Love Over Money Documentary Series - Featuring John Robbins, Baskin -Robbins Heir

Love Over Money Documentary – The Man Who Walked Away From Baskin-Robbins

John Robbins was set to be the heir of Baskin-Robbins. But when he learned some of the appalling truths of the food industry and went on a journey of self-discovery, he knew this wasn’t the path for him.

This is the true story of John Robbins, heir to the billion dollar Baskin Robbins ice-cream empire…

And why he walked away from it all.

John and his wife found themselves moving into a log cabin for the next 15 years, and what transpired there took him, his father, and the world completely by surprise.

Love Over Money showcases the power of love and the ripple effect our choices make on our families, communities, and the world around us.

For the first time ever, John is sharing the TRUTH that Hollywood has been asking for, for years.  And you’re invited to hear his story in the worldwide film premiere of Love Over Money: The Man Who Walked Away From Baskin-Robbins.

John was being primed his whole life to take over the family business which also came with fame, prestige, and wealth…

Watch Love Over Money - Featuring John RobbinsAnd his story touches so many of the topics that affect us all and it has the power to change the world:

  • He experiences complexities in his family relationships and what it means to forgive…
  • His choice to take the “right” path in life even though it means walking away from billions of dollars…
  • His desires to live a life of purpose and change the foundation of the world as we knew it

Like many films, this one has been years in the making, about a man who single handedly changed the trajectory of the food and health industry as we know it.

It carries a message that is more important now, than ever before.

Watch it. Love it. Share it.

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