Longevity World Summit 2022

Can we turn back the clock on the aging process?

Can research on longevity help us combat the ‘diseases of aging'? Is it possible to live a better quality of life now and in the future?

We examine these and other questions during the 2022 Longevity World Summit.

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What You'll Learn During the Longevity World Summit 2022

30+ experts and world class leaders bring a bring a variety of points of view on Longevity-what are the determinants of aging, how is aging accelerated or slowed, and what are the ramifications for all of us in the future.

They will also share holistic and complimentary options from diet, mindset, alternative natural treatments and lifestyle changes to assist us in our search to thrive as we age.

This summit is designed to help attendees gain an enhanced understanding of the exciting new world of Longevity research and how this applies to us now and in the future.

The summit’s main focus is to help attendees gain an enhanced understanding of the value of research, prevention, support of caregivers and enhancing your quality of life as well as new insights into intervention in the disease process.

Each session walks attendees through a unique perspective on the important subject of education and understanding that leads to a positive action in regard to family and close friends.

Longevity World Summit Key Topics

  • Discover the relationship between aging well and protecting your well being
  • What are the diseases of aging and what leading edge science has to say about prevention
  • What are the emotional components of aging and how do they affect us?
  • Learn what accelerates the aging process and what slows it down?
  • Explore brain plasticity and how to keep your brain healthy
  • Learn the relationship between Alzheimer’s and aging-and how we can change the outcome
  • What are the economics of an aging population and how we can best serve each and every person
  • How we can apply our knowledge of Longevity research to ‘aging in place’ to improve quality of life
  • Learn important information about diet, prevention of heart disease, and lifestyle changes that have generated predictable results

Why You Should Attend the Longevity World Summit

We are at the beginning stages of a major shift in the way we view the aging process. Our speakers represent a wide range of perspectives on how to combat, prevent and most importantly-improve the quality of life for ourselves and those around us.

Now you can learn some powerful tactics that have already been created to help us live longer and better.

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Speaker Schedule for the 2022 Longevity World Summit

Wed. Nov. 9th, 2022

“Longevity and the Hallmarks of Aging” with Michael Morgan

  • How longevity research is changing the medical paradigm over the next 20 years
  • How advances in cellular biology change the way we look at the diseases of aging
  • How the hallmarks of aging and CranioSacral Therapy complement each other
  • Can we prevent cognitive and memory problems and address these conditions as they advance
  • What lifespan is possible now and in the future

“Inner Bonding: A Path to Longevity” with Margaret Paul

  • The importance of learning to love yourself
  • Self abandonment and how this effects longevity
  • How caretakers can love themselves
  • The steps of inner bonding

“Raise Your Energy. Rock Your Life!” with Tristan Truscott

  • The energy pathways or channels in the body
  • How you can open the energy channels in the body
  • How energy work helps to restore ageless mobility and emotional resilience
  • Can energy work unblock things that are uncomfortable and how this works

“Sugar Addiction” with Mike Collins

  • The nature of addiction in general
  • The specific mechanism of sugar addiction
  • Alzheimer’s and type 3 diabetes
  • The impact of sugar on memory, the brain and other disease processes

“Steps to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” with Steven Masley

  • How is Heart Disease related to Longevity?
  • Why is Cardiovascular Disease still the #1 killer of Americans?
  • Which lifestyle choices are essential to prevent and reverse Heart Disease?
  • Are there ways to change diet that are pleasing and fun?
  • The evidence that shows Cardiovascular Disease is reversible.

“Maintaining Quality of Life as We Age and Become an Elder” with Judy Cornish

  • Can quality of life in the senior population be maintained even with memory challenges?
  • Is it possible to maintain a caregiver's quality of life as they serve the role of a caregiver?
  • How do we best live the last chapters of our life?
  • How can we help to change the paradigm of aging?

Thurs. Nov. 10th, 2022

“Link Between Childhood Trauma and Adult Health, Happiness and Longevity” with Dr. Keesha Ewers

  • Trauma in the continuum of aging
  • The ACES study and why this is important to understanding lifespan
  • The HURT study, trauma and the impact on our immune system
  • How trauma changes your brain architecture and how this can be reversed

“5 Secrets to Slowing and Reversing Aging of the Brain and Body” with Debra Poneman

  • What are the keys to turning back the hands of time?
  • How do people age?
  • What might accelerate aging?
  • What might slow or even reverse the aging process?
  • Are these the same keys you believe prevent Alzheimer’s?

“What Is In the Way of You Aging Well?” with Shelly Lefkoe

  • What does it mean to raise a conscious generation of children
  • How do we break the chain of multigenerational belief systems
  • Can beliefs get in the way of living long healthy lives?
  • Is it possible to change, no matter how old we are?

“Modern Convenience vs long lasting global compatibility: a pathway forward” with Darin Olien

  • You’ve been called the ‘Indiana Jones’ of the best ingredients. What has that journey been like for you? What has that taught you about the world?
  • Individual comfort and fatal inconveniences- the impact to our individual and global longevity
  • Endocrine disruption and immune system compromise
  • The pathway forward – a gross national happiness. A new way to measure global progress.

“Beyond Longevity to ‘Health Gevity'” with Ronnie Newman

  • What is the difference between longevity and ‘health gevity’
  • What happens to the brain as we age?
  • How does inflammation affect the brain and the body?
  • How does sleep (or lack of) affect us as we age?
  • How can meditation change the brain for the better?

Fri. Nov. 11th, 2022

“Vastu and Vedic Medical Astrology for Longevity” with Michael Mastro

  • What is Vastu?
  • What is Vedic Medical astrology and how does this relate to Longevity
  • How can Vedic Medical Astrology help protect us from accelerated aging?
  • What can we do to reduce stress with these principles?
  • What does Vedic astrology and principles help us with our sleep?

