.

She has written and narrated the popular “Mediumship” series of Hemi-Sync® recordings. Suzanne’s gift of evidential mediumship has been tested and verified. Her work has been recognized as highly credible by noted afterlife researchers and organizations. Whether in her books and CDs, her classes and workshops, her “Messages of Hope” Unity Online Radio show, or her one-on-one sessions, Suzanne brings messages of hope, healing, and love that go straight to the heart and illuminate the light of self-awareness within.

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