Integration of Love, Prayer & Psychedelic Plant Medicines - Ali Maya

The Integration of Love, Prayer & Psychedelic Plant Medicines

Discover the art of integrating your plant medicine experiences in a safe and transformative way…

Using a unique approach to shamanic healing rooted in the transformative power of love and prayer…

And activate your full potential and connection with the Divine within.

What You'll Learn During “The Integration of Love, Prayer & Psychedelic Plant Medicines”

Have you had psychedelic experiences that offered a profound glimpse of a more sacred way of being… yet struggled to bring those insights back into your daily life in a practical way?

For many, these profound experiences have failed to produce profound, long-lasting shifts.

Simply having more amazing experiences doesn’t necessarily change anyone for the better — it may just lead to addiction to experiences.

Instead, what if you embarked on your journey of working with sacred medicines as a prayer practice, one that is consecrated to the Divine, in service to your soul?

That is what Dr. Ali Maya offers: an approach to working with psychoactive medicines that is 100% a spiritual path — with every word, insight, and action infused with the intention that they contribute to the liberation of all beings.

Ali is a clinical psychologist, healer, and ceremonialist whose prayers have literally inspired thousands. As she likes to say, “It is ALL ceremony.”

If we approach the full journey of integration as a prayerful extension of the original ceremony, we no longer see the effects of plant medicine as primary. It’s the effects of our ongoing practice that ultimately spells the difference between an intriguing experience and a transformed life.

A lot of people in the psychedelic healing field talk about integration these days, yet too often that’s seen mainly through a psychological lens (as important as that is). We might journal, meditate, dance, or do art to help us stay connected.

Yet, what if you approached the entire period before and after an experience as a ceremony of prayer in which you are consecrating your whole body-mind-spirit to a new level of awakened depth, beauty, and love?

How might your journey of integration look different?

You’d use the few hours of a journey as a point of embarkation into your truest essence and authentic purpose — the ignition of your transformative journey of inner exploration and healing.

Stresses and tensions would melt away as surely as winter gives way to spring. You’d no longer be trying to keep up with the never-ending demands of a fast-paced world. You’d be living in a state of reverence for the Divine and for all of life.

From that state of consciousness, you could live with more sacred intention and holy purpose, laser-focused on what truly matters, while letting go of the rest.

This new life may not be what society tells you to strive for, but it’s the one that would feel most authentic to you.

Ali, who has more than 25 years of experience in world mysticism traditions, combines her academic training in clinical psychology, Buddhist studies, and comparative mysticism with the wisdom of Indigenous healers from North and South America.

Her passion for the alleviation of human suffering and the opening of the human heart has led her to create music, guide retreats, and teach programs that help create a healthier and happier world for all.

Ali is truly one of the wisest and most luminous and grounded guides to understanding how to work with plant medicines as a spiritual path.

Class Topics for “The Integration of Love, Prayer & Psychedelic Plant Medicines”

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll:

  • Be introduced to the spiritual art of working with plant medicines in a safe and transformative way
  • Discover the importance of wise preparation, safe experience, and active integration of your journeys
  • Explore how experienced journeyers can bring their work with sacred plants to new levels of depth, insight, and healing
  • Receive insights into how to more completely ground, integrate, and embody the teachings of psychedelic experiences
  • Experience a safe and accessible ritual practice to cultivate your spiritual alliances with the healing plant spirits whenever you want

Ali’s approach to shamanic healing helps you discover your true potential and connect with your divine self, viewing plant medicines as beneficent beings here to collaborate in your own healing and the healing of our world.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with this wonderful guide in the field of plant medicine and shamanic healing. It’s time to take the next step on your transformative journey.

About Your Teacher – Dr. Ali Maya

Dr. Ali Maya - HeadshotDr. Ali Maya has been a student and teacher of world mysticism traditions and Indigenous shamanism for more than 25 years.

She integrates her academic training in clinical psychology, Buddhist studies, and comparative mysticism with all she has learned from Indigenous healers of North and South America.

She guides retreats, teaches programs, and creates music, all guided by the prayer for the alleviation of human suffering and the opening of the human heart, in service to creating a healthier, happier world for all.

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