“Healthy, Nurturing Touch For Longevity” with Suzanne Scurlock

  • How does isolation affect health and the human psyche as you have witnessed it recently?
  • How does the isolation of COVID affect the nervous system, and thus longevity?
  • How does the isolation of COVID affect the immune system?
  • What are the antidotes to isolation and lack of nurturing touch?

“Unlocking our Brain Potential and Improving our Longevity” with Selena Bartlett

  • How can we use the past to help understand the future?
  • In what way can this help us transform intergenerational patterns
  • How can we unlock the keys to neuroplasticity?
  • There is the observation that centenarians have a strong belief in their longevity. How important is that?

“Neuroplasticity and Longevity” with Bob Doyle

  • What is the definition of neuroplasticity
  • How do seniors change their beliefs about aging?
  • How can seniors actually change their neurology and brain wiring?

“Metabolism and Your Life” with Charles Brenner

  • What is metabolism and what is its relationship to longevity?
  • What is NAD and why is it important?
  • What does genetic selection have to do with our expectations for human longevity?

“Whealthspan: A New Best-Before Date” with Scott Fulton

  • At what age does longevity start to matter?
  • What does Wealthspan mean, and what are its implications?
  • What does your research into developing countries tell us?
  • Where do see the next breakthrough in Longevity?

“Sight for All” with James Muecke

  • The connection between type 2 diabetes and blindness
  • Longevity and Aging? How they are connected?
  • Remission with a number of metabolic diseases- What results we have seen
  • How to change our conversation globally about longevity and aging

“Passion and Longevity Go Hand in Hand” with Janet Attwood

  • The relationship between passion and longevity
  • What gets in the way of living our passion
  • The secret of living a passionate life
  • Daily rituals that can help us live our passion

“The Abolition of Aging” with David Wood

  • Is the abolition of aging possible?
  • How soon is the abolition of aging possible?
  • Are there any drawbacks to the abolition of aging?
  • What is the role of AI (artificial intelligence) in understanding longevity?

“Gene Therapy to Address the Problem of Aging” with Liz Parrish

  • What is epigenetics and how does this apply to aging?
  • What are some of the factors that can modify the aging process?
  • How understanding genetics in children helps us understand longevity in elders
  • Is there actually evidence that demonstrates that genetic therapy makes a difference?

Sat. Nov. 12th, 2022

“5 Secrets to Feeling Fabulous No Matter What Your Age” with Robin Nielsen

  • Hormones and balance for women?
  • What are the 2 most important hormones to pay attention to?
  • What are the ‘THINGS’ we need to figure out to heal and grow younger?
  • What are THREE things that will help my body heal so I can feel so much better?

“Enhancing Longevity for yourself” with Kenneth Koles

  • How to enhance longevity and vitality
  • Meeting our mitochondria and enhancing our energy
  • Meeting our immune system and our stem cells
  • How genetics relate to longevity

“Stop Emotional Eating From Sabotaging Your Health” with Dan DeFigio

  • Why People Struggle so much with emotional eating
  • Is sugar addiction a real thing?
  • The difference between fructose and glucose and the connection to addiction

“The Missing Piece of Our Health” with J David Forbes

  • What is the biggest missing piece in people recovering their health and living longer?
  • What is the role of loving care in health?
  • Where do modern approaches most go awry?
  • What daily steps do people need to take to enhance their health and longevity?

“What You Need to Know about Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's and Aging” with Inna Topiler

  • As your area of expertise, can you explain what the thyroid does?
  • What does the thyroid have to do with Longevity?
  • What is Hashimoto’s disease and how is it an example of autoimmunity?
  • Is there hope for many with ‘mystery diseases’?

Sun. Nov. 13th, 2022

“The Economics of Longevity and Quality of Life” with Robert Garber

  • Investing in companies that understand the complex nature of aging
  • What is digital healthcare and technology?
  • The intersection of private and public funding for the aging population
  • How we can best support the aging-in-place population, and the economics of this challenge
  • The reinventing of aging

“Longevity of Health through the Biofield” with Shamini Jain

  • The connection between spirituality and science
  • Psycho-neuro-immunology and its connection to longevity
  • Consciousness as the fundamental underlying principle of healing and creation
  • Understanding the biofield and how it helps us to interact and treat at a distance
  • Suggestions on how we can improve our longevity and support our aging process

“Practical Biohacking” with Steven Fowkes

  • What does Down’s syndrome and your research teach us about epigenetics?
  • How do the hallmarks of aging relate to your research?
  • What is the core metabolic lesion of Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • What is the core longevity, and what’s the glitz?

“Metabolism, Aging and the Ketogenic Diet” with Doug Reynolds

  • What is the Ketogenic Diet?
  • How does the ketosis generate energy as a substitute for sugar?
  • What have been the results of the ketogenic diet on the diseases of aging?

“The Medicalization of Elder Care” with Douglas Herr

  • How did senior care become medicalized?
  • How are we medicating our seniors out of their ‘beingness’?
  • What are the alternatives to medicating our seniors?
  • What is the difference between living and quality of life?

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About Your Longevity World Summit Host – Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan - HeadshotI'm Michael Morgan. My mission is to help people who are concerned about Alzheimer's maintain their memory and clear thinking.

In addition to my initial inquiry into Alzheimer’s and Dementia, I’ve found that our new summit with a focus on Longevity provides additional insights into not only how to provide resources and perspectives for memory and cognitive issues, but how to enhance the quality of life at any age.

New and emerging research on the deep level of genetics and cellular mechanics provides us with a new opportunity of hope-and a new way of looking at how we may change our perspective on disease and aging now and in the future.

If you would like to discovery strategies and tools the top leaders have found to improve the quality of your life and prevent disease, then this summit is for you!

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