Lymphatic Rescue Summit 2022

Lymphatic Rescue Summit 2022

Inside your body, there is a superhighway of channels and nodes that plays a critical role in the immune system, hormone and gut health — your lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is made up of over 500 individual lymph nodes connected by a complex web of channels; together with the bone marrow, thymus, spleen and tonsils, it is the gateway to your immune system, playing a major role in “cancer surveillance” and immune function.

Often forgotten or misunderstood, dysfunction or stagnation of this system can have devastating results, including poor immunity, autoimmune disease, cancer, migraines and more.

Discover why this often ignored system is so critical, how to care for it and what can go wrong when it isn’t functioning well.

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What You'll Learn During the Lymphatic Rescue Summit

Signs Your Lymphatic System May Be Struggling

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you're in the right place:

  • Do you ever feel “puffy” and bloated?
  • Struggle with chronic headaches and fatigue?
  • Feel like you catch every cold?

Lymphatic Rescue Summit Speaker Topics

  • The critical role and function of your lymphatic system for health
  • Connections between your gut, brain & lymphatic system
  • How to get your lymph moving & create healthy immunity
  • Ways to address chronic pain through the lymph system
  • DIY lymphatic drainage practices for instant relief
  • How to maximize your immune system
  • What you need to know about long-haul syndrome & MCAS
  • How toxic beauty impacts your lymphatic system
  • 6 reasons your lymph gets stagnant

Brief Overview of the Lymphatic System

Did you know that because it lacks its own “pump,” your lymphatic system depends 100% on you to take care of it?

Made up of over 500 individual lymph nodes, which are connected by a complex web of channels, and including the bone marrow, thymus, spleen and tonsils, your lymphatic system is the gateway to your immune system, playing a major role in “cancer surveillance” and autoimmunity.

Often forgotten or misunderstood, dysfunction or stagnation of this system can have devastating results, including poor immunity, autoimmune disease, cancer, migraines, fatigue and more.

You’ll learn what affects lymphatic system function and how it influences your overall health. Plus, you’ll gain simple, powerful tips and techniques to cleanse and keep your lymphatic system healthy!

Lymphatic Rescue Summit 2022 Trailer Video

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The Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, and Your Lymph Nodes

Take a second to see if your lymph nodes are swollen.

Signs of a Sluggish Lymphatic System

  • Retaining fluid, feeling puffy or bloated
  • Getting sick easily (& taking longer to recover than others)
  • Fatigue & low energy
  • Exercise/movement makes you feel worse
  • Swollen lymph nodes or lymphedema
  • Brain fog, depression & other neurological symptoms
  • Skin rashes, hives & other skin issues
  • Swollen or sore joints
  • Cold hands & feet
  • Weight loss resistance

There is a link between lymphatic system dysfunction and stress, anxiety and depression. Stress and anxiety are actually known to cause swollen lymph nodes.

The lymphatic system is a major detox system of the body — it moves a clear fluid called lymph through channels and into nodes that weave throughout the entire body, helping to clear waste, bacteria and viruses. In short, it’s a major part of the immune system.

Most people don’t really know what the lymphatic system is though.

This summit focuses on how we can best care for the lymphatic system — and it’s especially key for those of us with anxiety or stress.

Through a series of expert masterclasses and interviews, you’ll discover why this often ignored system is so critical, how to care for it and what can go wrong when it isn’t functioning well.

Brain Health and Your Lymphatic System

Did you know that your brain has its own waste clearance system that connects and drains into your lymphatic system?

Only recently discovered, it’s called the glymphatic system. During sleep, the brain contracts and the glymphatic system “cleanses” the brain so it can drain and reset.

Interestingly, migraines, brain fog, depression, cognitive decline and other neurological symptoms have all been associated with glymphatic stagnation.

The Lymphatic Rescue Summit will include important information about the glymphatic system plus tips for optimizing your cognitive health.

The Glymphatic System Topics at the Lymphatic Rescue Summit 2022

  • How the glymphatic system impacts your health
  • Vital connection between the lymph & your brain
  • Solutions for brain fog
  • Using herbs for glymphatic health
  • And a wide range of expert strategies to help keep your lymph moving!

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Free Gifts for Lymphatic Rescue Summit Attendees

Gift #1: “Lymphatic Lessons” eBook

Your body is designed to detoxify and drain. In order to truly get the lessons of lymphatics, you must understand the paradigm of FLOW (fascia-lymph overall wellness) as it applies to full-body wellness.

Understanding the amazing network of ecosystems that we know as the human body requires deep understanding of the sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics, quantum physics, microbiology, genetics, physiology of emotions, vibrational medicine, anatomy and physiology, just to name a few!

In this 30-page eBook, Kelly Kennedy presents the body in relation to the lymphatic system in a wholeness that is both brief and complete and flows in a way that is easily “digestible” — even if you are new to wanting to understand how your body works.

Learn how to tell if your lymph is draining and detoxing properly and gain an understanding of the most underrated and most crucial part of your immune system.

Gift #2: “7 Ways to Release Puffiness, Aches, and Stagnation!” eBook

Ready to feel less sluggish? Learn simple tips and tricks for clearing lymph and bile stagnation! Supporting your lymph and digestion comes down to the decisions you make daily.

While often overlooked, your lymphatic system is a crucial component of your overall health and well-being. It’s impossible to separate out lymph flow from digestive health, so everything you do to support your gut is helping to support your lymphatic health!

After years of visiting a number of health practitioners, toxicity specialist Sinclair Kennally was finally able to reclaim her health when she prioritized her lymphatic health. In this eBook, she shares her tips to help get your systems flowing again.

Learn the signs that you have sluggish lymph or bile and how to support your body in the healing process!

7 Strategies to Help Clear Lymph and Bile Stagnation

  • Stop eating bile-reducers
  • Use bitters
  • Supplement with tudca
  • Clear out your colon
  • Eat only healthy fats
  • Eat bile-boosting foods
  • Get your lymph moving

By committing to just a few of these steps, you can soon be feeling less puffy, foggy, sluggish, sensitive and achy, and more energized and clear-headed with happier skin.

Gift #3: “The 1-Minute Magic Lymph Massage” Video

Learn how to drain lymph and feel great with this simple 1-minute lymph massage from Perry Nickelston. Discover how incorporating this process into your morning and evening routines can significantly impact your lymphatic health.

Gift #4: “How Mama Z Drinks Water” Video

Drinking water may just be the ultimate beauty secret! Fitness instructor, Mrs. Georgia and mom, Mama Z, shares how you can create enhanced water that hydrates and nourishes your lymphatic system.

Gift #5: “10 Ways to Support Your Lymphatic System” eBook

The lymphatic system performs a number of important roles in the body. This exquisite immune-mediated network underlies so many physiological functions. But many of us know little about it. In this eBook, you’ll discover the primary jobs of the lymphatic system, how it impacts metabolism and the top strategies to improve lymphatic function today.

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About Your Lymphatic Rescue Summit Host – Shivan Sarna

Shivan lost her mom to lymphoma, and after a lifetime of struggling with health issues, Shivan made it her mission to demystify her own health struggles — and to share that information with others who are struggling.

Her special skill is finding and connecting with the leading expert doctors and then connecting those experts with the people who need their help. Her personal mantra is “SOS: Save Our Selves.” And that's what she has helped thousands of people do!

Inspired by her own family’s practices to flush the lymph system (self-massage and leg exercises) and her personal experience in learning to care for her own health, Shivan is here to help you by sharing her wisdom.

Shivan Sarna is also the author of Healing SIBO, a TV host and the creator of the SIBO SOS® Summits and Community, the Digestion SOS™ documentary series, the Gut & Microbiome Rescue Summit, the Lymphatic Rescue Summit and Chronic Condition Research, a 501(c)(3) non-profit to further research under-funded medical conditions.

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